Second Wave | STOked 110

Second Wave | STOked 110

Al Rivera, STO’s Lead Game Designer joins STOked this week to bust some rumors, chat new ships, console changes, featured episode tech, and much more!

PLUS: Chris gives you his first take on the Second Wave, the first episode of the new “The 2800” featured series.

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Show Notes:

Second Wave | STOked 110

Al Rivera, STO’s Lead Game Designer joins STOked this week to bust some rumors, chat new ships, console changes, featured episode tech, and much more!

PLUS: Chris gives you his first take on the Second Wave, the first episode of the new “The 2800” featured series.

Topic for next week:

Dan Stahl returns as Executive Producer

The 2800:


34 Responses to “Second Wave | STOked 110”

  1. Camdy1 Says:

    played it yesterday an it was good think there is even a voice that we haven’t heard for awhile :)

  2. Cumbee27 Says:

    Great show! Derrick Stahl is back! And for some reason I think it’s time for another community feedback. On what? I don’t know.

  3. Thlaylie Says:

     The delegates did not help me fight one whit other than the Gorn?

     Was this fixed after Saturday?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    There is a non completion Bug. I have done the mission Twice with two different Toons and when I get to Bajor nothing happens and it says I am still on the first part of the mission. FIX THIS STO

  5. Skeeteruk Says:

    Great episode, glad it was just you for it and then just you with al.  Never liked the parts where you got jupitor force gang on as it detracts from the quality of the show imo.  Anyhow good ep, nice to see you back doing stoked.  Hope more episodes like this to come.

  6. Stararmy Says:

     Any chance we can get Dstahl on for next week’s show? It would be a real treat if we could hear his thoughts and plan.

    I would like to see the devs work on content through realizing some of the original core promises of STO: In August 2008, in their “Ask Cryptic,” we saw this:


    Craig “Zinc” Zinkievich (executive producer): Exploration will never take a backseat in Star Trek Online.
    Heck – in all the series, Starfleet is always sending captains off to
    chart new systems or classify nebulas. So we don’t view exploration as a
    “break” from other gameplay – it’s integral. Expect to be encouraged to
    boldly go! And as an incentive to explore space, discovering new
    civilizations is one of the major ways to open up new resources and
    equipment and make new alien recruits available to you, your fleet and
    your faction!

    Q: My question is whether the universe will be static. For
    example, if I log off World of Warcraft and then login a week later
    everything is pretty much still the same. Nothing has really changed.
    Will the world be dynamic in STO?

    Zinc: The universe of Star Trek Online is
    shaped and changed by the actions of the players. The Federation and the
    Klingon Empire will be competing for influence and resources throughout
    the galaxy and players can influence the results through PvP battles
    and a system we’re calling Competitive PvE.

    The actions, victories and defeats of you and your faction will affect how the economy and history of Star Trek Online
    unfolds. Exploration is always happening – expect to see new planets
    and races discovered that were unknown the last time you logged in. Your
    actions could be the deciding factor on whether these new planets side
    with the Federation or the Klingons.


    I would love to see the above finally come to fruition.

  7. Boop Says:

    Well Chris, the internet knows how to make a Raktajino.


  8. Jackkarrde Says:

    Welcome back Chris.

  9. Aevn Says:

    Tacticals have an option to have them pick up weapons from a fallen security officer

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Welcome back indeed, great episode. Always love to see Al.

  11. Hugablysoft Says:

    Hey Chris,
           Its great to see you back a great show, now my thoughts on this weeks New FE, It was ok i dont think it was as good as there other FE, and to be honest except for the cut scenes it looked like it could had easily been done on the foundry, idk i not mess with the foundry but have played quit a few of them and seen better by foundry authors. To be honest they say it takes 6 weeks for 1 episode, didnt look like they spent anywhere near that much time on this one, maybe it was just part of the story progression and they spent alot more time on the other parts, we will see. In the foundry you can give up to 5 starts this one to me was a 2.5 out of 5 stars.

