Bryan Hates Freedom | LAS | s21e01

Bryan Hates Freedom | LAS | s21e01

We’re still hungover from episode 200, this week: We give you are thoughts and responses to our RMS interview, are we truly being negative in the freedom dimension? Tune in to find out!

Plus we drool over new games coming to Linux, and ask the big question: Can Crowd Funding scale to support open source?

THEN – Matt stops by with a super easy howto for video conferencing under Linux!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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133 Responses to “Bryan Hates Freedom | LAS | s21e01”

  1. guest Says:

    Can this man actually exist? 

  2. Carlos Says:

    hey Bryan, Bryan, hey Bryan… I love you man. My whole country is with you, keep kicking ass!
    (… psst, psst… you too Chris).

  3. Garegin16 Says:

    stallman is not an anti-natalist. he’s just thinks that less people would mean less pollution. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was though. i mean as an atheist he probably thinks that humans are just another specie like rock moss or something and therefore have no moral worth.

  4. Garegin16 Says:

    i agree though with stallman though. “feed my children” is an idiotic excuse. 

  5. Noemail Says:

    años = years  

  6. Bryan Lunduke Says:

    Thanks. :)

  7. Bryan Lunduke Says:

    Excuse… for what?

    Stallman made a point that showed that he valued feeding children to be lower than not releasing software with a particular license.

    I made a statement that feeding children has a higher value to me than any software license.

    That’s all there is to it.

  8. Bryan Lunduke Says:

    Hey Carlos!

    Just want to say: I’m right there with your whole country.  You guys ever need a hand, you just call on the Bryan-phone.  BOOM.  I’m there.

  9. Garegin16 Says:

    @ bryan. stallman’s point still stands. feeding my children is not a rational excuse to commit crime/immoral behavior. however, i disagree that making non-free software is unethical. do you see my point here?

  10. Jim Says:

    Great show and a great follow up on the interview with Richard STALIN.

    That guy is nothing but a neo-Malthusian with a strong neo-Marxist streak running through him.

    He couldn’t care less about freedom. He perverts the very word freedom. to support his radical and extremist politics.

    Don’t ever have that guy back on the show. He is neither sane nor rational. Once is enough. No serious computer shows have ever had this guy appear too often … or more than once.

    Once is enough for people like him.

    Keep preaching your version of the “Freedom Dimension” Bryan.

  11. TenKTech Says:

    Its pretty simple, think star trek.  Stallman wants us to be closer to that or better or some greater society ethically.  In a perfect highly advanced society the greater good for all is priority one and all information would be public access.  This is an argument of pure logic ethics.  Ask any Psych Major you have Logic/Reason and you have emotion/irrationality.  Its a Utilitarian perspective.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Does Brian and Chris watch The Walking Dead?  Never heard them talk about it, but i haven’t listened to all their shows.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    The  way Brian was going on I was expecting him to have a kony2012 meltdown.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    facebook is serious dumb

  15. georgezilla Says:

     How do you feed your family? As in, what line of work do you do?

    So using Stallman’s logic, you are un-ethcal. You sir/madam commit crimes and partake in immoral behavior. Because what you do, under Stallman’s logic, is not FREE. You earn a living/money doing it. Shame on you.

    So you are not only a criminal and immoral but are a hypocrite of the worse kind!

    Either that or you still a child, live with your parents and don’t have a clue.

    Based on you comments on the 200th show thread, my guess is that you never will.

    Stallman is still a nut job!

    Brian is not immoral, un-ethical or a criminal. He’s a father. And being a father is neither a crime, nor an excuse. Just fact and reality. Which it appears, that neither you or Stallman, live in. Reality, what a concept.

  16. childejoseph Says:

    Bryan thrashed Stallman. Come on Bryan!!! Stallman’s a legend, This is the Linux Action Show, but most of the the reviews and discussions, news, and how to’s, are for what sits on top that kernel, GNU. Sure he’s a bit eccentric, you should show some respect, rather then trash a man for half a show! 

