FreeBSD 9.0 Review | LAS | s20e03

FreeBSD 9.0 Review | LAS | s20e03

Turns out FreeBSD is still a thing you can think about download! We take a look at version 9.0! And marvel at its new anti-crash-usb-thumb-drive removal technology!

Plus Red hat’s big release that require it’s customers to use Microsoft Windows.. A little LESS, kinda!

And so much more!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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FreeBSD 9 Review:
  • UFS Softupdate Journaling
  • The FreeBSD Fast File System now supports softupdates journaling. It introduces a intent log into a softupdates-enabled file system which eliminates the need for background fsck(8) even on unclean shutdown
  • This new feature means that a fsck after an unexpected reboot is no longer required. In modern FreeBSD only a basic preen was required, and then a full fsck would take place on a snapshot of the file system, in the background after the system had finished rebooting. With the new softupdate journaling (basically an intent log), a full fsck is no longer required at all
  • Journaling support is enabled by default on all newly created file systems, and can be enabled on existing UFS2 partitions using tunefs(8)
  • Full TRIM support for SSDs
  • The FreeBSD Fast File System now supports the TRIM command when freeing data blocks. The TRIM-enable flag makes the file system send a delete request to the underlying device for each freed block
  • TRIM support can also be enabled during newfs(8) or on an existing file system with tunefs(8)
  • ZFS Upgraded to v28
  • ZFS v28 introduces support for data deduplication, triple parity RAIDZ (raidz3), snapshot holds, log device removal, zfs diff, zpool split, zpool import -F, and read-only zpool import
  • The zpool(8): utility now supports a zpool labelclear command. This allows to wipe the label data from a drive that is not active in a pool
  • HAST Improvements
  • The Highly Available Storage daemon now supports data checksumming (crc32 or sha256) and compression (zero hole or lzf) and improved security
  • Introduction of the GEOM RAID class graid(8)
  • Which supports:
    • RAID0
    • RAID1
    • RAID1E
    • RAID10
    • SINGLE
    • CONCAT
  • It also supports the on disk formats for:
    • Intel RAID BIOS
    • JMicron RAID BIOS
    • NVIDIA MediaShield RAID BIOS
    • Promise and AMD/ATI RAID BIOS
    • SiliconImage RAID BIOS
  • Additionally, geom_map(4) allows specific areas of a device to be mapped as separate devices, especially useful for embedded flash storage
  • NFSv4 with ACLs
  • In addition to NFSv2 and v3,
  • New utmpx(3) user accounting system
  • 5 new TCP congestion control schems
  • The FreeBSD TCP/IP network stack now supports the mod_cc(9) pluggable congestion control framework. This allows TCP congestion control algorithms to be implemented as dynamically loadable kernel modules
  • The following kernel modules are available as of 9.0-RELEASE: cc_chd(4) for the CAIA-Hamilton-Delay algorithm, cc_cubic(4) for the CUBIC algorithm, cc_hd(4) for the Hamilton-Delay algorithm, cc_htcp(4) for the H-TCP algorithm, cc_newreno(4) for the NewReno algorithm, and cc_vegas(4) for the Vegas algorithm.
  • An h_ertt(4) (Enhanced Round Trip Time) module has been added, which allows per-connection, low noise estimates of the instantaneous RTT in the TCP/IP network stack.
  • New CAM based disk subsystem
  • The ATA/SATA disk subsystem has been replaced with a new cam(4)-based implementation. cam(4) stands for Common Access Method, which is an implementation of an API set originally for SCSI–2 and standardized as “SCSI–2 Common Access Method Transport and SCSI Interface Module”
  • The ada(4) driver now supports per-device write cache control. New sysctl(8) variables and settings of 1 enables and 0 disables the write cache, and –1 leaves the device default behavior. sysctl(8) variables can override the configuration in a per-device basis (the default value is –1, which means to use the global setting)
  • New Resource Accounting and Limiting APIs
  • RACCT is a new resource accounting API has been implemented. It can keep per-process, per-jail, and per-loginclass resource accounting information
  • The new resource-limiting API RCTL works in conjunction with the RACCT resource accounting implementation and takes user-configurable actions based on the set of rules it maintains and the current resource usage
  • Full USB3 support
  • OpenSSH upgraded to 5.8p2 with HPN for faster transfer speeds
  • OpenResolv to manage resolv.conf for multiple interfaces
  • Support for SHA–256 and SHA–512 cryptographic password hashing
  • sh updated
  • new arithmetic expression handling imported from dash (which is originally from NetBSD ash)
  • changes to the way builtin commands relate to PATH env
  • fixed various other bugs
  • Capsicum Capability Mode
  • New Sandboxing and compartmentalization framework from Cambridge University
  • Improved privilege separation in OpenSSH and DHClient
  • Replacement of various GPL tools and utilities with BSD licensed ones to avoid GPLv3
  • libreadline
  • grep
  • llvm/clang imported, will eventually replace gcc 4.2 (last GPL v2)
  • compiler-rt replaced libgcc

If you are using an older version of FreeBSD, the FreeBSD-Update tool can do a quick in-place upgrade using bsdiff binary patching.

