Sound Card Troubleshooting | LAS | s19e09

Sound Card Troubleshooting | LAS | s19e09

Tired of fighting sound issues under Linux? We’ve got solutions for you! Linux audio can be tricky, when it works it’s great… But when it sucks, it sucks real bad. Tune in to get our tips to make your audio trouble free!

PLUS: HP Announces their plans to Open Source WebOS, we share our thoughts, and Linux Mint stepped in a pile this week when it was revealed they changed Affiliate revenue links in Banshee. Has they failed to learn from past mistakes, or is there another side to this story? We give you the details!

And so much more!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Sound Card Troubleshooting:

  • Check out pavucontrol
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    27 Responses to “Sound Card Troubleshooting | LAS | s19e09”

    1. Anonymous Says:

      Its not up yet, but I see the link for OGG video, THANK YA SOOO MUCH!!! I’ll wait until its up to watch the Episode, cause I am trying very hard to only use Open Source codecs any where I can.

    2. Anonymous Says:


      Just a heads up that the link to the Large Video actually links to last weeks Mint review. Thanks for all the great shows!

    3. Christopher Urie Says:

      Also another quick note the Matt google+ just goes to the Jupiter Broadcasting page


    4. Anonymous Says:

      Pulseaudio is pretty good now.

      I have a cheap $5.00 pin mic and when i record under Linux i can hear a lot of hisses and popping when i play the recording. It doesn’t happen under windows. Wierd.

    5. Anonymous Says:

      I have a WebM version this week too. Running another test to see what works great for you guys!


    6. Anonymous Says:

      All fixed, I had pushed an old version of this post. Muh bad!


    7. Anonymous Says:

      Ah thanks, I’ll get that fixed up. You can find it here too:


    8. Matt Hartley Says:

      Hi everyone,

      As promised I’ve included a quick video show you what happens in paucontrol when the USB c-media device is attached. Then the next device are the USB speakers, showing up as USB. The video notes provide further info. Enjoy and sorry, no time to add in a clever audio track atm. 😉

    9. Dale Moore Says:

      so the solution to linux audio issues is to use USB audio? *boggle*

      I think the fact that no one seems to care about what Clem did just proves that we in the desktop linux world can’t have nice things. LM did something much worse than Canonical did, and they didn’t get any of the flak that Canonical did. Canonical is the only one i see actively investing real money into making desktop linux a success, and people constantly tear them down for it.

      LM is standing on the should of a giant, and they should act like it

      also, was great to have a linux enthusiast on LAS for a change, you should have him back for more topics

    10. Pinguy Says:

      Wow you lot played down the Banshee code change. When Ubuntu did it you ripped them a new one. And they didn’t take 100% of the money.

      The link wasn’t broken. Its for banshee not a web browser. Banshee makes around $10,000 per year that they give to Gnome. This isn’t a little bit of money. What Clem did was wrong.

      Some of clems comments on the matter.


      “whatever affiliate code I find in Linux Mint, unless we’ve got an agreement about it, I’ll consider it a bug.”

    11. Matt Hartley Says:

      The fix to the Linux audio issues are a combo of ideas. 1st, paucontrol. If a soundcard is a no-go, then the external options. And of course for input woes, watch the Skype howto on my website. :)

      On the front of LinuxMint, I am a diehard fan…but 12 is on my netbook only for now. I suspect there will be a few more Clem-specific updates yet to come. I run 11 on my dual-monitor desktop and it’s very stable. This said, yes, more kudos need to be paid to Ubuntu and Debian. I agree.

      And lastly, thanks for the kind words! I plan on making future appearances in the near future, time/life allowing.  Thanks again to you and everyone else in chat for greeting me with open arms for this episode.

    12. Matt Hartley Says:

      On a desktop, USB headset for VoIP is a solid way to go. USB does well with handling the issues of the “hiss.” Anything plugged in through the soundcard is going to sound like snot. The mic I showed today, is “better” in that it offers “somewhat” clearer audio. The single cheapest solution ever invented is an old Playstation 2 USB headset. Works with paucontrol out of the box. Watch my Skype video on my website to learn how to use paucontrol with USB voip solutions. 😉

    13. Anonymous Says:

      Dang, I was really hoping for some tips on multichannel output configuration in the linux soundcard troubleshooting section!  I have 5.1 channel speakers with a creative x-fi soundcard (pci) that I can only get working on all channels in Ubuntu  – and even then its a bit of work (every other distro/spinnoff gives me stereo or nothing at all). 

      Is there a simple easy method to get 5.1 sound working?  If it is just a matter of getting a better supported card that would be fine, anybody have any similar experiences or recommendations?

      Great video as always Chris and Allen, keep up the fine work.   

    14. Christopher Urie Says:

      No Problem i found it with a search, Just letting you know :@mjamesrd:disqus 

    15. Nipple Tickler Says:

      Ironically, I wasn’t able to get much help from this episode because my audio doesn’t currently work! >.< D'oh!

    16. Nipple Tickler Says:

       Thanks for the delicious WebM’y goodness Chris! Much tastier than the stale old ogv or crashy flashy. Mmmmm… nomnomnoms. Downloading now. Hope the show’s managing to keep your family fed and sheltered!

    17. Nipple Tickler Says:

       Ah the old golden rule: Reboot and all shall be well. 😀 Now I can hear your tips on getting working audio! o/

    18. Nipple Tickler Says:

      Another quick note: HD video download link, actually downloads some
      kind of hardcore, 3 on 3, girl on girl type video… Nah, just
      kidding. I’ll forgive you if you remove this post. :)

    19. J G54634 Says:

      Nice that was mentioned!

      I think lots of people would be interested to know and follow the design process of GNOME.
      Jimmac from Red Hat + Fedora/GNOME community has done many really nice videos. There’s lots of discussion going on in mailing lists and IRC too!

    20. Guest Says:

      boo allan

    21. Have A Look Here Says:

    22. Iain Says:

      The WebM was great quality, opened natively in Firefox and downloaded quickly.

    23. Iain Says:

      Yes Matt was great. Knows his stuff and talks engagingly. Please bring him back.

    24. Anonymous Says:

      Thank ya sir!!! Sorry it took so long to reply back. I Just now seen the email way down in my Inbox lol.

      Any word yet as to the supposed Group law sout against Google for WebM? From the sounds of it way back when, it was like all the codec patent holders were teaming up. But then heard nothing about it. Did it fall apart or something?

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