STO Free to Play | STOked 96

STO Free to Play | STOked 96

The free-to-play announcement leaked out this week, and we’re here to discuss the details that are available so far. We’ve got the original smoking gun, dev posts, and some tea leaves to read as well. Wouldn’t you know it… we take a week off for PAX and the whole world of STO goes topsy-turvy!

Then we’ll discuss the Borg DSE Red Alerts, a few quick Tweet Leaks, and then it’s time for another round of the Foundry Files!

It’s a great big show, so hold on tight!

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Show Notes:

Rumor Busting with Al

TOS Phaser Fiasco?

  • Solution: TOS Phasers are no longer unique, but are lower in quality than the leveled version you get from completing the Devidian series of missions.

New Ships on TRIBBLE:

  • Feds get a Galaxy variant – the Venture Class
    • Special Ability is an AOE Jam Sensors (short range), plus Confuse, and Perception debuff.
    • Console can only be equipped on Galaxy-type ships, but all tiers.
    • The power looks like the spread used in Best of Both Worlds, to “blind” the Borg to the shuttle containing Data and Worf, when they went over to the cube to rescue Picard.
    • The ship design actually was inspired by a design from Perpetual Entertainment
  • KDF gets a Vor’cha variant – [the Vor’Kang class]
    • Special Ability is a chain lightning attack that gets more powerful with each jump.
    • Console is universal, but only fits on a battle cruiser, carrier, or orion cruiser.

Feedback Threads:


STO goes F2P
Original “announcement” came as a bullet point during an investor meeting, from PWE’s CEO

Follow-up posts by Devs:

Details we know so far:


/Jeremy’s Thoughts/ –

  • Increase number of people at low levels
  • Churn / turnover could have a negative impact on the community if not watched closely
  • STO has one HUGE leg up on the rest of F2P games: The Foundry

/Chris’ Thoughts/ –

  • Could lower the barrier for existing Trek fans, that are not gamers.
  • Weeklies + Foundry = sure fire ticket to get freebies to upgrade to a full sub.
  • Helps those who get butt hurt over content drought’s coast out the dry times, and pop right back to monthly when the goods are there.

POLL: Share your thoughts:

/“STO Free to Play: Good or Bad?”/

Dan Stahl appears on “Computer Ed” talk show

  • He talks about Steam’s adoption of F2P
  • Digital distribution overcoming shelf space for PC gaming, but you have to eliminate the barrier for entry to entice people to download.
  • Content creation will SPEED UP, due to PWE (they know that CONTENT drives MTs)
  • PWE and Atari were already swapping MMO war stories as far back as a year ago
  • Some minor info about the “Core Team” and their work on the “Secret Project”

The BORG INVASION has begun!

  • join the “REDALERT” global chat channel
    • A little tiny bit dumb that there’s no in-game option to track them.
  • Tons of accolades! OMG
  • Jeremy doesn’t like the V’Ger tie-in. Booooooo.


A new Star Trek TV show being pitched?


“Time the Enemy” by Havraha


How do you keep your fleet strong?

Leave your feedback below for next week’s episode!

52 Responses to “STO Free to Play | STOked 96”

  1. OldMan Says:

    Have high hope about end game content coming. 

  2. Raff Says:

    This will be alright, depending on the *Lifers* will get.  *So many* C-store tokens per month?  Exclusive content that even F2P/or the monthly content buyers?  Use Captain Table for example, given to all….may have not been much, but could have been a great area w/ added content, but was for the *Lifers* only…it was ours! :D  Read the book crossovers, wonderful content could have had exclusive missions from the famous starship captains.

  3. Wolf Says:

    I have to say that I think the Champions free to play model switch was the worst ever in the MMO industry. I had stopped playing long before the move, for greener pastures in other games one being STO. 

    After news of them going free to play I got excited cause I had enjoyed the game but couldn’t afford to pay for more than one MMO at the same time. There are not words to describe how angered and disgusted I was with Cryptic after getting the game downloaded and logging in only to see that had did not have access to not a SINGLE on of my old toons cause all the powers and costume choices I had used were tied to many different sets, all that were not available to free to play. In fact there were only 2-3 character types for me to choose from to make a new toon, none of which interested me at all power or concept wise.

