Full Speed Ahead | STOked 102

Full Speed Ahead | STOked 102

More updates and changes were rolled out to the STO free to play testers this week. Some of them have us puzzled, but some are a big win for players!

Plus thoughts on the new Dilithium Exchange, Skill Tree changes, and an what happened to that C-Store tribble?


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Stuff We Forgot To Talk About Last Week:


  • CaptainGeko posts Some important news you might want to know
  • 1) VA token added to 500 Day Vet Reward.
  • 2) Gold Members will auto-refine Dilithium for up to 1 week.
  • 3) They’re still working on the New Skill System and on Crafting.
  • http://forums.startrekonline.com/showthread.php?p=3844420


New Space Skills are on tribble, Nikki has been looking at them closely, toss in some little math tidbits to wet viewers apatite, and make joke at Admiral Murphy’s expense.

Quad Cannon Controversy, Was Geko misquoted as to the Quad cannons being the highest damage cannons in the game or was he simply referring to the 3 damage modifiers on the item. Item is level-less.

Torpedo spread, most notably Torpedo Spread 3, has being causing controversy as well.  They were targeting up to 10 enemies and now with the patch 3, 4, and 5 targets respectively.  PvPers were raging about this as it was supposedly causing 1 shot kills.

Community Feedback:

  • Introduce revamped community feedback segment – Promo/pop community to make submissions to community feedback @ STOked@Jupiterbroadcasting.com.  We will take all questions, comments, concerns regarding STO & F2P, Cryptic, STOked and its segments (Foundry Files). Also I will promo Jupiter Force.org and my contact info Asmick@Jupiterforce.net & my twitter @Asmick_JF.


44 Responses to “Full Speed Ahead | STOked 102”

  1. Isshelooking Says:

    Nikki’s mic,  Its WAY to distracting to listen to and learn what he’s saying.  Can’t you fix his “S” sounds in post?

  2. TimJ Says:

    Exellent show Chris “and backstage guys” Its coming on brilliantly, im sure its just nerves with Nikki as soon as she gets two or three more shows under her belt she will settle in more.  Bit at the end was a Jupiter fleet recruitment drive still tho!

  3. hatchery_ Says:

    I’m sure you mean “she” and “her” … but you are right! I find her even harder to understand than Irish! There’s so much bass in the voice and every “s” is a pain. Chris, please be a good host and sponsor her a new mic. Pleaaaaase? It’s so important what she has to say!

    All in all a good episode, I liked it! However, I do feel that there’s so much more news going on that you did not cover. I still think you need more editorial content 😉

  4. RoamingMutt Says:

    Love the new show format.  And I’m so glad the bellerophon has made her debut.  She was an instant purchase on tribble and she’s one on holodeck.  Oh and I’m totally buying that audio book right now.

  5. Doug3575 Says:

    Keep up the good work guys. The show is getting better every week.

  6. forge Says:

    Dont go out of your way to be a jerk 😛

  7. MikeHawk69 Says:

    Looked like an abbreviated show. Not even 40mins long.
    Chris, I’m not sure if you’re aware or not. But you keep talking over guests on the show.
    You ask questions, but do not allow them to answer them. I understand these people aren’t answering fast enough, sometimes dragging out a thought. But just jumping all over their words isn’t very helpful either.
    It’s kind of frustrating when someones trying to complete a thought, to wrap up their comment, & you jump all over them, ending their segment. Jeremy did it as well, but got a lot better before he left.
    I haven’t been watching for very long & it’s already becoming annoying. In a lot of the shows you do, you step over people trying to finish their thoughts. The cryptic visit show was almost unwatchable, when  you were interviewing the new lead guy taking over for Stahl. You guys both interrupted him constantly. I had to stop/restart some parts to hear what the guy said.
    I appreciate you excitement & passion for the game. But I believe sometimes it jumps out of you, uncontrollably even.
    Just some constructive criticism, other then that the shows been very informative & helpful. I really miss Jeremy, he was very good @ the math segments. Not that your new gal isn’t good too. Just hard to hear/understand. She obviously knows her sh!t, wouldn’t mind a word or 2 from her when the powers are finalized.

  8. OldMan Says:

    Did not know about the 500 reward day change Keep up the good work…

  9. OldMan Says:

    Here mic is a problem.  I can only understand about 50% of what she is saying. It hurts the show as hole when people can not here people talking. That gos for everyone not just Nikki

  10. CedricO Says:

    at 12:00 now. All this over tribbles … lol.

  11. Imabro Says:

    She’s a MAN, baby!

