Daniel Stahl Interview Preview

Daniel Stahl Interview Preview

Daniel Stahl stopped by STOked and dropped a few exclusive details about up coming content for Star Trek Online. We’ve released the clip to give you a preview of what’s coming up in episode 98 of STOked! Be sure to catch the full episode next Tuesday 9/20/11 at jupiterbroadcasting.com

13 Responses to “Daniel Stahl Interview Preview”

  1. Mike Tripp Says:

    Thank you for posting this.  I was starting to feel the content drought and this stokes the fire a bit.

    Bring it on!

  2. Zorena Says:

    Dan Stahl…the he really knows how to ” STALL ” a game.

  3. Hugablysoft Says:

    Omg your such a tease chris, now i know why the action from you on this weeks stoked episodes  in your lead in to tweek leeks

  4. The Seacat Says:

    “if there is any chance we can do a Klingon flagship…we’ll consider that”?. I hope he just had a brain malfunction for a second-cuz I believe pretty much all the forum readers on the KDF have been convinced they are getting a KDF flagship. CapnLogan has been pushing it for us for a while-I really wouldnt want it to take another back seat for any reason.

  5. Samueldavidson89 Says:

    Thank you Guy’s for all you do on your show. I really enjoy them. A friend in STO told me about your show I been hooked since. Keep up the great work. I am not able to give any donation’s to show my support due to real life money maters. If I could I would do so.

    Sign SamuelDavidson1701 a big fan of your show.

  6. DavidCollins89 Says:

    Next time you speak to staff at Cryptic about Star Trek Online. Suggest to them maybe we can have a contest to design a Klingon Flagship like was done for the Enterprise.

  7. ebeyer Says:

    No content drought on STOked! Your show is like the nachos at the mexican restaurant you snack on while you wait (and wait.. .and wait..) for your food.

  8. Zorena Says:

    great now ppl post in other ppls names

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Question: I couldn’t find where this site defines actual size of Mobile Video, Large Video, and HD Video.  Which format best matches the resolution of the iPad (1024 x 768)?

  10. Zorena Says:

    Hey! What you stealing my name? Scam artist!

  11. hatchery_ Says:

    I’d love to see Bajor! It’s definitely on of the most beautiful sites from all Star Trek series. Maybe we get to see the rebuilt B’Hala? By the way, why does everbody (or at least Chris) hate Bajorans? Something I could never really figure out…

  12. TimJ Says:

    What new FEDERATION Starships will there be and what ones are planned for in the future?


  13. TimJ Says:

    More realistic bridge layouts too, found this sight if it helps guys, http://www.ex-astris-scientia.org/gallery/bridges1.htm


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