    Thankfully I am a lifer in STO so I do not see a similar issue affecting me there, but if I wasn’t and this was the same route they chose to travel I would rather burn my computer to cinders than have their product on my hard drive.

  4. Wolf Says:

    Let me expand on my comment about not having access to my old toons. It wasn’t that I didn’t have access to them, it was that they was not there period like they had been deleted. So I had no idea if I subscribed if I would be able to play my toons or would have to build them back, purchasing some of the powers and costumes that were now in packages. I was not about to gamble money with no idea I would still not be able to play my old characters.

  5. magneto Says:

    ANOTHER BROWN NOSE SESSION BY CHRIS. (Cryptic is great. cryptic can not
    do any wrong, cryptic is smart enough to create a paradise.) Really
    chris, stop with the one side notion of cryptics sack. You are really becoming just to
    much of a brown nose and small minded one side pest. You see nothing but great from cryptic and that in itself is not a journalist. On a real observation of free to play for STO is a
    beginning jump and then like when STo launch the drop off. No new
    content and no new application. STO is not champions. STO does not have lore or a fan base the likes of star trek. It would be nice to explore. it would be nice to not have a cheap gimmick of STO but we have that. Free to play is just a gimmick to get you addicted to a game until another free to play attribute comes out.

    This is a space free to play. It is suppose to not have limitations yet we have them. The game is limited hence why i canceled my subscription. Mircro transactions of every ship with bonus and lies has made the game the BS its come to be. Only a year of okay game play and you go free to play. The analysis is bad. Its just a model of a way to make more money. Not a way to improve the game genre or focus of how the game is going. I found it profound that you guys let cryptic by with another micro transaction ship with no peep to how to get this out of shelling out more cash. hypicritical of you guys but hey its becoming this way after a year. You sanction the buy to win c store crap and i get it. I am just disappointed in cryptic for not expanding the universe making it stay small and just destroying star trek in an overall aspect. Free to play or not. The game direction is still going wrong and The info is just filler. We see more aspects that add more money to their coffers but does not give anything to people who have supported this game. no veteran awards just give me more money now and oh yeah f2p next year so keep giving us more money, we wont still you good and steady content. Its a full blown joke and I will go play my space marine. It has richer content and voice over way better. seeya.

  6. Devoidx09 Says:

    In effect these guys just said they’d rather pay for STO (even though they are happy about F2P) then other premium MMO’s… whether or not that was the intent, it was the statement… huh.  

  7. Lodius Says:

    hmm if not like the F2P dont play it then…. think its a good way to go to f2p bether then a freeking game trial and if like the game you can pay for a “Gold”account to have access to all the stuff or micro shoping..

  8. CedricO Says:

    Im afraid out of my mind for Pay to win scenario’s for STO. Truely

  9. Tiberion1701 Says:

    Well, the “Pay 2 win” is annoying right now because we’re still subscribing AND having to spend money on ships.. but the F2P transition really made it clear why they’re adding all of the ships.

    Basically after F2P drops, Gold members (which includes monthly subbers and LTS people) will have access to all the ships for “in game currency” – basically instead of getting a ship token at ech rank up, during the leveling process you will acquire the “currency” to buy whatever ship you like from the missions. And since we’ll also get Cpoint stipends, we can even buy extra ships without shelling out money.

    Free players won’t – they’ll be limited to the free normal tier ships and not the Tier x.5 ships unless they pay for them.

    So its a little annoying that they’re selling them now before the F2P transition, but once it happens, it won’t be Pay-2-Win anymore because those ships will all be readily available to LTS and Subbers, and its only the F2P people who must “pay” to be equal to us – which is only fair.


    Btw Chris and J-man: Re: The Borg novels; Its really not CBS’ official stance, the pocketbooks Destiny series had a totally different backstory and origin for the borg that wouldn’t have worked at all with the V’ger tie-in, so really we don’t have any real solid info on the borg’s origin, its sort of up to the licensee how they decide to do it, with none of them being truly canon.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with Jeremy, I don’t like the V’Gyr / Borg connection. It seems like episodes from Ent and VOY contradict what is being hinted at in STO (As the Borg potentially being a young race).