  17. Dale Moore Says:

    hey Chris, regarding SW:TOR with wine…i can’t be assed to look for it right now, but its well known that we can’t use TOR under wine. the problem is with Bioware. During beta, everything worked fine. somehow around release, something got borked, and i don’t believe that anything can be done without some kind of help from the bioware devs. we need them to tell wine devs what is borked so they can fix it. last i heard, they were at a wall.

  18. Dale Moore Says:

    Bryan…regarding your comments about freedom for the dev vs freedom for the user….RMS is a hippy. he is always going to support the freedom of the common person to live free, over the dictators freedom to control his subjects

  19. Anonymous Says:

    stallman is a being disingenuous. there is nothing unethical about not releasing the source code to the program. in way ethical worldview is a person OBLIDGED to tell others the blueprint of his design.  

  20. georgezilla Says:

     Psssstttttt! I have a secret for you. But you have to promise not to tell ANYONE else. It is a really BIG secret. You ready?

    Stallman makes money off of free software. He does, really! Almost exclusively.

  21. count0 Says:

    I was really disappointed with this show, because all Bryan was doing in the second half was attacking Stallman’s character rather than trying to understand his points on licenses of software, and creative works in general. The second you put something out there, it’s out there for people to use. You have to be aware of the state of technology, and you have to anticipate the fact that it will be copied and used in any way that people can and want to.

    That is how the cultures of various ethnic groups came to exist. Someone told you a joke, and you shared that joke with someone else. Software sharing and media has reached the point where it can be spread just like ideas or thoughts in human conversation. No different than fairy tales, funny stories, etc.

    If you believe that proprietary software is ethical, than you believe the person that taught your mom a recipe which you now use can sue you in court and collect for every time you’ve used it.

    And if you’ve paid for something with your hard earned cash, there is absolutely NO reason someone should be able to tell you what to do with it. As long as you don’t do harm to anyone else. NO ONE should be arguing that point. As long as you don’t harm anyone else. People crying cause they can’t make a profit is not an excuse: it’s called capitalism for a reason.

    Intellectual property does not exist. Think about it. Call it by it’s true name: Culture.

  22. Jared Says:

    Excellent episode, I love the discussion, I love the differing opinions (and jitsi is kinda cool), but I have one problem with this episode:

    You still got no emacs OR rms jokes in.

    I mean, come on. No ‘escape-meta-alt-control-super’ or ‘free as in beard’ jokes in there?

  23. Anonymous Says:

    The United Nations is clear on promoting a future with Inter Generational Sex.  Stallman is hob nobbing with eugenicists and others at universities and with in his own circles.

    Anyone that supports the United Nations, supports, Carbon-Communism, Eugenicist programs, Global-Governance (without elects),  vaccines, sterilization, genetic modified foods and animals, wars that diminish or destroy sovereignties, etc, etc.

    It’s truly a sick angle.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    I haven’t researched this but Stallman may also be a Zionist + Talmudist.  The Talmud does peach that sex with child goyim is ok.  Another is killing children below three years old is ok.

    You’ll notice the above themes and philosophies being spouted  from Bio-Ethisists (new name for Eugenicists.)

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Stallman is obviously arguing for a Utopia in the computer realm.

    If everyone gives then no one should be in a sole taking position .

    I personally don’t have a problem with proprietors software, but like Stallman I believe one has a right to modify anything they have in their possession.  This is where the dilemma happens, in that software is protected from modification, therefore it is enslavement.

  26. splicer Says:

    Another great episode! You guys should try to get Eric Raymond or Linus Torvalds on the show.

