VirtualBox vs VMware | Linux Action Show s11e06

VirtualBox vs VMware | Linux Action Show s11e06

This week on The Linux Action Show!

Novell kicks SCO in the face in a mother freaking punch fight! Google hires a dog to burn down Ogg Theora’s hospital.

THEN – Will HTML5 finally kill the windows monopoly? WE DISCUSS!

PLUS – VritualBox vs. VMware

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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This Week’s Links:

Android Froyo to take a serious shot at stemming platform fragmentation

Quake II Ported to HTML5

GNOME 2.30 Release Notes

Red Hat Moves Into Desktop Virtualisation

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7 Responses to “VirtualBox vs VMware | Linux Action Show s11e06”

  1. ProjectMorris Says:

    Hi Man …no live show.. :( Happy Easter guy's Hmmmm we might have a sync issue too..Dagnabit!

  2. ProjectMorris Says:

    Hi Guy's No live show :(, nevermind have a happy easter, oops looks like you might have a sync issue again…ProjectMorris

  3. josbal Says:

    im finding the audio on the youtube version is off… have tried chrome and firefox.

  4. josbal Says:

    by off i mean out of sync.

  5. Katherine Says:

    There's no way I'd want every episode of the Linux Action Show to be this unhinged, but I laughed my head off. Thanks, guys.

    (Yeah, the audio sync is off… so I didn't look at the screen most of the time and pretended I'd downloaded the audio version.)

  6. sisto2352 Says:

    Here's something silly… you put the video resolution warning on the audio-only version too!! LOL. GREAT SHOW! Keep it up guys.

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