Getting fined for doing math without a license, Windows 10 S goes app store only, a Coder community project goes into production & Chris learns a hard lesson about his tools!

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Papers Please!

Microsoft unveils Windows 10 S, an education edition limited to Windows Store apps

Surface Laptop running Windows 10 S_, starting at $999, on June 15

Alexa learns to talk like a human with whispers, pauses & emotion

a new set of speaking skills for the virtual assistant, which will allow her to do things like whisper, take a breath to pause for emphasis, adjust the rate, pitch and volume of her speech, and more. She’ll even be able to “bleep” out words — which may not be all that human, actually, but is certainly clever.

A Coder Audience Project Goes Into Production

A soundboard for hot-keying and playing back sounds. (For podcasting)

We need your help!

  • Save / Export the sound board
  • Large playback buttons, larger volume slider (easier for touch on desktop touch monitor)
  • The full tile should trigger play or pause
  • Stretch goal: Dropdown to manually select sound device.

Chris Bought a 2016 MacBook Pro

This speed will mean everything will work more quickly. Apps open faster, saves happen faster. A couple of benchmarks here, the 15 inch SSD is quoted as being twice as fast as the previous model. Also the latest USB C SSDs from Samsung are quoted at 450 MB/s read, 450 MB/s write for comparison.

The 2012 machine took 5 mins 50 seconds to render the output, while the 2016 model did the same job in 3 mins 5 seconds.

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