Feedback & Errata 2 | LAS | s19e10

Feedback & Errata 2 | LAS | s19e10

Even the big show gets a few things wrong from time to time, but never fear! The Linux Action Show audience is keeping us in check! In this week’s episode, we update you on a few stories from the past season, and make a few corrections we want you to know about!

Plus: Some good news from the city of Munich, Sony’s coal for your stocking, KDE on tablets, Humble Indie Bundle 4 lusting, and how a Kindle Touch was Jailbroken with Just an MP3!

And so much more!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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17 Responses to “Feedback & Errata 2 | LAS | s19e10”

  1. Whitey1 Says:

    Hi Chris,

    Pinguy OS 11.10 review please.

  2. Gnurocks Says:

    Chris, Allan,

    When you get around to covering RSS download options, don’t forget Mythtv (Miro installed along with Mirobridge script). A cron job runs Mirobridge and all your programming is waiting in my Mythtv recordings section to watch. The Mythtv Mirobridge help page is extremely helpful/straightforward for the setup.

    Cheers, gnurocks

  3. Gaz Says:

    Just seen the Richard Stallman video.  Can someone explain the difference between open source software and free software, as Richard Stallman seems to have an issue with open source.

  4. BrainwreckedTech Says:

    LAS is so good it entertains even non-humans:

  5. Louis Tim Larsen Says:

    Why don’t you just put a CC-logo in the end of your show? That’s an easy way to inform people of the license you’re using. Now I only se “JB ’11” in the end of your show and that’s pretty confusing.
    You just need to use this logo :×31.png and link to this page:

    Another nice thing you could do could be a feature where you go outside a interview nice people and see some nice things. It could be an interview and a demo of something that runs Linux, poeple that work on interesting projects etc. and you could call the segment “LAS outdoor” or “LAS in the wild”.

  6. Flimm Says:

    You’ll probably find these links helpful:

    Personally, I prefer using the term “open source”, as it’s unambiguous. Free software means gratis software to most people.

  7. Gaz Says:

    Thanks, they were good links.

  8. Jameson Pugh Says:

    If you’re down about MySQL being owned by Oracle, check out MariaDB:

  9. Musa Abu Ayyoub Says:

    Fuck Godady.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    may I as why you hate godady?

  11. Bassboyanon Says:

    GoDaddy Backs SOPAGo Daddy Reverses Course On SOPA

  12. Anonymous Says:

    You’re right.
    I found an article on gizmodo about that.
    THX for telling.

  13. T. Joie S Says:

    If I would do business with GoDaddy I would go somewhere else as well. Kudos to wikipedia. 

  14. Bba Says:

    Ughh.. the link got messed up. Search Google for it.

  15. ogredeschnique Says:

    Changed their mind. Smart move.

  16. Jtt96 Says:

    Please cover the patent/tech policy!

  17. James Lott Says:

    I didn’t really know where to post this… but I just thought of a show idea you might consider for the upcoming season, and I settled on posting it here. So since Microsoft is basically coercing OEMs to move to the UEFI standard, which may or may not endanger our ability to install linux on our hardware of choice, maybe it’s time to consider…. building our own laptop PCs? Perhaps y’all over at JB could dedicate an episode (Not necessarily a LAS episode, as it seems kinda technical) to guiding us through building our own laptop PC, or at least point us to some good resources that would help with that… just a thought. I say laptops in particular, because I think that’s what the average person is interested in owning these days, and because from what I can gather, it seems that they’re a bit tougher to build than desktops, so we might need a bit more help figuring it out :)

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