  11. Enterprise_1701e Says:

    What I am hoping for when the F2P comes out for STO is that for the players who have subscribed in the past, but are currently taking a break from the game due to financial reasons, is that when they come back all of their stuff that they have unlocked and earned go with them.

    For example, in the current matrix (, and I noticed that both inventories will be limited, character slots will be changing, and vet rewards will be disabled.  Now, I have several VA characters that are just cooling their heels at the moment.  What’s going to happen to all the stuff that I have laying around?

  12. Tiberion1701 Says:

    the numbers aren’t changing for subscribers, and they’ll remain playable as long as you sub. If you quit, they’ll have to be converted to Silver characters with less slots and such and you’ll likely lose items – I don’t know how they’ll handle what you lose, that seems like a mess waiting to happen, but we’ll see.

  13. QuanManChu Says:

    I have to agree, STOked is slowly becoming the “Fox News” of STO.

  14. Kobi hershkovitz Says:

     lately, because of the content drought I play ArmA 2 with friends on a private server and now I like multi-player gaming (I didn’t in the past), which means I don’t pay for STO…

     I have three friends , here in Israel (and one in Germany) that like Star Trek but don’t like paying for subscription, so the F2P model will allow them to come to the game and me to have player on my time zone I can play with.

     So far I had to play with US players that come up to play when I have 2-3 hours to play – and thats on Saturday night (my week start on Sunday and there is a -7 hour difference) – That means maybe I have time for one STF ! sometimes not even that !

  15. Dave Chin Says:

    I think the move to Free to Play is great!!!  Honestly, due to financial reasons, I haven’t really been able to play STO since the Featured Episode Replays!!!  Can’t wait for STO to move to F2P,  so that I’ll be able to once again, get my ass handed to me in my TOS Connie!!!  :D

  16. Sparrow794 Says:

    You could always start your own podcast, and fill it with negativity to counter the fact that STOked is run by people who also happen to be fans.  The STOked team is as level headed as they come, from my perspective; they dispense great information about the game, the industry, and can be incredibly critical of Cryptic and STO when warranted.

    Your post is so incredibly wrong in so many places it’s hard to pick out where to start.  First, there is no ‘pay to win’ scenario.  There is only one ship that is available exclusively through the C store, and that’s the Rhode Island – which Cryptic has stated they will be adding into shipyards for purchase via in game currency – along with every other ship that is already there.  If you feel that certain vessels give players an advantage, then go get them.  You need not pay for them; not one cent.  Want a Prometheus?  Earn and save emblems.  Need an Excelsior?  Earn and save emblems.  Think the Guramba Siege vessel is going to give you a leg up?  Then go get one.  Nothing is stopping you.  You can ‘Play to Win,’ you are rewarded for playing, in fact, and you need not spend any money to obtain these advantages.

    Of course Free to Play is about making more money, no one would dispute that.  Cryptic is in business to make money.  Without looking at any other factors, Free to Play will undoubtedly expand the community and make the game available to a wider audience of people, some of whom may never have picked up an MMO in their life.  If you think that in and of itself doesn’t improve the game, you’re delusional.  If you think that increased revenue for the STO division of Cryptic won’t lead to further game improvement, you’re still delusional.  If you don’t see some of the changes Cryptic has already made to make the game more appealing to potential new players, you’re blind.  The low level gaming experience is so entirely different from what it was on launch day that you wouldn’t recognize it anymore if you haven’t played through it since then.

    Explain how Cryptic has failed to expand the STO universe, and how the direction of the game is wrong?  Show your work, because I can:

    – Revamped Sector Space
    – Ship interiors
    – Starfleet Academy
    – Revamped Quonos
    – Remastered missions
    – Increased level cap
    – Addition of 3 new sector blocks
    – Featured Episode series
    – Ground combat entirely reworked
    – PVE and PVP private instances
    – Ability to launch shuttles from your ship

    And that’s just what I can think of off the top of my head; I’m sure if I reviewed patch notes I could easily lengthen the listen to an absurd amount of gameplay and story changes that have constantly moved the title in a direction that community has asked for.  Everything listed above is something that we, the community, has asked for, and Cryptic has delivered.

