Season 4 Arrives | STOked 90

Season 4 Arrives | STOked 90

The epic update we’ve all been waiting for has landed, but some of us are a bit upset. Bugs, nerfs, and issues oh my! Does all this spell certain doom for STO? Or is the solution to all of Season 4’s issues just a patch away?

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Show Notes:

DTNE Dev Diary #3

Season 4 Patch Notes

We did not get:

  • New tutorials
  • KDF academy
  • Starfleet academy
  • Duty officer system

Known Issues:

  • Foundry Dialogues got EFFED OVER (deleted, broken, unplayable)
  • Intermittent connection issues
  • Some gear scaling swaps did not happen correctly, some of your gear might have been “nerfed” on accident.
  • Auto-Fire in RPG mode was preventing Spring/Roll/etc – Should be Fixed by Tues.
  • Tac Boffs throwing grenades at their feet
  • PVE queue system non-functional (not creating maps)
  • Cannot equip Boffs if you are not in space
  • DStahl’s FAQ / Q&A / OMG

Chatroom’s list of Stuff That Rocks:

  1. Fonts
  2. Textures better
  3. Faster Ground Combat
  4. Borg Adapt
  5. New Ship UI
  6. New Qo’Nos
  7. Kit Powers
  8. Overall Faster UI
  9. aNew Ground Weapon FX
  10. New Ground Sound FX
  11. New C-Store UI
  12. ViVox (TBD)
  13. New Kling Shipyard
  14. Switching Shuttles from UI
  15. New Gorn
  16. New Loading Screens
  17. Warn in Effects
  18. Resizable Boff Power UI
  19. New BOFF Bar

Tweet Leaks
Gozer reveals Borg Turrets on The Cure:

We are out next week!

J-MAN Productions:

“Little Birdies” – A Tribute to the Klingons

Little birdies
Flown by Klingons
Little birdies made of ticky-tacky
Little birdies blow up easy
Little birdies all the same

There’s green ones
And … green ones
And greener ones
And greenish ones
And they’re all made out of ticky-tacky
And they all blow up the same

And the klingons
In the birdies
All went to Kronos Academy
Where they were put in birdies
And they came out all the same

They’re Science
Or tactical
Or engineering specialists
And they’re all made out of ticky-tacky
And they all die just the same

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25 Responses to “Season 4 Arrives | STOked 90”

  1. @synmaster Says:

    I like the new changes overall to ground combat.  Ground combat seems more lively now.  I still prefer RPG mode over the new shooter mode.  Maybe over time I will start to enjoy shooter mode??

    Even though it is fluff, I like the new C-store ( website and in game).

    Season 4 , imo, is an step foward.  If the Foundry fixes don’t pan out, then maybe just a side step.  Sadly, though season 4 will be remebered for everything it wasn’t.  No Doff, no new featured episodes, etc…

    None the less….thank you Cryptic team for all of your hard work on STO.

  2. OldMan Says:

    The Q issue seems to be fixed as of the last patch.

  3. QuanManChu Says:

    Concerning the Foundry, while the devs are at it with fixing the Foundry, I believe they should add three additional fixes. They should 1) prevent the click to win missions from being published or revoke publishing rights to those doing it. 2) They should take a more proactive approach in preventing accolade/xp grind missions. And 3) They should prevent the publishing of missions with hidden start points. The Foundru was meant for the entire STO community and not  meant to be a private playground for certain fleets.

  4. Roach Says:

    lol Somebody has watched WEEDS on showtime.

  5. Hugablysoft Says:

    I am sorry but i totally disagree with your assesment on only 10% was messed up well wrong alot more then 10% of the games was messed up, they havent done a patch in 4 days with all the problems they had, I love your show and i understand that yall dont want alienate the devs, but please be a bit more honest, pve ques broken is huge, foundry still down, there are missions that want compleat when u finish them, exchange broken, vivox still broken for most people, and those are just the ones i remember off the top of my head thats alot more then 10%, like i said i love you guys and ur show is great , i just think yall need to be a bit more tougher on cryptic.

  6. RAndom Dude Says:

    great show, ! STO is in trouble … first off all as long as there are zones (and in sto there plenty) this game don’t even remotely feels MMOish to me! its like i play a very big single player game with now and then some (random co op players) sorry i like sto and stoked, but imo the dev’s should work on a fix to remove the zones as much as possible. and it seems that in every new patch there are even more buggs … TSssss tisk tisk not good for the image of the game now is it.

