It’s a huge show with a bonanza of updates, big future plans & cross project collaboration.

Michael Hall from Canonical join us to discuss UbunCon, SCALE15x plans & much more!

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Follow Up / Catch Up

Oracle lays off more than 1,000 employees

According to the Mercury News, Oracle is laying off approximately 450 employees in its Santa Clara hardware systems division. Reports at The Layoff, a discussion board for technology business firings, claim about 1,800 employees company-wide are being pink-slipped.

Cinnamon Spices

Modify your Cinnamon desktop environment and extend its features with Cinnamon Spices.
Cinnamon supports the following types of spices: Themes, applets, desklets and extensions.

LineageOS Download Portal Goes Live, Builds For 80+ Android Devices Coming

Cyanogen-forked LineageOS builds have started surfacing in the Android ecosystem. The development team has announced the support for 80 devices for which the LineageOS build will be pushed on a weekly basis. Also, there is an EXPERIMENTAL build for upgrading CM devices to LineageOS.


Chrome 56 Will Aggressively Throttle Background Tabs

Chrome 56 introduces a commendable optimization to throttle background tabs’ timers. From the Intent to Implement, the gist is:

Mongaz comments on Ghost of Predictions Past | LAS 453

I have the feeling that containerization is not the solution for you /u/ChrisLAS

Linux Academy

Adopting Flatpak To Reassemble Third Party Applications | Solus

Why Flatpak is our choice

Firstly, and very importantly to us, the so-called “chrome distribution issue” has already been conquered
by Endless OS, utilizing Flatpak. On the other hand, this is still
(to the best of my knowledge) at the prototype stage with Snaps.

OK, let’s not get hung up completely on a single example. From the perspective of integration,
Snap (snapd and snapcraft) represents the biggest integration challenge. To correctly and
fully integrate it would require modification of the build system (which disables networking by
default for security!) to provide a full set of builds for the packages and their dependencies.

Additionally, AppArmor (not used by Solus) is also required.

On the other hand, integrating Flatpak into Solus was as trivial as packaging ostree and flatpak,
barring some minor changes which we’re already upstreaming.

You may rightly argue that I’m being lazy. To counter those points, we must look to the future uses of Flatpak within Solus.

Ubuntu MATE 17.04 Progress

This is just a quick post to let you know how Ubuntu MATE 17.04 is progressing. But before we get into that, here’s some news about Ubuntu MATE 16.04.

UbuCon Summit at SCALE 15x to Take Place March 2-3 in Pasadena, California

Ubuntu project member Nathan Haines is announcing that the next UbuCon Summit conference takes place this spring, between March 2 and March 3, in Pasadena, California, USA, during the SCALE 15x event.

Kali Linux certification, first official Kali book on the horizon – Help Net Security

announced today that its new Kali Linux Certified Professional (KLCP) will debut in Black Hat USA 2017. The KLCP is the first and only official certification program that validates one’s proficiency with the Kali Linux distribution.


systemd Sucks, Long Live systemd

systemd seems to be a dividing force in the Linux community. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground to
systemd, polarizing opinions suggest that you must either love it or want to kill it with fire. I aim to provide a
middle ground. First, let’s discuss the awful things about systemd.

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