ArchBang Review | LAS | s20e05

ArchBang Review  | LAS | s20e05

We review ArchBang, is this hardcore Linux made easy? Or a simple distro you can skip? Tune in to find out!

PLUS: We find out which Nokia phone sells the best, HINT: It doesn’t run WINDOWS!

And so much more!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Random Distro Of The Day

  • Tiny Core Linux 4.2
  • Bridge Linux, pre-built Arch running Xfce and a standard set of great apps. – Thanks to Austin for sending it in, he’d love to see it debut on DistroWatch!

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ArchBang Review

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11 Responses to “ArchBang Review | LAS | s20e05”

  1. Guest Says:

    Nice episode but I would find news segment more interesting if there would be information about FOSS instead of Microsoft phones, Microsoft and stuff.

    – FOSDEM
    – Tizen (it’s not based on MeeGo like you said last week and couple times before). Architecture documentation, SDK demo, etc. has been available couple of weeks already
    – new nice SELinux feature –
    – upcoming Wayland 1.0 release

  2. bassboy Says:

    Dat Don Esquis reference. I wonder if anyone else caught it.

  3. Louis Tim Larsen Says:

    Well. I’ve tried the Nokia N9 and it has a really user friendly GUI (better than Android and iOS IMO), it’s intuitive and ready for the avenge cusomer so if it was released in the more popular countries like Germany,  USA and so on this would really had been a great success for Nokia and a nice comeback.

    The reason why I’m sticking with my N900 is the lack of a psychical keyboard on the N9. I’ve tried the N950 and oh boy it’s great. Extremely great build quality. Sadly this phone is only available for some developers. Stick two (or maybe three) SIM card slots in that phone and it would sell great as a business phone.

  4. iN8sWoRLd Says:

    gratuitous desktop screenshot with las

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the insights Louis!


  6. Peregrine_Falcon Says:

    For the rest of my life whenever someone says the word Linux I will always think of scorpion sex. Good job! :)

  7. Guest Says:

    “Firefox farts through releases like I do after a bowl of chili” ~ @ChrisLAS:disqus

  8. MaTachi Says:

    A lot of sex and scorpions today! Great episode – the scorpion sex really appealed to me.

  9. Whitson Gordon Says:

    XFCE is a good sweet spot, though for what it’s worth, I’ve found that LXDE is a better sweet spot. It performs a bit better *and* somehow looks better than XFCE as well. I’m sure you’ve tried it, but if you haven’t, I highly recommend it.

  10. Daniel Anderson Says:

    get greg kroah-hartman (better known as greg kh) on the show! He can do one of his “state of the linux kernel” talks. (e.g.

  11. riffe Says:

    do you have the link for the man having sex with scorpion?

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