    No veteran awards?  There are vet rewards every 100 days, and most of them are very good.  There are also rewards for testing on Tribble server from time to time, so I don’t know how you can even make such a ludicrous claim.

    No new content?  While admittedly there has been a content drought as of late, there are 4 STF’s and 3 Featured episodes that where not there at the game’s release – and you didn’t have to buy an expansion box to get access to them. 

    Go play your space marine by yourself, and stop commenting on something you clearly don’t enjoy and obviously don’t understand.  If you actually watched the show on a regular basis, you would know these guys are anything but lapdogs.  They get excited about something Cryptic is doing, and you come on here and call them names without any true constructive criticism. 

  17. Mourne Says:

    As for the community concerns in STO going free to play, I think everyone should just try to be helpful and kind to new players.  And for any fleets that enjoy RPing, why not set up an event every so often on Earth Space Dock?  These things generally have a positive impact on new players.

    I can’t really comment on how good the F2P conversion will be for STO, but feel it completely hinges on their particular model, and how their item shop works (assuming there will be changes to it).

  18. Sparrow794 Says:

    I posted some of this in last week’s comments, but I wanted to expand on it a little bit.  Also, it will hopefully be readable this time – I made the mistake of doing the write up in Word and pasting it over; and it screwed the formatting.

    We created a sub fleet called ‘Heritage Fleet’ that has been an amazing way for our members to not only re-experience the game, but to re-experience our Fleet as well.  Heritage Fleet is a group of members who created brand new characters, and are playing through the game using only TOS ships, uniforms, and equipment.  Members fly anything from TOS Connies, Connie refits, Mirandas, Excelsiors, and Oberths; wear any variety of TOS uniforms (including TWoK) and use old school TOS phasers and rifles obtained from either the value bundle or devidian missions.  While many of these items are premium c-store gear, it is still possible for players to join in without ever spending any money – we felt that was important.

    I can tell you that when a dozen or so of us form up somewhere at like K7 and fly formation in these ships, we get a lot of onlookers and comments in general chat.  It has been great fun for the participants, and draws attention to our Fleet in gneneral.

    Another thing we really try and do is incorporate the tools Cryptic has given us into a more personalized and customized experience for our members.  For example, we are taking advantage of the Borg Invasion by incorporating it into an RP story on our forums.  Members are asked to complete certain in game events (i.e. go complete a Red Alert DSE in the Regulus Sector); and then write about their experience in the thread in a Captain’s Log format.  Our officer corp has a pre-written story arc that will include utilization of videos using demorecord, sound bytes, screenshots, and even a couple of short foundry missions tailored specifically to our story and event.  We do our best not to just take adavantage of what Cryptic is doing in the traditional sense, but to think outside the box and tailor these things specifically to our member’s experience.

    We do a lot of other things as well; but you can get that info from my comment on #96 (if you can make it past the horrible format).

    The only other thing I would add is that it has been very beneficial for us to have a great looking website; and again, really try and personalize it for our members.  One of the great things we do in this respect that I didn’t mention last week is creating personalized ship patches for anyone who wants one.  I make many of them myself; to get an idea of the quality, you can visit my photobucket:!cpZZ1QQtppZZ28

    I think that when prospective recruits see this kind of thing on our site, it definitely entices them to fill out and app and join up.

  19. Chris8016 Says:

    I was a massive fan of STO going F2P until seeing what they’re doing to the game. With seemingly barely any difference between gold and silver accounts, I imagine A LOT of people are going to feel ripped off. And the mess they’re making over the Klingons, I believe, is possibly going to damage the faction beyond repair. Over and over again the absence of Klingon players has been cited as the reason behind a lack of development, but at the same time, they’ve done as much as they can to isolate the faction from players, none moreso than bumping the requirement up to level 25, rather than reducing it to the start as they promised.

