The Computer Action Show! Season 2 Episode 1

The Computer Action Show! Season 2 Episode 1

This week on, The Computer Action Show!

We update you on the news from the last two weeks, discuss the VLC projects new video editor, have a chuckle over the new SpamAssassin bug that’s effecting all email from 2010, and it wouldn’t be a news update without something new from those crazy kids over at Psystar – Are they switching to Linux?

THEN – We review the Motorola Droid and compare it head to head with the iPhone 3GS.


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All this week on, The Computer Action Show!

This Week’s Links:

This Day in Compuer History

The Creators Of VLC Are Going To Release A Video Editor

SpamAssassin 2010 Bug

Psystar Switches to Linux, Temporarily Halts Sales of Rebel EFI

It’s Droid, Droid, Baby

The 30 Essential Android Apps

Ten Minutes With the Nexus One – google phone

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15 Responses to “The Computer Action Show! Season 2 Episode 1”

  1. Rob Loach Says:

    I absolutely love having both the video and the audio versions of the show. I usually listen it when travelling, and then when I'm at the desk working, I just put it on in the background and occasionally look over for the references. Getting excited for the live STOked!

  2. projectmorris Says:

    Hi Chris, I love the video show's, please keep them going.

  3. JZA Says:

    So I just got an N900 and is AWESOME!!! Really great phone and I am proud Linux user now on the go.

    The phone is superior to whatever I have seen on the Iphone or Blackberry.

  4. projectmorris Says:

    A thought, as a Business Continuity guy…You could load a tape in the Video cam just to make sure you capture something if all the external hardware breaks down.

  5. ChrisLAS Says:

    We almost always do, but go figure not this time!

    Part of the issue is with The Computer Action Show's video is we
    produce it live as the show is recorded, we mix the video live so that
    at the end of the hour + show the video is fully ready to ship. We
    bring in shots of my screen for the news, switch lower thirds, etc all
    live using software. If that software fails us, the recording with the
    fully produced video is gone.

    When the software works (which, on average it does much more than it
    does not) we reduce our back-end editing, rendering, encoding times to
    zero. Which is a huge advantage for turn around for a show that is
    typically produced the same day it is released.

    It's a challenge for sure!

  6. projectmorris Says:

    I bet you were incandescent when you found out it had broke..Draw me a diag of the set up and show were it broke there has to be a solution to this…don't want to miss you and Jeremy again.

  7. Voice Broadcasting Tactics | Conference Calls News Says:

    […] Droid vs iPhone Review | Jupiter Broadcasting […]

  8. datamike Says:

    Put me down as an audio listener. I usually catch you guys on a long drive and that means audio along with most podcasts. Once in a (great) while I will checkout the video when I absolutely have to see something you're talking about, but usually you guys are descriptive enough (even on STOked).

  9. motang Says:

    I liked the Droid talk, I myself am waiting for the Nexus One, just hope it won't bee too much money for the unlocked no contract one as I am huge fan of no contract. I tend to listen to the show more than watching it, but if there are some things like the way Chris was talking about the local app for the Droid then I would like to see that in action.

  10. ChrisLAS Says:

    I think we got it solved for next time, plus we'll run the backup recorded too!


  11. actionjack Says:

    Love the show, love the audio of the show, great when I'm on the go, I can listen when I'm running, driving, travelling on the train and even shopping! Keep up the great work!

  12. jeff Says:

    Please keep working on the HD video for the show. I am a TV junkie and I need to be watching what I am listening to. HD would be great so I can watch it on the HDTV.

  13. Blake Hulbert Says:

    I don't like listening to the audio version, I watch the video version because you have something to look at.

  14. Melmacian Says:

    Since you asked, I only do listen to audio version. I love listening you on background when I'm also doing something else.

    Video stuff works really well with review stuff etc. but otherwise I don't see much point with it.

  15. JZA Says:

    Well it's been a couple of weeks since I had my N900 and the juices had wine down and I can finally have a steady head to express that this N900 is pretty good. I mean there are shortcomings on the device, primarily outside of the device itself. I most say that the camera is not that great, is a bit pale to my preference, I always have a instant-on camera and there is no comparison on the color richness of my 100 dls camera vs the 700 dls N900. Even thought is 5mp, the image is not as rich.

    At the sametime there has been a couple of upgrades on the firmware and the apps are starting to pour, I most say that this have A LOT of apps, all free all awesome and is clearly what every Linux head MOST have.

    The issue here is that since is not being backed up by a big Internet Giant, most of the apps are FLOSS supported and the software is great, but there is very little service. By service I mean like google goggles type of apps that connect with a service designed for the app.

    Then again is not the end of the universe, I mean I dont have 3G so this always on, well is not a big issue. Services like latitude, well… I dont really care for except maybe geek points and showing I am all over the map.

    I do have geotagging for pictures thought, and there are services for Google latitude to be honest I just want to use it as an example.

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