Sparking a Fire | LAS | s20e06

Sparking a Fire | LAS | s20e06

Aaron Siego joins us to talk about the new open source KDE powered tablet that he and his team are working on! Find out how hard you want one, after this week’s episode!

PLUS: Canonical drops Kubuntu, Microsoft throws it’s weight around, and we bust some Raspberry PI rumors!

And so much more!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Spark Tablet

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25 Responses to “Sparking a Fire | LAS | s20e06”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The “KDE is slow” stigma that Brian alluded to is very annoying. It’s just not true.

    I think most of the speed criticism comes from the people who try KDE for a few hours and freak out over the strigi indexer (it goes down to near 0 once it’s finished indexing; you can disable it as well). Remember with KDE, there’s an option for everything – you can make it a perfect desktop.

    The KDE tablet is really awesome, I really want an ipad size one. I think 7” may be  just a little bit small.

    Great show. BTW the Nokia N9 is starting to show up as a ‘free phone’ on the cheaper mobile plans in Australia.

  2. Tjampman Says:

    Guys, it’s the 21 st century. The 22 nd century won’t happen until 2101… But good show… Me wants a spark :-)

  3. Misti Says:

    Yea Arch + KDE4  + qtcurve or bespin to replace the ugly oxygen theme  and you will have a great desktop :) 

  4. Poly Says:

    Uh, guys… Is Brian Poly =

  5. Nest Says:
    “The first batch is only model Bs.”

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Oh sure man, but which one sounds better? 

  7. Matt Says:

    I’ve not watched in a grip. Great to be back! You guys are great!



  8. Melroy van den Berg Says:

     Facepalm ^^

  9. Bryan Lunduke Says:

    Facepalm… IN THE 22ND CENTURY!

  10. Colin Kilt Says:

    Chris – you said you’re KDE’ing it now – but which Distro? Did you throw it on Mint?

  11. Krita Says:

    + Lancelot and yakuake :)

  12. Louis Tim Larsen Says:

    Well. The Plasma Active Tablet isn’t the first real Linux tablet.

    The MeeGo-based German tablet WeTab has been available for over a year now:

    The WeTab has hardware similar to the ExoPC (but less RAM) and it sadly only last for 2 hours on full use.

  13. Jtt96 Says:

    5 hr. battery life with games!!?? I’m usually near an outlet anyway, so who cares? I’d be fine if it was only an hour.

  14. bassboy Says:

    Link to bespin?

  15. Misti Says:
    The screen on the bottom shows bespin after some tweaks, the middle screen is qturve.
    Also bespin should be available in arch AUR and opensuse pacman repo

  16. Scott Wears Says:

    Guys why no LAS distro yet? Also im stuck with windows because my HD5850 isnt supported/ im a n00b and cant get it working i would love  a las distro live cd to try with your fav base and desktop environment anD ALL THE BEST APPS

  17. Offero Says:

    Chris, I did the same 2 weeks ago after getting fed up with Unity and Gnome Shell… I installed KDE 4.8 and have been really happy with it. Plasma widgets and Activities need some usability work, but otherwise it is amazing. Every time I ever tried KDE, I switched back to Gnome in a week, but not this time. Everything has been ultra smooth for me. Kudos to the KDE team.

  18. Colin Kilt Says:

     Whcih distro would you recommend putting KDE on?  I’ve just installed OpenSuse with KDE and am still trying to get my head round the yast thing. I come from debian/mint and am used to apt-get install etc.  So, just out of intrests sake, which distro are you on with KDE.

  19. danielo Says:

    Hey. Will be that tablet shipped in Poland??
    And Chris be a kde man 😀 its worth.
    see my panel

  20. Vladoz71 Says:

    Great show, cant wait to see the linux tablet :) i think it will be awesome

  21. Chris Kildegaard Says:

    Umm…you guys? Yeah, it’s still the 21st century.

  22. Chris Kildegaard Says:

    Honestly, these patents ARE ridiculous! By that logic, Mozilla, Google, and Ubuntu should all be paying royalties to Microsoft. COME ON!! A patent for being able to download documents in a web browser? Are they NUTS? Even if these patents are actually valid, they shouldn’t be. They’re patenting IDEAS. Note that you can’t patent an idea…except when it’s a software patent. You can’t patent the IDEA of soup in a can, or the IDEA of a shelf that you put books on. So why in the world can you patent the IDEA of being able to resize windows with handles, or downloading documents in a web browser? This should just be illegal. All these patents do is allow companies to achieve a monopoly lock on IDEAS. What if somebody patented the idea of a “File -> Save” command? We’d be in trouble then, wouldn’t we?

  23. James O'Rourke Says:

    I just noticed this article from yesterday on ARS…

    Preorders begin for Spark, the open KDE tablet

    Spark Tablet Pre-order Registration If it’s a repost, it’s worth reposting.


    p.s.  Thanks for the great shows guys (e.g. LAS and SNAP).  It makes my 100mi daily commute much more enlightening and enjoyable.

  24. James O'Rourke Says:

    Sorry…there must be a hidden character(s) in my post.  But you get the point.

  25. T_U Says:

    I can definitely testify about KDE speed.

    Indeed, on my setup, Unity feels *much* slower although (no offense, it’s pretty good too) Unity & many Gnome apps are much more “minimalistic” (which can be a good thing).

    I had a problem with my KDE being slow. It turned out it was just due to one single window decoration animation which can be disabled. Display is lightning fast now despite tons of effects.

    On some lower ends machine, the semantic desktop / strigi / akonadi may have to be disabled to save resources. On my middle-end machine, it’s barely noticeable at all.

    Well, that’s just a dumb user’s experience. I love Gnome Shell and KDE 4 and Unity is OK too (too much beta-quality versions in stable released though….), but KDE configurability and features is just stunning : it’s extremely fast for the number of features.

    I love the simplicity of Gnome Shell & Unity but I feel I can work in a much more efficient way with a properly customized KDE (with activities, tiling etc.) without struggling to make essential information reappear (scrollbars, menus, etc.).

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