Favor the Bold | STOked 112

Favor the Bold | STOked 112

Chris reviews the new featured episode “Operation Gamma”, and Jeremy returns to the show to chat topics ranging from the new Jem’hadar space set, crafting updates, and even the devs progress on tracking down a new exploit.

Plus we’re starting a hunt and need your help, in a new Community Feedback question!

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23 Responses to “Favor the Bold | STOked 112”

  1. TIME_LORDS Says:

    the link for downloading of this episode is showing as smell of bajor guys, please fix the link as i need to download in order to watch whilst im on downtime from the internet at home

  2. Thejams13 Says:

    great show as always look forward to hearing more about crafting updates thanks J-Man i can’t wait

  3. Hawk Says:

    Hi All,

    First off all wanted to say for the borg destroyers little tip.
    The Jem Hadar Deflector Engine and the Honor Guard Shield array is working great against the Borg or the Omega shield array did’t have the change to get my hands on that shield .
    Next I wanted to ask chris maybe for next show to ask for little acces to the sto forums or F2P forum acces so those people can place there idea’s too.
    Why I ask this because not all people have an Life Time Sub and most off europe is using F2P account.
    And Chris I missed out one thing in this show the Vorta you talk too after the mission, also there was again talks about the iconians where the Vorta says to avoid them, wnder why you left it out because it felt important.
    Thats all, Greets Hawk

  4. Anonymous Says:

    The Jman rocks, almost as much as Heretic, almost.

    Great show, i definitely had more fun than last one, and the combat had nothing to do with it, great job to all the Cryptic team.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Dang it! There is an issue where the previous week’s draft comes through. I’ll fix it up!

  6. Uffe Says:

    The Link is still the wrong one for HD Video

  7. AGNT009 Says:

    After the first satellite blew up in my face, I learned my lesson and had my finger over Full Impulse the second things went wrong. Had to use it a few times to avoid more deaths, and it was fun blasting out of there with the explosions going off right behind you. The only thing I didnt like about it was after the first blew up, I went to the others, then back to the Ferengi not knowing the sats would respawn and I DID have to succeed at all four. And I never noticed the color scheme either so I flew around that map a while. But it was so pretty, and I was snapping screenshots every few minutes, I didnt even mind the little frustration.  

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Chris.

    I’ve been a fan of the show for a while now and in fact would not have picked up STO if it weren’t for STOked, so thank you for that.   😉

    I was wondering if in the next few episode you could possibly find out for us whether there are any plans or ideas about ship interiors – what can be done to make them functional and useful, etc?

    Cheers in advance.   😉

  9. Jewkesman Says:

    ChrisLAS may the prophets bless You!
    and Borticusthedev nice kurland

  10. Melina001a Says:

    Opertation Gamma probably the best feature episode so far!

  11. G0tchas Says:

    Good show, guys. Erm – there’s a problem with the HD Video, though. The audio and the video is out of sync by about 2 seconds, so you hear what Chris is saying before he says it – LOL

  12. Omega_glory Says:

    I like the new Tactical View bumper!

  13. J.Kirk Says:

    Dear Chrislas,

    Could you please note this into your next episode off stoked…………………
    CRYPTIC PLEASE STOP SPAMING !!!! Something like that ?????
    First off : the yelow text about who is getting the Cardesian Cruiser.
    Second : Every enemy you shoot Breen, Romulean, Fed, or what ever NPC the game is flooded with these stupid and realy stupid boxes even in the STF’S yep you guesed it Boxes.
    Third : If they want to make money so badly why the HECK they stop selling time cards ??? I’l tell you this, they scare custumors away with this spaming noncence. They even remove the forum posts about people who wright there complains about it.
    So ChrisLAS if you would be so kind to speak to the devs about this maybe they start lissen because this spamming is ruining the game for a lot off people .

    Greets from J.Kirk

  14. J.Kirk Says:

    Little Edit : Sorry for the Gramar english is’t my first languance.
    Great show by the way , thanks

    Greets J.Kirk

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t see that on my end. Which player are you using? Would you mind checking last week’s episode and see if you see the same thing?


  16. Benjamin Hanert Says:

    How about using Gold pressed Latinum as a currency for features like new hull designs or for maybe someday changing colors and some looks of interiors for ships (own quarters…) Hope you read this Chris, i really wanna know what you think about that Idea. Sorry for my bad english (I´m from germany) best wishes from Ironman84 *Salutes

  17. TIME_LORDS Says:

    thanks chris, truly appreciated :) , keep up the good work

  18. dreamingbadger Says:

    1st you can turn those messages off, and have been able to since the last patch, options -> basic -Second one down and select it to off and you are done

    2nd, I agree, but *this* sells

    3rd , because they made more money on the unlock keys/boxes at christmas than they ever made on time cards, and as the game model is F2P …

  19. Jimman Says:

    the answer to the pol is that bayjor has a 26 hour day

  20. Shadowsaber15 Says:

    Got something I was wondering if you could bring up the next time you get a chance to interview someone.  When will we get to name a first officer.  The Doff system sort of lets you do it, but not in the way the Cryptic originally promised.  Just curious if they ever intend to make it an extra Boff position on your ship.

  21. Thorsten Stichweh Says:

    Great show Chris. I like the shorter Format of Stoked and it was good to see the Jeremy again and how much fun he seems to have at Cryptic

  22. Seagoat Says:

    Actually this missions was awful…all STO missions are awful, this game is awful because it is not at all a sandbox…how can you have an expansive space game on theme park rails?  You prattle on about the graphics and voice work; but the game play, which is what should matter, is non-existent. Soapboxes allow for human created gaming drama; theme park games with missions made via committee, can never compete. Why are you defending this mediocrity? The fraudulently-glowing adjectives you use, such as ‘epic’, reveal your Cryptic-funded misunderstanding of language…

  23. Matthew Stickney Says:

    acually the ansur to the poll is the bajorins have a 26 hour day

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