  20. hatchery_ Says:

    AI commands for fighters? It’s a long shot, but I think this is the first step towards controlling your vessel from your bridge. Imagine sitting on your bridge and ordering helm to “go there” :-) I am a fan of this more indirect approach regarding bridge control.

  21. Dondead Says:

    In Champions Online gold members get free access to adventure packs, while silver members need to purchase them. So something like Feature Episode Series should be gold members only.Furthermore in CO silver members are locked into archetypes which they
    choose when they create their character (slightly similar to classes in
    WoW), while gold members can completely customize every ability.
    Judging from the huge advantage gold members get over silver members in
    CO, gold members in STO should also get something huge. Perhaps something like a permanent boost to your dilthium and experience gained. Or
    something else with the equivalence of archetypes vs free form.

  22. AaronH Says:

    One thing I had read previously is that on F2P models, and game shops in general, is that if you can get a player to spend in an online store, are they are for more likely to continue to spend.  By opening up options for players to spend a smaller initial investment you are more likely to get later higher investments.

    The Borg invasion was a bit of a let down.  I loved the concept, and I can live with the hunting (I agree the intent was probably to them as random encounter than having players hunting them down.)  I think they needed more varience, maybe sometimes you have to protect something, other times you have to hunt down borg.  I also hate the V’Ger and Borg connection.  The Borg and Decker/V’ger have two completely different ideals.  The Borg want to conquer the universe, V’ger wanted to explore it.  Also, V’ger, IMHO was way more powerful then the Borg.  If hundreds of years ago the Borg built V’ger, why in the heck do they have none of that power now?

  23. AGNT009 Says:

    Wait wait, so when I come back to STO and jump into a Borg DSE, Im going up against the Borg Queen’s dildo? Fantastic….

  24. AGNT009 Says:

    But seriously, my biggest concern with F2P is that Cryptic will immediately go gung-ho on C store fluff as eye candy for the influx of free players, as opposed to focusing on real content in the next 6-8 months. They always get this priority backwards every single time. If we want more content, its going to be more of the usual hurry up and wait….for Holiday Season 2012. Having said that, if they want to get the playerbase a tad hyped on C store fluff, let the FANS help design some stuff for some cache and bragging rights.

    Have multiple contests always running that pay out actual cash prizes for the rights to the art assets (not C store cash, an actual check in the mail) where we the fans get to design uniform variants, shuttle craft, fighters, and ships of the line (that arent named Enterprise). It frees up Capt Logans time a bit if the fans are working on the designs of the next C store pack of goodies, and all Logan has to do is render (the WAY IT WAS DRAWN, not changing practically everything the way they did to Adam Ihle, though I hate both) the winning submissions that the FANS vote on in an in game poll (1 vote per account, per IP address), and then let CBS bless it, and release on C store.

    Many fans would gladly pay for some of the ships entered in the Enterprise contest. And if the winning content isnt the “next Enterprise”, they wont have to worry about controversy if fans vote it in and CBS blesses it. Hey, you dont HAVE to buy it. Cryptic needs to share the fun of designing stuff for this game, instead of hogging it all to themselves with varying results in fan approval. Let the fans help build this game into what it should become, and that way you are hitting homers with nearly every at bat. 

  25. AGNT009 Says:

    They need to find a ton of indirect ways to have fun from the bridge and within ship, as opposed to a Star Trek Barbie doll house, which is all its good for now, since they insist on not changing to a different engine to run STO or are incapable of adding Bridge Command features to the current engine.

  26. @Commander88 Says:

    In a way, this is almost like the Masterminds in CoX (City of Heroes/Villians), where the MM player can control the “pets” that they summon, and order them to do basic commands like “Follow” “Attack” “Defend Me” and such.

    Would make playing on a carrier considerably more interesting, but I bet some serious programming would be involved.

  27. @Commander88 Says:

    May be worth your time to post in the forums under the F2P threads your preference to make the Gold level more differentiated than Silver, so the devs can see it, or it could spark some ideas from someone else that reads it.

    In CO, there is an obvious difference between Gold/Silver, but NOW is the time to make your constructive criticisms known, and to encourage others to do so.

