Awesome Window Manager | LAS | s20e04

Awesome Window Manager | LAS | s20e04

Your desktop sucks, we’ll show you how to make it AWESOME! We review the Awesome Window Manager, and tell you why it tickles our fancy!

Plus: Mark Shuttleworth makes a preemptive strike in Ubuntu’s new War against menus, will they succeed? We debate!

And so much more!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Specifications of the A9 Zenithink ZT–280 C71:
7" (16:9) screen size
800 x 480 resolution
1,3 Mpixels front camera
Built-in microphone
Built-in stereo speakers
4-way G-sensor

CPU: ARM Cortex A9 1 GHz
RAM: 512 MB DDR2
Drive: 4 GB NAND fast flash
Connectivity: Wi-Fi + 3G (GSM) support
Micro-SD: supports up to 32 GB
HDMI output: 1080p
Battery: 3000 mAh at 7,4 volts or 6000 mAh at 4,7 volts
355 grams / a bit more than half a lbs

Awesome Window Manager Review:

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21 Responses to “Awesome Window Manager | LAS | s20e04”

  1. Charti Says:

    i really would like an awesome in depth look! you guys pls keep going up the awesome (sorry for the word joke) work, you are just great 😀

  2. Johny Says:

    The comment about /usr resulting in bugs doesn’t make any sense since there is going to be symlinks and changes were well tested much ahead of time in a separate branch several months before.  Bryan, you seem to be going out of your way to find fault here

  3. Rusty Says:

    Thanks for shout out, guys.  I assume you realized that the “Why Everyone Must Oppose The Merging of /usr and /” was a parody of the debate?


  4. Veritanuda Says:

    Just to add my fourpenneth worth… HUD seems to be a very innovated way to introduce accessibility directly into the UI. For blind or partial sighted people they can use voice control. Conversely though this works against people with physical disabilities that would use eye tracking or other means to navigate on screen menus normally.

    Not a single use system but has a place in the over scale of things.

  5. Rahul Says:

    Really looking forward to the Spark tablet!
    About WebOS, it will be really interesting to see what direction HP takes with it. I hope the governance structure is open, similar to the newly formed Qt Project governance structure.

  6. Bearcat Says:

    The Awesome window manager has great keybindings for moving around your desktop right out of the box.  You use the meta (super, windows, mac) key with j and k to move between your windows on the current screen, meta-f to go full screen on an app etc. It’s quite intuitive out of the box, but it’s easy to change them too. For someone who uses the keyboard more than the mouse (and especially a vim user) it’s a great experience.  See ‘man awesome’ for details.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Ya, but you touched on some real truth!  :)


  8. Anonymous Says:

     Now I’ve actually grown to love Unity but I believe that is 100% to due to the fact I was willing to learn it when I began using Linux (3 months ago). I prefer it to other environments , comparing to Gnome Shell (2 and 3), KDE (can’t stand), XFCE (my third choice) and Cinnamon shell ( I like it , 2nd choice).  
    But with that being said…
     …. lets say HUD gets put in as the only menu option in 12.10 or 13.04 and I’m in Audacity and I need to align some tracks. There are (off the top of my head) 8 options and they are rather “wordy “. A big waste of time because I will have to type more then just a few letters (this is nothing like a launcher) because all the options begin with “align tracks”. Unproductive because it’s slower and difficult for a user (especially a new one) because you might not know the options of every single program you run . The programs I HAVE to be a power user on, I will know shortcuts(which is faster then HUD can be) . For other programs, I will use the menu.. why? Because I don’t know ( or need to know) them that well.

  9. Joe Gullo Says:

    Did no one notice that Awesome’s website is  ZOMG geeky Stargate reference!

  10. Melroy van den Berg Says:

    I notice it a bit late (kinda busy) but AAAAHHHHH WELCOME BACK BRYAN!!! Nice to have you back mate ;D

  11. Enigma Says:

    Dang guys, I think I may be a total convert from xmonads, dwm, gnome, etc.  Awesome seems to be the best of xmonads/dwm and openbox.  I had avoided ins
    talling it due to some complaints, but I’m very happy with the defaults as it stands and I’m sure I’ll get into customizing as I feel the need.


  12. Dries Van Daele Says:

    I love you guys giving some more attention to tiling window managers. 
    For me it’s Xmonad all the way though.

  13. Oakleys Says:

    ZYXQLLABAB I like it very much!

  14. Louis Tim Larsen Says:

    Well. The Google Chrome OS du have a commad line. Just press Ctrl + Alt + T og then you have a limited Linux CLI.

  15. panzeroceania Says:

    HUD isn’t just for desktop, it works a lot better for TV interfaces also because it is easier to use a keyboard or qwerty remote vs a mouse.

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