Your OwnCloud | LAS | s20e08

Your OwnCloud | LAS | s20e08

We review OwnCloud, is the promise of replacing Google’s web services a reality? Or does this project fall short? Tune in to find out!

PLUS: Adobe drops support for Linux, we’ve have… THOUGHTS on that.

And so much more!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Watch Danica Patrick crash like a boss!

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14 Responses to “Your OwnCloud | LAS | s20e08”

  1. georgezilla Says:


    You hate DRM. I hate DRM. For the very same reasons.

    You’re pissed at Adobe.  I’m pissed at Adobe. Again for the very same reasons.


    I hate unity for the very same reasons as I hate Adobe and DRM. Which is the same reason that Microsoft and Apple can go “F” themselves.

    Then there is the biggest reason I still don’t, and won’t, use Ubuntu/Unity. That is …

    WHY THE “F” would I want my desktop, to look like my laptop, to look like my tablet, to look like my F’ing cell phone. Why? They are not the same. I don’t use them for the same things. There is a little overlap on the “computers” (desk/laptop and tablet). Not a lot, but some. They are after all, DIFFERENT tools. And there is NO overlap with any of the others and my cell phone.

    It’s a telephone for Christ’s sake! You make PHONE calls on it. It’s a freaking tool to talk to people.

    So why, why, why, WHY, would I want my “computers” to look like the tool I use to talk to people on? WHY? Why not make it the same interface as my hammer? Or my sawsall?  Or my microwave oven? Because it’s a C O M P U T E R ! It’s NOT a telephone.

    And my I.Q. is a much, much, MUCH laeger number then my shoe size is. Unlike what the target user appears to be with Ubuntu/Unity, Gnome 3 and Windows 8. Those three are insults to your, and my intelligence. Plain. Simple. Period. Instead for raising the level of the average computer user, it is the dumbing down of the computer for the lowest  common denominator.

    Now if you like using products that insult you and your intelligence, you go right ahead. Good for you. Me? NO F’ING THANK YOU!

    And lastly…

    It’s not about change. I’m 60 freaking years old. I have children older then Chris and Brian. I have seen more change the you can imagine. I have embraced more change then you could know. I voted for a man that is “different” for President, because it was time for “change”. And I have “changed” distros many times. “Change” is good . IT’S NOT ABOUT CHANGE.

  2. anon Says:

    Just switch to KDE or Cinnamon or MATE or something. Ubuntu is finally on the path to becoming usable. I switched to KDE by the way, but I think that Gnome shell and Unity are some of the best interfaces available.

  3. bassboy Says:

    xxxterm looks pretty damn cool, and like you said it will integrate flawlessly with your tiling window manager + zsh shell in vi mode. :)

    That said, vimperator extension for firefox is amazing. I use it quite a lot even on my full fledged DE. There is alternative for vimperator for Chrome, called  vrome, if you swing that way.

  4. Gentoo4Life Says:

    Lots of hate from you.  Insults thrown at Canonical.  Insults thrown at Ubuntu users.  Insults thrown at Unity-users, not all of which are using Ubuntu, by the way. (It appears the only one insulting anyone’s intelligence is YOU!)  You need to check yourself.   Figure out where exactly all this rage is coming from…especially over a product you say you don’t use and doesn’t affect you in the least little way.  I hope you will find peace in this world and will one day become whole again.  I will pray for you.

  5. edm Says:

    Or switch to gnome3 fallback mode (hoping ubuntu didn’t screw up that mode) :)

  6. Jony121 Says:

    Just bought Illumination Software Creator & 2299: the game.
    Does anyone know if ISC is based on the lunduke language yet?

    For 200 you could have a Pi episode. All ARM based distro, software and cool stuff that can be done with the raspberry Pi. Also cases. :)

  7. Louis Tim Larsen Says:

    I’m not worried about Adobe dropping support for Flash on Linux.
    We still have Gnash :)

  8. T_U Says:

    Don’t know what to think about the Flash story…

    However,  as much as it is probably useful ATM, it’s always and still is A MAJOR PAIN IN THE ASS on Linux, particularly. It’s the single most annoying piece of software I’ve ever had to use, in the last 10 years.

    It made all my computers crawl and crash like a piece of ****. Still today, with my 2*3GHz Core2Duo, I cannot play HD fullscreen videos properly.

    It hindered a lot my switch to a 64 bits distro (because of additional crashes etc. with ndiswrapper). They raised hope with the VDPAU support then dropped it a couple of months later.

    How can we even tolerate this ? :-/
    This Flash is a catastrophy. It makes Linux feel like a crappy OS. I hate Flash. But I have to use it everyday :'(

  9. Password Says:

    The fallback can’t be configured at all. It’s such a huge regression.

  10. Scott Wears Says:

    |For ep 200 You could launch your own distro and try to put a new community together to maintain it 

  11. iN8sWoRLd Says:

    Ref minute 20:30, I watch your show in full screen all the time (in Firefox under Ubuntu currently).

  12. edm Says:

     It’s not true, you can configure the panel for example and many other things as in gnome2.

  13. Carlos Says:

    Forget raspbmc…. will soon live with an raspberry pi (ARM) special build! Check it out:

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Just wanted to make a side note, Prayers and up lifted hands, nothing pleases God more 😀 Very glad to see comments like yours “Gentoo4Life”

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