  12. Says:

    I love watching stoked on Tuesday mornings when I get to work. Glad to see it back. 

  13. TimJ Says:

    YaY Chrisopers got his MoJo BACK!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Gareth J. Smith Says:

    Welcome back! Great episode; love that you got Al on to “bust some rumours” which was brilliant, cheers!

  15. Tyron_Jara Says:

    Delighted your back:) Makes my tuesdays:D

  16. Jewkesman Says:

    See i had Jman pegged as the  Andorian.  i wonder igf he is not who is, all the voice acting was awesome even the touchy feely Bajoran.

  17. StormyMaverick Says:

    I have not always been the most positive in my comments about STOked since Chris took over the job as a solo host. I felt the show was seriously lacking and Chris did not command the attention of the audience, nor did he show a passion for the show.

    After watching Episode 110, I must say things have improved tremendously. Chris is excited again, the show is more compact, and the segments were ALL interesting. Great job! I’ll see you next week for 111.

  18. MercShame Says:

    I ;ike that they want to get a plus 1 Sovereign but there is still one class of ship that was an Enterprise that they dont have. Ambassador class. I want one real bad.

  19. Victor Carver Says:

    so how do we see the full tactical view ,  i havent been able to make it to watch on every saturday during the live events

  20. Forge Says:

    WWWWWOOOOOOOOOOO HHOOOOOOOO!!!  Tuesday ROCKS again!  Now im going to go watch the show.  IT BETTER BE GOOD!  😛

  21. Luke Es | sE ekuL Says:

    WOO! Can’t keep a good Chris down!

  22. Kenney1 Says:

    I was playing through the FE and all of a sudden, THE J-MAN started talking to me as one of the characters. That was a good moment.

  23. Forge Says:

    My father Skyped in, so I had to pause.  But, awesome episode.  Thank you Chris!

  24. Commander88 Says:


    Tac officers pass a phaser rifle from a dead security officer to Capt. Kurland.
    The other two classes get assistance in their own way; would’ve been nice to see the Andorian Admiral pitch in tho.

  25. tun Says:

    just wondering – why were the romulans not present on the conference?

  26. Thorsten Stichweh Says:

    YES. Glad you are back and it seems with a lot of mojo for the game :-)

  27. Doug3575 Says:

    Awesome episode Chris! You hosting the show alone works great. Nice too see your enthusiasm return for STO and STOked! looking forward to episode 111:) 

  28. Worf359 Says:

    Hello everyone,

    I played the first episode of 2800 and it was great. Does anyone know if the featured episodes will be rerun in the near future. I also wanted to know if anyone know taht if I don’t play the second episiode this saturday and I wait till the following week, can I play that episode later and get the bonus items?

  29. Guest Says:

    Can you guys check why the feed on TiVo is missing this ep.
    Keep up the good work!!!

  30. Profeff Says:

     I Love Swtor but thank god for new sto content and more importantly thank the lord stoked is back just didint seem the same without stoked

  31. Mavairo Says:

    You do know the Assault Cruiser is one of the best cruisers in the game right? Seriously Chris you need some help with your build if you think the Failaxys are better. 😛

  32. Thegreatsnake001 Says:

    I have a HUGE problem with the first mission of “Second Wave”, and I was wondering if anyone can help me out? The sever crashed just after I got finished with the conference and the battle started, and when I logged back in, the game puts me in the cargo bay, and tells me that my objective is to escort the diplomats to safety, but there is no bad guys shooting, and the objective circle is gone. I’ve went everywhere on the station and they are no where to be found! I tried looking for the conference room but I don’t think you can get to it from the station unless you finished the mission, right? So, am I stuck or is there a way to get to the conference room I haven’t tried?

  33. Capnbludd Says:

    Get some support out for Adam Ihle the Odyssey designer and his move to be with his new children, toss him a few bucks

  34. Kavek Says:

    Do you still upload live footage if so where can I find it.

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