Fedora 16 Review | LAS | s19e05

Fedora 16 Review | LAS | s19e05

Fedora 16 has hit the torrents and we give a spin! We get to the bottom of why Fedora almost feels like it was created by Apple, but yet still a great release.

And find out Linux Mint’s secret weapon to take over the Linux desktop, the surprising underdog taking on Microsoft, and why we lust after a new Android tablet!

Plus so much more!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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33 Responses to “Fedora 16 Review | LAS | s19e05”

  1. mohammed siddieg Says:

    Chris your mint crush is totally clouding your judgement.how does a bunch of gnome shell extensions have magically revamped the unholy mess of gnome shell,BTW except for the mint menu ,,what gnome shell extension is mint specific ? they have all been in the wild in opensuse and sabayon and somehow mint grab all the praise ,this just bantering.

  2. Rahul Says:

    Hi. I am a regular listener of the show and wanted to thank you for all your hard work. Now on to the complaint 😛

     I did not like your Fedora 16 review. Why? Well I am not a Fedora user and wanted to know about how Fedora is different from other distros like Ubuntu which I use currently. And after listening to the show, I still don’t know that. I still have very little idea about what package manager is used or how its different from apt for example. Yum was mentioned, but I don’t know much about it. I still dont know about which programs developed by the Fedora team (if any) distinguish it from others.

    All I came to know is that it is hard to install h.264 codecs under Fedora (which I really don’t care about) and got a long rant from Chris about how Fedora is somehow Steve Jobs (??). Overall, the rant-to-information ratio was a bit too high on this one.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Time shall tell!


  4. mohammed siddieg Says:

    and chris i am using the kde version of fedora 16 ( kde 4.7 is functionally and aesthetically peerless right now). i have to say i am impressed by yum! strangely i ran opensuse 12.1 rc2 before that and yast was horrible, installing chrome skype and codecs was easier and faster  in fedora  than in opensuse ?!!!

  5. Louis Tim Larsen Says:

    I’ll command you take a look at a Firefox extension called DownloadHelper: http://www.vidohe.com/
    It’s a really nice and handy tool.

    Another thing that I’ll mention is that I think that you could do better when you interview people.
    Take it easy. Don’t jell. It’s scares some people a little and then they don’t talk as much. And get some room for the people to explain, talk and defend them self. And just because you don’t fully agree on their views don’t defend yourself allover again and again with the same augments.

    Anyway. Thanks for a nice show guys. I’m locking forward to your OpenSUSE review next week :)

  6. Pinguy Says:

    Pinguy OS 11.10 Beta is out using Shell.

  7. Wouter Cox Says:

    I’ve been following this, and if I read it correctly, the pad does *not* have an USB port, but the keyboard does. Some sources say the keyboard has ONE USB port, others say it has TWO. The sources that said it has only one port seemed more reliable, but I can’t be sure of that.

  8. David Hettinger Says:

    Maybe my eyes are going but on this last episode of LAS does Allan look nice and crisp and does Chris look a little blurred and out of focus?

  9. David Hettinger Says:

    Maybe my eyes are going but on this last episode of LAS does Allan look nice and crisp and does Chris look a little blurred and out of focus?

  10. Sean McArdle Says:

    So since Chris didn’t elaborate on the software installer much other than to say it’s “light” I’d like to throw in my 2 cents. The problem I have with the software installer doesn’t have to do with query times (although for whatever reason it takes far far longer than a yum search from cli), it’s that after selecting the software I want installed I get no real feedback as to the progress of the install. Sure you get a progress bar but it doesn’t tell you whether it’s installing packages as they are downloaded or if it’s caching everything first or the progress of the overall download, you are left to trust that the Fedora team did their homework and everything is operating normally. I used to be a purely Fedora user (Fedora Core 1-6 was my main distro for 4 years), I change up a lot now but always seem to make it back to OpenSuse for some reason or another but what I really miss regardless of the distro I’m using is yum on the command line. As far as intuitive use and thorough documentation I think yum has become one of the best out there, on OpenSuse, zypper is pretty great too, I prefer either one over apt if used purely from cli.

    If you are managing Fedora software with the gui I would recommend downloading one of the gui interfaces that have been built to use yum on the backend. They work great and if I’m not mistaken there is a least one in the stock Fedora repo. I know it’s kind of hard to pin point the way you feel about a certain feature in a week when there is so much to wade through in a new distro but maybe LAS should consider crowd sourcing some of the review details, then again that may be difficult without a flame war. 

