Is software ever really finished? Should we avoid boutique or niche Linux distributions? We have a spirited discussion & attempt to finally answer both of those questions.

We also chat about what’s new in Kodi 17, why open source on our TV’s is critical & more!

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Follow Up / Catch Up

Kodi 17.0 | Kodi

Krypton brings updated default user interfaces, better organisation of settings, and many under-the-hood changes on VideoPlayer, Music Library, PVR, audio on Android, and thousands of small bugfixes and improvements to stability

Vizio smart TVs tracked viewers around the clock without consent

According to a complaint filed Monday by the US Federal Trade Commission, Internet-connected TVs from Vizio contained ACR—short for automated content recognition—software. Without asking for permission, the ACR code captured second-by-second information about the video the TVs displayed. The software collected other personal information and transmitted it, along with the viewing data, to servers controlled by the manufacturer. Vizio then sold the data to unnamed third-parties for purposes of audience measurement, analysis, and tracking.

Ubuntu OTA-15 Is Now Rolling Out to Ubuntu Phones, Tablets

“This is a security bug fix update only, actually only including changes to oxide and the webbrowser. The next future OTAs will most likely be very similar, concentrating only on critical security issues — until ubuntu-personal enters the touch world with its snaps.”


KDE Plasma 5.9.1 – Here is the First Bugfix Release

Today, the Kde team announced the first minor release for Kde Plasma 5.9 including various little but important bugfixes and translation updates. Certainly, this first small bugfix release will improve the stability and usability of the desktop environment.

Google Brain super-resolution image tech makes “zoom, enhance!” real | Ars Technica

Google Brain has devised some new software that can create detailed images from tiny, pixelated source images. Google’s software, in short, basically means the “zoom in… now enhance!” TV _trope_is actually possible.

Linux Academy

boot – Windows 10 Update repartitioned my Ubuntu 16.04 drive – Ask Ubuntu

You’ve been hit with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update bug. It updates Windows 10, and wipes out Ubuntu (Linux) partitions.

Software containers improve performance

Performance for an application determines how quickly your software can complete the intended task.

Linux Container Hardening

This project will focus on hardening of Linux containers. It will help
contribute patches to the Kernel Self Protection

that evolve the primitives in the Linux kernel used by containers (namespaces,
cgroups, etc) to be more secure.

FOSDEM 2017 – Resurrecting dinosaurs, what can possibly go wrong?

Containerised Application technologies like AppImage, Snappy and Flatpak promise a brave new world for Linux applications, free from the worries of shared libraries and dependency issues.

Just one problem, this is a road long travelled before, such as in the application dark ages of Win32 applications and DLLs. And it worked out so wonderfully there.


#Noah is right, Solus will always be a “Boutique” distro and there is such a thing as finished software

For fuck sake. It is possible for software to be finished and stable.

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