  12. Ciphertazi Says:

    Actually that’s a bit of a thing I do just to tease Asmick. I’ll stop. It’s not really a drive persay because we have more people applying than we can process in less than a week. But more of a “when I was leader they would do this stuff to me and I’d have 100 messages about how to apply” troll thing. Apologies if you or any of the viewers felt it was a recruitment ploy :)

  13. Ciphertazi Says:

    Oh wait you mean the Community Feedback segment,.. no that’s not a recruitment drive either. That’s a show community section… has nothing to do with JF other than me and Asmick were the first ones willing to read through all the emails,.. do the research,… get with the people sending the mail,.. etc etc —- We signed up (and we signed up first! lol)

  14. Anonymous Says:

    StormShade has now officially put the community on notice that:1) We cannot hold them to anything they say.2) If anyone attempts to quote a dev post they’ll likely to get banned under a strange twist of the forum rules.

    Well, fuck stormshade.  He used to be a community moderator but has become part of the problem (in other ways as well) instead of being part of the solution.  He also isn’t doing his job in the F2P Q&A area and isn’t posting answers to questions posed – and when confronted about it over the weekend he posted that he basically was going to be answering questions either.  http://forums.startrekonline.com/showpost.php?p=3851604&postcount=10  Even if he isn’t going to answer questions directly, we need dev confirmation when correct answers are being given because there are so many conflicting answers and most are guesses and we need actual answers.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry, wish I could edit with more appropriate language.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Brushing your hair back doesn’t make anyone think you are a woman. I’m all for people doing what they want but it is a bit distracting having a transsexual do the math segment. I want to listen to what the person is saying but then I just say, THATS A MAN BABY!!

  17. Anonymous Says:

    That’s a nervous habit, nothing more. Ease up

  18. Hugablysoft Says:

    hey chris  good show, i have a sujection, why havent yall discussed the stfs, the horrible grind its gonna be for the new gear and gozer basicly, stating in the forum he isnt going to chage it, yea i know we going to have the weekend events but you know as well as i do the loot drop system has allways been far from dependable, so lets think on this, for one peace of mk x etite gear is 30 common salvage or borg data what ever he calls it now, so if you dont get very lucky and get a part drop, that mean 90 stf runs for one compleat set, which is 180 stf runs for ground and space, for one character, now those of use who have mutiple characters you can mutiply that 180 times how many characters you have, and all this for just the lower end mkx gear, lets how a show discussion on this.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Nothing to fix for loot, this is normal for mmo games and elite gear.

  20. @Commander88 Says:


  21. @Commander88 Says:

    I’m thinking that JF has pleny of people in their Fleet, and that they probably aren’t necessarily in need of more…but I could be wrong.
    Pretty sure they’d say they were having a recruitment drive, if they really wanted to have one, tho.

  22. Robippolito Says:

    Hi Chris.  Big fan of the show and I have a request:  I’d love to see STOked be a great information resource for specific parts of the game.  For example:  How about a quick 30 second spot each week spotlighting things like Boff Powers.  An example would be:  “Here are what Hazard Emitters are good for”, etc.  Since STO provides hardly any good guidelines, I think you’re missing a golden opportunity.  You’ve done great How Tos in the past, but how about some short, concise information segments?  

    Thanks a lot.  Keep up the great work.  Rob I from NJ.  

  23. @Commander88 Says:

    I’m concerned as well with the “You can’t hold us to anything we say” (paraphrasing) and no more Engineering/Dev blogs. If a company does that to me, why do I need to give them money?

    I had thought, in general, people were pleased with the level of feedback/interaction they’ve gotten in the past from the devs. Since Tribble has hit, obviously there’s been some adjita on behalf of the community, but things also need to shake out.
    Part of me wishes this was a closed testing, with regular updates, but I’m sure people would get all up-in-arms/pitchforky about that…but it would be a way of tempering the flamewars/bad and lack of info on the forums.

    Further concerning me is the amount of testing time it’s going to take to get F2P off the ground and running. While we know from Ep 100 that the P2P game had to launch on X date due to contracts signed, etc. launching a half-hooped F2P product is going to cause even more issues.

    Nothing ever launches perfectly, and the devs can claim “WAD” on anything they like, but if there are major GIGO issues, you won’t just drive away subscribers, but you’ll push away the new freeper population that supposedly the game is aiming for.

    Or, do others see this differently?

  24. Anonymous Says:

    mic is definitely an issue, low tones rumble my speakers and high tones hurt.

  25. pawn Says:


  26. Anonymous Says:

    Good idea

  27. Hravik Says:

    Wait, what?  Where did he say that?

