Wes joins Mike to chat all things Apple. We discuss the surprising implications of the iPhone X, including the challenges of its new special shape & the exciting possibilities of ARKit. Plus, we debate FaceID and APFS, check in on HomeKit & search for the right level of abstraction for UI development.

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— Show Notes: —


iOS Dev X

Challenges of the iPhone X

Abstractions And Leaks

AR as the future of iOS Development

iPhone X and ARKit enable a revolutionary capability for robust face tracking in augmented reality apps. Using the TrueDepth camera, your app can detect the position, topology, and expression of the user’s face, all with high accuracy and in real time, making it easy to apply live selfie effects or use facial expressions to drive a 3D character.

  • Expect some Halloween fun from Mike

Wes is HomeKit Curious

  • Limitations of Alexa
  • Security Implications
  • iHome
  • HomeKit
  • Issues integration with Open Source

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