  27. Anonymous Says:

     Would like to say that you and I have exactly the same opinion in this regard!!! I tweeted Chris asking about the best way to give my “Thoughts” to Bryan about his take on this episode. But maybe they will see your accurate representation here instead.  When one person is out spoken about an opinion, it must be assumed  at least a thousand others have the same opinion but are not out spoken. :-)

  28. Anonymous Says:

    When I first seen the interview last week. I went searching for info on Dr. Stallman ( that was what one University referred to him as) And I found a few videos on Youtube of lectures he gave on free society and a few had explanations about how GNU / Linux came about. I do believe I disagree with him on the subject of God and faith ( I am a Christian) But I have to say from his lectures, I have already agreed with him on his ideas of software and Copyright law for quite a long time. Though he tends to think Hardware can’t be treated the same as Software since it doesn’t have “Source Code”. But I hate the idea of Patent law, and think his ideas about Copyright law should also be applied to Patent law

    Some say Linus took GNU and made the kernel to go with it, then released it as a Free Operating System. (I don’t believe that is Linus’s own explanation, just how most people talk about it, such as the Linux Foundation)  But Stallman’s own explanation says that Linus Torvald’s kernel was closed and proprietary at the time (probably because he was in college and the kernel was just a school project) and Stallman convinced him to make it free and open. Then Stallman Released it as the GNU / Linux system, because the GNU “Hurd” kernel was very slow in development.

    Now I don’t  know either Stallman or Torvald well at all. But I would tend to go with a man that is all about “FREE SOFTWARE OR DEATH” than a guy that uses a Macbook Air, then cries and throw a hissy fit about not having good hardware support and OpenSUSE asking for a password to often. But hey, that’s just me ;-)

  29. Nick Danes Says:

    free·dom   [free-duhm]  Show IPA
    noun1.the state of being free  or at liberty rather than inconfinement or under physical restraint: He won his freedomafter a retrial.2.exemption from external control, interference, regulation,etc.3.the power to determine action without restraint.4.political or national independence.5.personal liberty, as opposed to bondage or slavery: a slavewho bought his freedom.

  30. Mikael Karlsson Says:

    You still don’t get it. The point of interviewing Stallman is not proving he’s wrong (because no one can), but to listen and hear what he has to say. People have different views on everything, I don’t understand why you can’t accept that. Try to learn something from him instead of dedicating almost a whole show to trying to prove he’s wrong. It’s just pointless.

    Stallman has talked about this for the last 30-40 years. Of course he has thought these things through and his arguments are very polished and clear (at least I have no problem understanding what he’s saying).

    You don’t have to agree with anything he says. I just think he’s important enough to be taken seriously and be listened to. And I know you agree with me on that (or else you wouldn’t have him featured in you 200th episode).

  31. Zibi222 Says:

    Isn’t it freedom to use name Linux not GNU/Linux ;)

  32. Mikael Karlsson Says:

    No, it’s convenience ;)

  33. Padfoot Says:

     I have never been so disgusted in my life. The totally pointless and unwarranted personal attack and shameful character assassination wrought on RMS was just sickening.

    Nowhere in the interview did RMS attack either of you. Bryan, you took some of RMS’s statements personally when he was speaking generally, and because of this, you think you have the right do mouth off as you did? RMS simply made the point that the good of the many outweights the good of the few, or the one (yes, I am quoting Spock). He was not specifically referring to you.

    I feel so ashamed for Chris. He appeared to be doing his best to tone down the rant, but, as usual, Bryan just interrupts and speaks over Chris (it seems quite obvious Bryan likes the sound of his own voice), and in the end, Chris just had to give in and ride the tsunami.

    Oh I long for the times to return when Chris did the show with Alan (while Bryan took leave). I really enjoyed an intelligent, inciteful and interesring show. Then Bryan returned.

    Since then, all I hear is Chris trying to do a show about all things linux where all Bryan does is talk about himself and how everyone is trying to screw him and what he is selling now. Bryan, I don’t give a toss about what you are selling. The show is about linux, not you.