  11. Chris Says:

    I’ve been critical of LAS (and specifically Allan’s contribution) in the comments for the last couple of episodes. Today I’d like to say that this week’s episode seemed much more balanced, though maybe not as thorough.

    Having a guest who regularly uses Red Hat contribute to the Fedora review definitely helped. Please continue to reach out to the rest of the LAS community for their expertise! I think that you’ve made a big step in the right direction.

    Good work, guys!

  12. Enigma Says:

    Nice having Randall in for the fedora review.  I think it’s a good idea to have someone from the distro’s userbase to chime in on the reasons why they use it and some specific details that may be overlooked on a casual review install.

  13. Jonathan Voss Says:

    I have an ASUS eeePad Transformer 101T. ASUS has been good about updating the version of Android that it runs. I got it when 3.0 had just come out, and now it’s running 3.2.1. It’s going to get a ICS update too. ASUS has been great, and this is the kind of Android device everybody should be buying for this reason alone.

  14. Kevin Says:

    I really agree with this. I understand that Fedora doesn’t agree with Chris’ philosophy, but I’d like to hear more about what’s unique about Fedora’s take on Linux.

    And I’m sorry, but calling Fedora “total crap” is just makes the review sound hateful and non-constructive.

    Still, I love this show and keep it up Chris — Thank!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    A review is not the right place to explain WHAT makes yum work, but how well it worked. 

    I’m not sure what you guys think the point of having Randall on the show was? He provided that prospective, and talked about why its a good release for users like him.
    It honestly sounds lik you guys are asking me to do exactly what I did in this episode.

  16. Kevin Says:

    I see what you’re saying about the role roll of a review, and really did appreciate having Randall there!

    I guess my thought boils down to this: While many of the big Linux distros have the same general goals — being open, free, stable, current, user friendly, etc., they also have their own unique take on defining that goal and how exactly that goal is reached. With that in mind, you and I may have different opinions on what desktop environment is user friendly, how “free” we’d like our software to be, and what icons we think are the prettiest, but all those things are largely subjective. So in the end, what I as a listener am most interested in is: what is the Fedora Project attempting to build with it’s distro, and how well did Fedora 16 do that. Some comparision to Ubuntu, openSUSE and Mint is of course great, but at the end of the day, the Fedora Project has different specific goals than Canonical, the openSUSE or Linux Mint projects.

    Still Chris, I love this show, I really like Alan, and do appreciate what you’re building here. So keep it up!!

  17. archlinuxrussian Says:

    I agree with some of the comments that this review seemed to be…biased…on what Chris wanted from a distro. However, this review imho was vastly better than the last fedora review. and with having Randall in for the Fedora user’s POV was very good and provided more good points. But just some suggestions for the next review: mention RPMFusion and livna repos…you only have to download a rpm and install it and it works. Also as another commenter said, review this based on who the target audience is. For me, as an arch and fedora user, i like gnome shell, and yum, and the options fedora gives me. And i know that everyone is entitled to their opinions and can critique fedora based on that and can hate it, but a nod to the strong points and solutions (rpm fusion, etc.) is a great contribution too. And i would not say getting these other repos are hard, people do that (in a sense, by downloading a .exe not a .rpm) on windows lol. ik, bad analogy, im refering to the acquireing of the file. anywho, thanks for the review 😀

  18. Luichi Says:

    Sorry guys, very dissapointing show. 
    Your little tantrum regarding the H.264 codec tarnished the whole Fedorareview, how about systemd, GPT partitioning, btrfs, etc… There are important features that will eventually trickled down to Red Had and CentOS. Next time let your buddy from Coca-Cola speak more.

  19. Knight Says:

    I love it when you have guests on the show, but I would love it more if you directed some questions their way. Most guests on this show don’t get much mic time.

  20. Ule-helm_lilli Says:

    The review could have been much better. LAS reviews should take into account the differences of Linux distributions.

    Fedora release notes and feature list, lists nicely the new features for different kind of use cases. It would have been nice that LAS gues would have use this documentation and made a really nice wrap up of new features. LAS team is stronger and more professional than ever but unfortunately it didn’t show in this episode yet.

