Real Life on the Ratel | CR 215

Real Life on the Ratel | CR 215

Mike shares his recent Linux switch experience & why he thinks it might stick this time. We chew on Verizon buying Yahoo & the grief Marissa Mayer is getting.

Plus we congratulate the winner of last week’s challenge & announce the next one!

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Verizon to acquire Yahoo’s operating business

Dear Yahoos,

Moments ago, we announced an agreement with Verizon to acquire Yahoo’s operating business.

Whatever her future role, the Verizon sale is a blunt admission that Mayer’s grand resuscitation plan for Yahoo failed. She tried valiantly to inject some life into the company—with acquisitions, layoffs, splashy hires, and a way-too-late emphasis on mobile, among other strategies—but ultimately, it wasn’t enough.

Bad press from just the last few months:

Coding Challenge

Episode 215 Katy Perry Coding Challenge

  • Make Mike an app that creates a Youtube playlist of or otherwise allows him to play his favorite Katy Perry music videos: Dark Horse, Roar, This is How We Do, Teenage Dream, Last Friday Night, International + + Smile and Unconditionally.
  • The app must take advantage of the browser having his Youtube Red account cached for commercial viewing or he must be able to auth with his Youtube Red account to achieve the same.
  • All solutions must be tablet friendly

Rocking the Ratel

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