  7. Roach Says:

    Thank you for the gha’tlhIq. It was entertaining as well as humorous.

  8. Magneticstorm Says:

    I am sorry but chris is to much of a brown nose. He needs to come to a medium scale that cryptic is not always perfect and if this company drops the ball. let them have it. You give praise when they do fine but he never gives them any rift when they do wrong or mess totally up. There is nothing wrong with displaying your opinion about major mistakes from a paying customer. Rage comes from lack of present and clear communication. I understand how you need a yin and yang for the show but come on. dont be so blind to the facts.  The patch was blah nothing great in the overall scheme. You may call us people who have valid points to bring up names but you can not dispute the fact that cryptic has a serious communication issue and unlike other mmo’s who do communicate.

    This company has issues with problems. if you tell people there are problems before they come out your harsh critics will not be so many. No wait till your product comes out and then say oh yeah there was a problem. The inner forum is not the place where you tell people about problems. You use your website or you use the untouched forum system. 

  9. Evo@Droc-lionia Says:

    lmao that song at the end was brilliantly hilarious! xD. At first I was thinking ??? whats this? but then as I listened it make me laugh more and more and more and I was in fits of laughter! xD Very well written and sung 😀

    Its a shame there isnt an episode coming out on my birthday July 19th but I’ll have the 26th to look forward to and I hope you all enjoy the  break… fingers crossed the STO S4 issue’s will of all been resolved and hopefully (maybe) we could hear more from STO about the DOFF system.

    Kind Regards, Evo – JF

  10. Dave Walker Says:

    I am disappointed as anyone that season 4’s launch hasn’t gone well, but I think the community needs to get over itself here a little.  I expected that there would be problems … it’s rare to see any update go without a single glitch and the truth is this is only a game.  One that I enjoy and IP that I care about, but when I compare it to my family, a job or my friends … this really isn’t worth getting all bent out of shape over.  The devs will get this fixed … give it time.

    Also Jeremy’s song was awesome … thanks for the laugh … see you in Gre’thor

  11. kuschku Says:

    I made a video and some screenshots of the new starfleet acedemy and posted them in your forums:

  12. Tusoto Says:

    I posted this on the Official Star Trek forums. Its a work around for the Boff assignment issue, you just have to switch to a shuttle with an universal Slot, then switch back.

  13. Boknizy Says:

    Haha, the thing at the end was great. Someone is a fan of Weeds. I love that song.

  14. PlayfulDreamer Says:

    Season 4 is definitely a great update to the game. I was blown away by how deep the ground combat changes went when they hit Tribble, and I’m ecstatic to see it live. But, like the J-man, I’m more than a little disheartened by the Great Content Drought of ’11. And just like he said it, to have Season 4 so content-lite following the lack of content we’ve just gone through, it makes it hard to be positive about the future of the game.

    And on that topic I think, at least in my case, the resentment felt about the lack of content stems from being a month-to-month subscriber. I don’t have the benefit of sitting it out and coming back in a week or two because I have to plan ahead of time whether or not I will be subscribed for the next month. If I were, say, a life-timer, I don’t know that I would be so bothered by the lack of new content because I’d know I’ll be around when it eventually delivers. I just recently resubbed, so I have a month left of play. If no new content hits before those 30 days expire, what I have gotten for my $15? Does this make sense? I’ve come to note that a lot of the resentment on the forum–and therefore a lot of the “negative” posts–come from non-lifetime players (of course not exclusively). I could be wrong, but it’s a perception.

    Great episode this week, guys. Even when I’m not subbed, I tune in every week!

  15. Asytra Says:

    Guys I absolutely loved the patch.  Sure, it’s kinda sad not being able to play some Foundry missions but it’s just a temporary thing.  I am happy waiting on the DOFF system too, like you said, I’d rather it be well polished than pushed out incomplete.  For me season 4 was all about the ground combat changes.  I no longer fall asleep when doing a ground mission, nor do I dread them.  It’s a great change and I love it. 

    Sure some balancing can be done but it was a huge change that was in my opinion, needed to bring the ground combat up to the fun level of space combat.  Also in the past few days I’ve seen a bunch of people playing STO on my Steam list, a few of them I didn’t know played STO.  An old friend came back to STO and he’s loving it.  I also bought a copy of STO for another friend during the Steam sale and she’s loving the game, I honestly feel she wouldn’t have had as good of an experience as she did if it wasn’t for Season 4.