    It was really nice to have a guest on the show. Hopefully we will see more guests on upcoming episodes too.

    Keep up good work guys!


  21. Matt Says:

    I loved the show, and thought the review was great! I really appreciate Chris having the balls to say what needs to be said. Thank-You! I like Allan, but I’m worried about what might have happened to Bryan???

  22. Ruel Smith Says:

    I thought the review of Fedora is dead on! I’m glad he said it. Maybe someone at Red Hat/Fedora will take notice. I just seems Red Hat and Fedora have left the desktop behind and don’t care about it. I really want to like it and use it, but everytime I install it, I just wipe it in frustration. I’d love to see a Fedora derivative along the lines of PCLinuxOS. Wow, what a distro it could be…

  23. kahn Says:

    You really have to admit how polished Mint really is. Even the Debian edition is very well put together. I recently switched over to Ubuntu so I could really get a feel for the Gnome 3 experience and I like it, however Mint does some things I really like. I for one was actually excited to see what the Mint team can do with the Gnome 3 interface they have. 

    I’d be really interested in seeing a review of it once it’s officially released. 

  24. Sebastian Says:

    Like your shows, wish you success.
    Have seen several of your reviews. Dont understand your passionate hate to Fedora. Not the easiest desktop distro, but in my experience far better than Opensuse that until now I am unable even install it on my machine. Every distro I tried works except Opensuse. I manage to make it work in a virtual machine, and doing or installing anything was a pain. So I dont understand why you like Opensuse, or why you dislike Fedora. If Opensuse does something wrong you just say ‘well hope they can fix.. but its is good!’. With Fedora you may need to get your hands into the cli from time to time, but is not as bad as Arch or Gentoo.
    In fact right now my Fedora 15 partition works even better than Ubuntu, that for some reason eats my cpu when I play full screen youtube videos and I am unable to see fluent videos.
    Do hope there is a Fedora mint version to make it easier, to get an efficient machine =).
    I am no a Fedora fan, so you can keep hating it. Its just becoming annoying how you criticizer this distro in favor of Opensuse that doesn’t look any better. 
    Hope next release of Opensuse improve so your complaining can be more justify 😉

  25. Amirul Abu Says:

    install H.264 and other codecs? just use easylife or autoten. 

  26. Garegin16 Says:

    the bottom line is that linux and open source in general need quality (no thats not usb3.0 support) that is on par with their propriatery competitors. the 6 months cycle release distros are extremely half backed. and dont give me vista was shipped broken BS, we all know very well that alpha releases of vista were more reliable than fedora’s broken crappola.
    i use linux because I like it, but i’m not gonna fool myself and lie to naive noobs about desktop linux reliability.

  27. Garegin16 Says:

    “I guess my thought boils down to this: While many of the big Linux
    distros have the same general goals — being open, free, stable,
    current, user friendly, etc., they also have their own unique take on
    defining that goal and how exactly that goal is reached.”

    that’s disingenuous. fedora home page describes it as being a great general purpose desktop OS. they should have called it technologically bleeding edge, alpha quality, enthusiast OS. but this is their disclaimer.

    “Fedora is a fast, stable, and powerful operating system for everyday use
    built by a worldwide community of friends. It’s completely free to use,
    study, and share.”

  28. Bjorn P Says:

    You have an egg in your avatar.

    Your argument is invalid.

  29. Brad Says:

    AutoPlus for fedora, that little program will take care of you all your codecs.

  30. Imajica Says:

    Someone once told me an analogy of linux OSes.
    Ubuntu is like a Rolls Royce…..it works out of the box and there is no reason to open the hood of the car
    Mandriva is like a car you like to tinker with….it works out of the box but you may want to open the hood to tweak
    Fedora is like a car with no hood….and you are constantly under the hood working on it.   I love Fedora because of the challenge.

  31. Tyler Burns Says:

    I don’t know if you guys have covered the Bodhi distro it’s pretty cool. I have went to it because i don’t like unity and the enlightenment desktop is new and fresh.

  32. Chris-R Says:

    Chris, You did a phenomenal review on Fedora 16.
    You are the right person that can explain why you are disappointed  and understand the success factor in Linux in general.
    PLEASE DO NOT step BACK with your insight on Linux.
    You do it so well and best success to you  …

  33. Ogredeschnique Says:

    Roll? Like Barrel Roll? or Role as a designated function?

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