    My math head is offline, but L25 in STO is Lt. Cmdr? Wondering if the intent is to give Freers some time playing the game before they possibly become PvPers, or to drive income to support future Klingon expansion.
    Also, don’t forget the “plans” about the next playable faction, if/when that happens.

  28. @Commander88 Says:

    I also think if the devs guide the Freers to Starfleet Academy to “train” in the game first, for a level or two, that might make learning the game easier, esp. for someone who isn’t an MMO player, or even really into PC games. (I know plenty of non-gamers who would play, but would never pay a monthly sub because they don’t have the time or money.)

    It would be an interesting podcast, possible sister to STOked, to have someone chronicle the F2P experience, once it goes live, starting from the beginning, say in blocks of 30 mins or less, and have these posted on YouTube, etc. for people interested in the name.
    STO has enough bad press for various reasons before the F2P conversion; might be worth it to have that “tribal knowledge” we’ve talked about here for the F2P player, not only to get & keep them interested in the game, but to possibly get them to buy some C-store stuff, or even subscribe.

  29. @Commander88 Says:

    And here’s an example of someone who Golds/Lifers should be welcoming back to the game, and figuring out how to integrate them into it.

  30. @Commander88 Says:

    I have a Lifer sub to CO, so I didn’t have to convert, but a possible way around the down-convert to Silver is to pay for a month, and have a Fleetie or someone hold the stuff you’d like to keep, or mail it to someone, so you don’t lose it.

    According to the FAQ, no characters are supposed to be deleted, but there’s no guarantee that will hold true for loot, ships, equipment, etc. for someone dropping down to Silver. If someone re-ups and stays at Gold, nothing should be going away.

  31. @Commander88 Says:

    Really? Don’t they need blonde ladies as broadcasters, and some guy named after a waste extraction function?

    How exactly are they becoming Faux News? I’m not berating you, I’m just curious.

  32. @Commander88 Says:

    I don’t think STOked would have the viewers they have if they were brown nosers. Seriously. I’ve watched enough sessions of what it takes to make this show, which is a fan-generated show, not a “Cryptic approved” marketing/PR program, to see what their opinions are, and how they try to be reasonable and measured in reaction to the state of the game and fanbase.

    Someone who says “Vote with your wallet if you’re unhappy about the content drought” isn’t a brown noser. Someone who gets their hands slapped for releasing sneak peaks at content isn’t a brown noser…just someone really excited about the game.

    Again, your opinion is your opinion, just as mine is. I can see how and why someone would be upset by some of the goings-on in the game (content drought, F2P announcement, PTW ship perception) and so on.

    Honestly, this game isn’t all many people think it could be, but it isn’t the suckfest that some make it out to be.
    And remember, no one on STOked has ever claimed to be the reincarnation of Edward R. Murrow or Walter Cronkite…they’re fans putting out a show for fans, and doing this FOR FREE. Unless, of course, you’re secretly sending them money for some reason.

    Ultimately, I’ve stated time and again I’ve felt that the IP holders for Star Trek can treat fans as walking ATMs…but that’s my opinion and I’m not going to ramble on here with justifications (which would make for boring reading).
    If you, or anyone else objects to what Cryptic/PW (formerly Atari) and CBS are putting out as content, there isn’t anything to stop anyone from walking away from the game, and playing almost any other form of digital entertainment.

    If I had $50 mil+ lying around in my sock drawer, I could make my own Trek MMORPG, and I bet at least 4 people would like it, and 8 people would hate it…but as Grampa used to say, “Results talk or butt walks”.
    I would like to see what happens with the F2P conversion, and I can walk if I don’t care for it. But I’ve seen this game this far, so I’ll see where we are in 6 months-year.

  33. @Commander88 Says:

    I believe you would have had to convert them to Silver level, and you might have lost features (powers, costumes, etc.) if you had done so.

    This is a dang legit reason why someone wouldn’t like F2P, and is something Cryptic/PW had better consider before the launch/conversion of F2P…if they do their analytics properly, they should be able to tell how many people have multiple characters on an account against how many have un-subscribed, etc. to be able to have a SWAG on what the customer sevice implications would be.