As always, instructions for installing the OS and Packages, securing and managing your system can be found in the FreeBSD Handbook

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  1. Bassboy Anon Says:

    It’s called “Incognito” on distrowatch. Also, I am pretty sure that people who use Tor and really want privacy know about Tails. :)

  2. zooview Says:

    Concerning ACTA, I believe USA has already signed the treaty back in October, so protests against it are way behind. Maybe something can be done before European nations start signing it.

  3. Louis Says:

    Come on Bryan. Let Allan talk! Don’t be that overhappy all the time.

  4. anonymous Says:

    hey ….. where is allan version of freeBSD

    you say you will give us the link

    so where is it?????????? jerk

  5. ormaaj Says:

    OpenResolv originates from Gentoo. I’ve been using it for several years. It should be possible under any distro, though the documentation isn’t spectacular. A basic setup isn’t too hard.

    I wasn’t aware it was being developed anymore. Last I checked the original developer abandoned it.

  6. Gentoo4Life Says:

    The File System Action Show!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    It’s at the bottom of Allan’s notes:

    Have fun, be sure to check for the username/pass too!

  8. Matt Raspberry Says:

    In case anyone has trouble with the FreeBSD9 VM linked to above, if you’re using VMWare (like me) then you’ll get a message about kdm not being able to lock a file. This is a red herring. The problem is that X won’t start, to fix this, run, as root, “X -configure” and then move the generated file to /etc/X11/xorg.conf. Then reboot the system and it should start X and KDE 4 without issue

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Oh good to know you had issues. These are made with Vbox in mind… So I’m not too surprised VMware had a complaint. But sounds like it is still doable, right on!


  10. jgm Says:

    I was going to suggest we all chip in and buy Allan a fie system for Christmas because he was as excited as a kid on Christmas day!

  11. Okdisqus Says:

    I didn’t know.

  12. Guest Says:

    The US signed ACTA on October 1st.

    “The United States, Australia, Canada, Korea, Japan, New Zealand,
    Morocco, and Singapore signed the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement
    (ACTA) at a ceremony on October 1, 2011, in Tokyo.”

  13. MaTachi Says:

    Compile the Lunduke compiler with the Lunduke compiler. It blows my mind!

  14. Dale Moore Says:

    great show! 
    Allan is wicked smart and I’m glad Bryan was there to represent Linux. That is the proper way to talk about BSD on a Linux show, great job.

  15. hojjat abdollahi Says:

    that is called a “review”…

  16. giantrobotQ Says:

    So, where’s the ticket for?  Left on the VM’s clipboard:

    “Total ticket cost: C$318.14Taxes & Fees: C$506.51”

  17. Allan Jude Says:

    Flight to Finland for ScaleEngine business

  18. Allan Jude Says:

    Yeah, I built it in vbox, and installed the vbox extensions

  19. Allan Jude Says:

    Yeah, I built it in vbox, and installed the vbox extensions

  20. giantrobotQ Says:

    nice!  I wish my job sent me to foreign lands… you guys hiring? 😉

  21. Allan Jude Says:

    I’m not going to Finland, my Business partner is. also, it is insane that vbox saves the clipboard…

  22. HeavensRevenge Says:

    Bryan your still a dick, just because you don’t officially release your retard app Illumination Software Creator for BSD doesn’t mean you have-to hate.
    F-U Sincerely Heavensrevenge

  23. Anthony Phillips Says:


    Please do not

  24. Anonymous Says:


    More Allan, No Brian..


  25. Anonymous Says:

    Chris, please:

    More Allan, No Brian..


  26. Anonymous Says:


    More Allan, No Brian..


  27. Anonymous Says:


    More Allan, no Brian.


  28. Anonymous Says:


    More Allan, no Brian..


  29. Anonymous Says:


    More Allan, No Brian..


  30. Luichi Says:

    Some people are better behind the scenes, Bryan is a good example of it, I can’t tolerate five minutes of his BS. Dude, you are not funny and come across as disrespectful to the guests or other hosts, there is zero objectivity in your reviews. I will unsubscribed from LAS once again. Allan and Chris have the right chemistry for the podcast, they were doing an amazing job, too bad. TechSnap rules!

  31. Jacob Says:

    I thought this would be a technical show, way to be a jackass, Bryan…

  32. Sammer Says:

    Allan, do you have a 32-bit version of the FreeBSD VM you put together? I can’t host a 64-bit guest OS on my machine.

  33. LAS Says:

    Bryan is great for this show, I think he is the best choice.

  34. Whitekid3 Says:

    man, when bryan isn’t on, the show suffers… chris’ other hosts are  good, but don’t have the chemistry with chris like bryan has

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