Great Linux Games | LAS | s18e01

Great Linux Games | LAS | s18e01

Linux isn’t known for gaming, today we change that forever! We’ve got a batch of games that will keep you fragging for hours!

Then – We load you up on the details for the next Ubuntu release and the Gnome 3 outburst heard around the world!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Flying Drone Can Crack Wi-Fi Networks, Snoop On Cell Phones, Runs Linux

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22 Responses to “Great Linux Games | LAS | s18e01”

  1. Mohammed Omer Elsiddieg Says:

    no talk about ubuntu partnership with game vendors.

  2. Mohammed Omer Elsiddieg Says:

    no mention of ubuntu partnership with game vendors

  3. Jason Says:

    Is there a link to this Ubuntu Partnership?

  4. Ashish Kansara Says:

    Other excellent games worth mentioning are: FreeOrion, Wesnoth, Heroes of Newerth, id Tech shooters (Urban Terror, OpenArena, etc.), Xonotic, Red Eclipse.

  5. Aditya Says:

    Seriously guys – no Wesnoth?

  6. Russell Says:

    lol bryan got auto tuned XD

  7. Says:

    Nexuis and its bastard son Xonotic (who has similar gameplay to Warsow), AssaultCube, OpenArena and Urban Terror are great FPS games with live servers!

  8. Legion Says:

    True Combat Elite (now CBQ), Danger from Deep, Springrts, Naev, Speed Dreams, Rigs of Rods, Flightgear, MARS…
    More than 48 games on my Linux box, only use Windows for one game, when in the past i was hardcore gamer in this plattform.

  9. Says:

    Maybe you could do an in-depth breakdown and comparison of the 3 major space sim/shooters/RPG games available for Linux?

    – Vendetta Online
    – Eve Online
    – and Vega Strike?

    Please note that EO don’t guarantee Linux compatibility since March:

  10. master chief Says:

    Still no love for Red Eclipse .. wth , guys !

  11. MattKingUSA Says:

    Thank you guys for doing a game episode again! 

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I pronounce it “x-face” instead of “x-f-c-e”. It’s a nice desktop however you pronounce it :)

  13. Shane Quigley Says:

    Its knoppix is a lxde desktop

  14. bitu Says:

    It’s no secret that Canonical takes interesting ideas from other OS’es

    At the same time, regular end users post code name suggestions on the Ubuntu Wiki and then one gets chosen from those suggestions. I actually “voted” for Oneiric Ocelot myself because I actually thought it sounded cool. Then it got picked, which was actually pretty cool from my POV. (I was baffled when actual nerds got whiny about it being a multisyllabic phrase.)

    There’s no conspiracy, and frankly I refer to the releases by the numeric nomenclature anyhow. It’s a rare day I say the code name out loud.

  15. T_U Says:

    Hi Bryan & Chris ! Thanks for the great show :-)

    About what you said, regarding Gnome 3, KDE 4 and their forks… IMHO, one more split in the community would not be a good thing. There is so much more to Gnome 3 than just Gnome Shell ; one can keep most of Gnome 3 and use the Fallback mode which is very much like Gnome 2.

    Instead of forking Gnome 2, I think it would be better to focus on improving the “classic” mode (aka fallback) of Gnome 3. There are even extensions that make Gnome shell more similar to Gnome 2.

    I’m already pretty saddened to see *so* much great work put into Gnome 3, Unity, KDE… and realise all of them have big flaws. Not being the official environment of Ubuntu, there are still some rough edged in KDE 4 and lack of optimization in some areas. But trust me : if you disable the semantic desktop, it’s already much more efficient. 4.7 and 4.8 have (will have) some dramatic performance improvements too.

    My thought is : splitting even more just make more unperfect pieces of software. But as we can see with Gnome 3, and same common project can share several “frontend” (Unity, Gnome Shell and the fallback mode are all based on Gnome 3 –> overall, most important components are shared and thus time is not wasted).

    Still, I love the philosophy of KDE 4, but it needs more manpower. Really, after years of distro and environment hopping, I just wish there were FEWER choices 😉

    Keep up the great show :)

  16. T_U Says:

    Oh BTW, there are tons of great games released for linux on : the Humble Bundles, Gameolith, the Ubuntu Store… OK maybe not tons, but enough to have some great time.

    (I don’t know what to think about the U1 store. Buying games from there helps Canonical thus helps the development of Ubuntu; but that’s the kind of “lock in” in hate : I can ONLY play them under Ubuntu, once they’re bought !)

  17. T_U Says:

    … also, you could cover some great recent games that work under Wine. After applying a little patch, for instance, Fallout New Vegas works beautifully. So does the Witcher, Civilization 5 etc. Pretty amazing IMHO.

  18. HNU/Linux user community Says:

    These two cockbags are still polluting the internet with their endless verbal diarrhea? sheesh……. 

  19. Andy Says:

    As well as looking at redMine next time also check out

    It’s a fork of RM by some of the main developers that weren’t happy with the release and development process. They have much more timely releases.

  20. Says:

    X-face is funny though! Never heard that before, and I’ve used x-face since before Ubuntu was born.

  21. AntiStupidity Says:

    Linux games suck. Don’t market Linux as a great platform for games! STOP THAT.

    2nd point: Brian seems sick of Chris’s stupid claims 😀 love that.

    i’m kinda fed up with Chris’s un-proofed points

  22. Rohan Carty Says:

    Hey guys, there’s a very decent and fun game I picked up a few weeks back called Oil Rush.

    It’s made by the same company who released the Unigine benchmarks for Linux, Windows and OSX a while back.

    The game itself runs amazingly on my current setup under the current Debian Sid, Yet to try it on any other distro, although I’ll be trying very hard to get it to work on an Arch build at some point.

    The game also has multi-player which works cross-platform, and out of all the games I’ve played, there has always been one of my friends crashing out, all of them using the windows client, I’m still to have a single crash or lock 😛

    The game is still in heavy beta, although it’s nice and far along, all the work to do is mainly art assets and the single-player campaign, I didn’t notice any game-breaking bugs outside of a player crashing out.



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