    But, I would bet a pile of purple VADM loot that someone will have your experience when they log into STO F2P, and feel just as you did in CO F2P…question is, how will it be addressed?

  34. Phil Says:

    I don’t see how it could be a bastardization of the V’ger/Decker union. The Borg are known to have existed for a long time, El Aurians were refugees even during Generations when Enterprise B was launched, and that wasn’t arecent development. And while they could have modified the V’ger probe, it’s totally different way of operating, and the fact it was far more powerful than any Borg we saw leads me to believe that although it encountered the Borg, and was sent on it’s way, it became still more, and grew in knowledge and power until it became more than even the Borg could make it.

  35. Dondead Says:

    To make a long story short.. Gold members need something that compels you to stay subbed and cant be exploited (similar to the archetype vs flreeform system in CO).

  36. DarkDrone19 Says:

    Ok so heres how I see the F2P as of the release of the Matrix.

    Cryptic is in a Win/Win situation.
    Lifers/Sub’ers are in a Lose/Lose situation.

    The Matrix is set up to force Gold Members (atleast the majority) into Silver Accounts. Why?
    Because once F2P goes live. Cryptic will be losing money by handing out Stipends to Gold Members. So by forcing them into Silver, They no longer retain “rewards” and other game functions inherent to only Gold Members. For those that have been playing for the majority of this games lifetime. This is downright theft if we stay Gold or go Silver. Because if we stay Gold, were essentially paying 15 bucks for a Stipend, Larger EC retention, and Foundry Access (paying to make content for a content lacking game?). Which, if you do the math. Is not worth a Sub when you get everything but that, with Silver. As for being robbed once your Silver, well your a subscriber, and up to this point your sub has paid for the development of everything in the game. And everything youve earned, be it rewards or other functions. Youve by all means paid for. Once you drop to silver you no longer have access to any of that.

  37. Hugablysoft Says:

    lol the new red alerts they just used the same model as the did in the empire defence against borg invasion, onlything new is they reskined it and put in a couple new ships and the big ship lol thats all , its just an old mission redone a bit,

  38. OmegasPrime Says:

    There Matrix for F2P does need to change.  There does needs to be better incentive to become gold. At the moment there isn’t.

  39. Bran_Mak_Morrn Says:

    I’d like to add-should be edited, adds more Feds to lower levels. Completely eliminates two tiers of FvK PvP. FvF+F2P has officially killed cross-faction PvP, for an unknown period of time.

  40. Allenburch Says:

    Regarding the REDALERT channel: I like this method for tracking down Borg incursions because it reminds me of the Starfleet transmission chatter at the beginning of First Contact when the Borg invaded.

    Regarding the Borg V’Ger look, the story is obviously still in development…Could the Borg simply be an offshoot of the race of machines that created V’Ger? (and so many other story possibilities)

  41. Michael Sawyer Says:

    I hate the idea and this will probably drive me away. I hate the typical “player base” of free to play games. I also hate that I cannot earn the good gear, I have to buy it. I will play till the F2P goes live and then move on probably. It would be nice if we could have a “subscription only” server but I doubt that will happen.

  42. Elric71 Says:

    I feel F2P is great for STO.  I have half a dozen WoW vet friends (in real world, I never really got into WoW myself) who didn’t want to check out STO but have said they would if it was F2P.  I am going to hold them to it!  :)

  43. Doxan Says:

    Alot Of people cant afford to pay to play games this will allow some of them to play and maybe down the road if they CAN afford to pay they do. I know I for one WILL be paying no matter if it it is free or not!

  44. Divvur Says:

    I love the way the community has come together with the redalert channel, I would much rather have that than just an AI message.

    However, I am a little disappointed with some of the actual mechanics in the encounters. First of all, if you are only required to destroy four groups, why not just have four groups in the mission? I like the idea that you are protecting the Federation by obliterating the Borg Threat rather than forcing them to ‘retreat’ by destroying some of them. When did the Borg run away in the TV series?