  28. Z3R0B4NG Says:

    i agree that the hard “S” is painful, not only for my ears, but my speakers are actually overamplifying (?) (oversteering?)

    especially since she talks very… smooth + silent so you try to listen extra careful the hard SzzZZzzz hurts twice as much.

    i mean this in the most constructive way possible…

  29. Anonymous Says:

    I saw it in the forums, but it’s also in the show notes here.

  30. Hugablysoft Says:

    that may be but who wants to run stfs 180 times for a set of gear for ground and space , no one in there right mind. and this is even more so true for people like myself who are fleet leaders and have allready ran the old stfs 100s of times allready to help out our fleet mates.

  31. Stormy Says:

    Over the past two weeks I have been critical of Chris’ solo effort. While I still believe a co-host would work best for the show, I will give Chris credit for doing the best job so far as a solo host. He has stepped up his game, but it is still lacking some of the oomph it once had. That being said, there are still issues:
    1. Round table segment is much too long. Do a little research on attention span and reduce this to LESS than 15 minutes, probably closer to 10. The information is good, but most of it is very repetitive, which gets annoying.
    2. Nikki needs two things for the math segment. She needs to get a better mic or give up the gig, and she needs to actually give math segments, not just general comments about it. With those two changes, the segment would be much better.
    3. Did I mention the show could still use a co-host?

  32. Omega_glory Says:

    The new background for Irish and Perigrine is very good. Keep it! :-)

  33. Anonymous Says:

    It is weird, they’re targeting the extra casual group – but making the game less casual at the same time.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Agreed , without actual math no need to include mathed.

  35. Arnoldpoindexter Says:

    I have no idea who will read this, but I am throwing my two cents worth of info.  I have enjoyed the show and I know that there are bugs to work out.  I like the two gents with chirs, they are great and know the stuff (almost makes up for the J-man….I do miss him, when is he returning?) 

    I like the girl, sorry forgot name (I mean no disrespect at all).  I agree with some other comments about being quiet (don’t know if it is mic or if you are still getting used to speaking over the computer).  Keep going you’re doing great.

    Lastly, here’s my question, I have over 300 emblems and I want to know if I should buy Mark XI ship weapons before F2P because of the higher dilithiam price tag hooked to them?  I want to know if I need to buy them now or wait.  Also does everyone know the old Mark X purple gear in the Gamma Sector lost all their bonuses?  Ticked me off because I thought the bonuses were better then Mark XI. 

    I think that’s it.  Thanks for the show…that’s why I subscribe.:)


  36. Anonymous Says:

    Math done, buy gear now, haven’t checked bonuses

  37. Hugablysoft Says:

    Yea it’s kinda like chris said that they have taken a casual mmo star trek based game and are trying to make it an mmo game for mmo players , if i have stated what he said right oh well you know what i mean lol

  38. Sean Says:

    You should be able to watch stoked on your bridge

  39. Arnoldpoindexter Says:

    Thanks a bunch!

  40. Lore Says:

    I’m sorry STOked.  I’ve been following this show since Episode 1 and truly loved it till episode 100.  I can’t even finish an episode any more :-(   I find the show over all just depressing and not entertaining.  It has some information in it that is useful but unfortunately this info is being presented by co hosts that are hard to listen to and understand at times.  I have supported this show financially for some time now and unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be continuing that.  Chris you have done an amazing Job with this show and I know people will continue to watch and support it but for me it’s just gone way too far from the STOked I’ve used to know and love.  It’s almost now just a Jupiter Force show, which is also fine just not my cup of tea.  Thanks you again for a wonderful 100 episodes and I’ll see you guys in game :-) 


  41. Leep of Faith Says:

    Used to love this game but starting to lose the faith, sadly. There has been a lack of content and general direction of STO for sometime now. I want featured episode and new adventures, a new ship here or there just isnt good enough for my monthly subscription.

    F2P just seems like a big middle finger!

    The call of The Old Rebuplic is beckoning I’m ashamed to say

  42. Leep of Faith Says:

    Have to agree mate! Really enjoyed the show in the past and love all the work Chris does but cant get with the new programme format at the moment.

    Chris badly needs a co-host on site to bouce off of!

  43. Optimaloptimusprimus Says:

    After not playing this game for 10 months. i resubscribed to test play FTP tribble. and i am LOVING IT! FTP is gonna be great an the new things added to the game are amazing. MY Advice for all the old time players. DELETE your old toons and Start fresh when FTP comes out. Stop thinking about whats changed and what your losing. Start being thankfull for what’s NEW and what will be comming with FTP. – Travis AKA OOP Chris please unbann me.

  44. @Commander88 Says:

    After this playtest weekend for TOR, not terribly impressed. It looks like ME2 with Star Wars flavoring; nothing really in it to impress me, and it seems overly complicated for what you’re getting. Just my 2 GPL.

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