    Jeremy, loved the ending music video, hilarious!  (I’m totally going to TransWarp back to ESD before Peregrine_Falcon reads this post! 😉 )

  16. @Commander88 Says:

    I didn’t think he was brown nosing at all…he pointed out a number of mis-steps on Cryptic’s part with the release of Season 4, along with what they got right.
    I think the blind intarwebz rage that people have when things don’t go the way that THEY think they should go is the point the guys were trying to make.

    In working with programmers, I have to agree: if you touch 100% of your program code, some percentage of it can (and probably will) break, and then has to be fixed.

    And if they told the community in advance there would be problems, what do you think the response would have been? Flamez a poppin’.
    I agree that they probably could have held off a week in launching Season 4, *as long as* the reasons why were explained.

    SW:TOR could’ve been launched a while ago, but it’s been delayed to make sure it’s “right” from the start…and I bet there will be glitches with that game, even still.

    Cryptic doesn’t have an unlimited time and resource base to make content…at some point it’s launch code or get off the pot…but they should try to launch as cleanly as possible to minimize the player rage, or at least have a better plan to adapt expectations.

  17. @Commander88 Says:

    I like what you posted, because I read a moderate amount of whine in regards to how combat has changed…if you take a moment to consider, the energy weapons in Star Trek should leave clouds of hot gasses behind, with only a few people surviving. It’s only the “effort” made to set weapons to stun, or go all bat’leth-y that leaves a body behind for next week’s episode. We even have personal shields now, to enable us to survive what in the series would’ve killed us.

    And also a good point that if you don’t want to play in Shooter mode, play in RPG mode…but the combat has changed into what is essentially a new game that people have to learn.

    Also, someone fact check me, but didn’t the devs state publicly that this is only “Season 4.0”? And more content is going to be released all summer long under the aegeis of Crossfire, to make a complete package…but no specific dates or exactly what and when, which again keep a vocal group of rabblerousers up in arms.

  18. Tomiko Yoko Rose Says:

    I got to say they mess up alot of the boss’s are really hard now and seem to kill you alot more when i first tryed seasion 4 the boss’s seem fine why they change them and its piss easy to get to the end of Infected now but the boss just rapes you as soon as she pop out really annoying and they need to give klingon’s more Pve stuff as pvp is boring and there no real fun way to level a klingon.

  19. OldMan Says:

    If STO was 100% compactable with a XBOX or PS contoller people would swich fast to the frist person mode but for now I am going with the RPG mode

  20. dreamingbadger Says:

    One observation, this is the start of “season 4” not all of it, all of the other things DOFF etal are still to come in Season 4

    I like the ground combat it feels both easier to me and actuallly seems to require some level of skill, beyond pressing 1 or 2 :) – I wish they would introduce additional hitboxes as well, but, that would be step to far at this stage.

    Its a shame about the bugs, but, they are largely irritating rather than fatal, with the exceptionof the foundary.. hopefully its back on line soon.


  21. Xander Zones Says:

    Xander From RSA here, i loved the little Birdies, Great work!!!!!!

  22. Magneticstorm Says:

     while i respect your opinion it is not correct in its analogy. another mmo game tells it community about delays and code breakage and very little flame comes out. More so that community says thank you for being clear. EVE OONLINE IS THAT GAME.

    Cryptic has a communication problem. They dont communicate well or fully on a open scale. they do it in side steps where you have to search for it. a pod cast is suppose to be balanced in its approach. The J man was the only person giving that approach while chris was just saying oh you angry people dont be so angry about this. Cryptic is great and that is great stuff and then he came out with some disclaimer that i have never seen cryptic say. explaining as if its true cryptic word and not being clear it is his own opinion. look at the episode again at section 16:21. Like i said brown nose because you cant just make up stuff that cryptic did not say. Ive never seen it. 

  23. Kangaxxter Says:

    as someone who has been on and off of the game since Open Beta, I regularly check STOked for when is the best time to re-new my subscription.

    So I guess I should wait a little while before signing up again. Maybe when the DOff systems premieres…

  24. GeeMan Says:

    I loved the Little Birdies video J-Man, although I can’t get the song out my head.  Shame Season 4 didn’t have your high production standards.

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