    I would also like to see some more advanced mechanics for the final bosses that make it more challenging. It would be cool if there was an assimilation mechanic similar to the ground combat, where there is a chance your ship could become assimilated when on low health, therefore turning on your allies for a short duration before exploding. This would increase your downtime before you could respawn and help, so the choice would be, can you survive and bring your health back up so you have zero downtime or do you use the abandon ship self destruct sequence in order to respawn quicker, thus having less downtime than were you assimilated and waiting for the ship to come back under your control with the respawn.

    The last change I would like to see would be a few NPC allied ships (of all types, Cardassian, Romulan, Federation etc.) at the start to get destroyed in the earlier battles, thus raising the stakes and make it feel like a huge threat you are facing.

    At the moment it is fun, but just lacks that heroic sacrifice and desperate struggle aspect that should accompany a Borg invasion.

  45. Z3R0B4NG Says:

    I change my vote from good to bad after actually seeing the F2P Matrix.

    There is just no incentive to be a Subscriber any longer. (not for new, not for old players)

  46. Jeremiah Johnson Says:

    I play CO and feel the F2P model was a good thing for the game and community. However, as a roleplayer, it also invited the masses who consisted of a lot of people who didn’t really care about the game. This resaulted in a bunch of greifers who ruined the social areas for most all of my RP friends.  We left the social hubs looking for other places to enjoy our RP experiance only to have some random person show up and start acting like an idiot.  After a while my ignore list got huge, and lucky for me i can ignore the avatar on the screen, but I have friends who can’t stand it.  The other side to that is a lot of my friends who stopped playing came back, and I have also met people who started out free.  I play both games and just want to warn people that a lot of annoying people will be showing up when the game goes free to play.

  47. Sanjuanna Says:

    Hello gentleman I am Sanjuanna Stewart from the fleet Orion Cygnus division. I enjoyed the latest show and thanks for the useful information.

    The free to play has the major advantage of increased revenue for the company and in turn can assist the players of STO. For the personal event I think is the lack of actual mature players that will infest the STO game. 

  48. MarvelZombie Says:

    Just because your poison, entitlement opinion isn’t the same as the STOKed crew’s doesn’t mean they are wrong or you are right.  It means your listening to the wrong podcast.  Go Google “I’m a jaded MMO player” and you’ll probably have more luck.  Seriously.  What you are saying is that you want to listen to a couple of players bitch about the state of the game.  That’s about the sadest thing I’ve heard in awhile.  What…your cyber-friends tired of listening to you?

  49. Jackkenney74 Says:

    Another Cryptic brown nose.  There will be no direct means of obtaining anything in C-Store.  Further, all the ships they have in their queue are OP’d for their tier and are to be C-Store releases only.  Get your head out of the sand.  The “in game means” isn’t, intead it will be based on an exchange of C-Store points for “time” currency.  The problem being there are hardly and “time” currency sinks and a lot of faucets meaning there’s already too much currency and the F2P haven’t joined. 

    The 1st 4 on your list are sizzle only no steak.  They’ve only had 3 F.E. in the last year and there was a large break between the 2nd and 3rd and an even larger 1 between the 3rd and the yet to be seen forth.

    The first update Cryptic did was so bad they gave C-Points to all their players. 

    People have payed Cryptic good money and they have done a horrid job in the last year of developing any end game content.   Nothing and I mean nothing in any Dev Report or Ask Cryptic addresses this basic problem.

    Cryptic investors skinned the sheep in a sale to Atari, who skinned the sheep in the sale to PW.  Even if PW is bothers to sheer the sheep they won’t have any end game content for at least a year.  That’s 2 and a half years since it’s release.  A huge amount of lost time.

    Further, other than visuals and bits from F.E. there’s been little in this game which feels like the IP of Star Trek. 

    I could go on w/KDF, PVP, interesting non-combat missions etc.  Bottom line is people who have payed for this game from the beginning are being shafted.

  50. Mav1269 Says:

    Why doesn’t anyone ever reference Anarchy Online when talking about “Free to Play” MMO’s?

  51. beats by dre Says:

    a href=””>New Style

  52. Camvan98 Says:

    sweet f2p awsom

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