    So, until the show returns to being hosted by Chris and Alan, I bid Jupiter Broadcasting goodbye. I will not participate in supporting anything to do with that selfish lowlife Bryan.

  34. GS Says:

    Richard Stallman is an idiot and wasting good oxygen that my child could be breathing…

    And actually, if you had kids – yes you would do everything humanly possible to look after them.

    The lack of general humanity and understanding of the modern day value system is somewhat disturbing. IBM has hippies too: the difference is they are locked away in high security dev labs and actually contributing to humanity and technology of the future…the next 20-30 years of it!

    And actually, I like being a capitalist and being paid for my IP. 

    Opensource is about community driven innovation, not some smelly toe picking deadbeat.

  35. Padfoot Says:

    In addition to my previous post, Bryan, you go on about RMS jeopardising your income stream and feeding your family, then how about you stop and think before opening your mouth.

    Remember, Jupiter Broadcasting is now Chris’s sole means of generating an income and feeding his family. By spewing the vindictive and libelous rant on the show could quite possibly jeopardise Chris’s  income stream and his ability to feed his family.

    This just goes to show how totally self absorbed you are.

  36. Dzontra Says:

    Stallman acts as he thinks(believes). And because of that philosophy of his we now have something called GNU !  Did he not pledged him self for benefit of others?

    If you disagree, don’t disrespect THE MAN ! You called him in your show as a Guest !
    Is that how you treat your guests speaking behind their back when they leave ?

    As for freedom …. Ability to restrict other people’s freedom is called power not freedom!
    “Freedom is to be free” is not correct definition, it is recursive definition. All smarty Brian :P    

    Just admit it and say okay , I’m not 100% into free software but i don’t know other ways to make money. No problem dude.
    I make proprietary software myself, and that fact does not make Stallman wrong.
    Some people do live from free software, and have children and families and they are not starving.

    I love you guys. My week starts with your show. I was your fan and I will stay your fan, but you disappointed me greatly !

    Best of luck(and money) to both of you and your families.

  37. Reinis Zumbergs Says:

    Awesome show, great review of the main point made in the last episode.
    I can’t help myselft being negative in freedeom dimension :D

  38. Anonymous Says:

     That last part you said is just offensive (and if you actually believe so, then also an astonoshing display of ignorance) on so many levels.

  39. Anonymous Says:

     I think you might be misunderstanding what he said – He said he disagrees to feeding children through unethical work, i.e. some software licenses, and would rather have people do ethical work instead, be it program ethically or driving a taxi or whatever.

    If the ONLY option in the whole world was only to program under “unethical” licenses, then he might change his answer, but that is, obviously, un-realistic and probably why he said that he doesn’t agree with making money on these “unethical” licenses.

    It’s like feeding children doesn’t excuse murder or theft when there are other options.

    All that said, I don’t really care either way – Just saying that there’s a misinterpretation of statements here.

  40. Peregrine_Falcon Says:

    Richard Stallman is an insane wacko who flat out said that no one should have children. So if humanity dies out because we stop having children then who will be around to benefit from all of his free software?

    And, why is it ok for me to build a chair and sell that but it’s not ok for Bryan to build software and sell it? If people like Bryan didn’t build software then people like myself (non-programmers) wouldn’t be able to use computers or the internet at all.

  41. Anonymous Says:

     i don’t claim to be an expert on rms (or any other topic for that matter) this is just my best guess at what he wants the world to be like. that being said, i hope to offer an alternative way to digest some of the seemingly extreme views that rms has set before us.

    now as far as developers go i think he sees developers the same way that we would see a musician, painter or any artist of the old world in that they would be commissioned to either paint or perform then be paid for their work and be on their way with no further rights to the intelectual property(“ip”) after the job is done. not to say that they couldn’t recreate or perform the “ip” again just that when the contracted service is delivered that they move on and not expect future payments for work that they have already been compensated for. what happens today is like those same artists make their “ip” without being commisioned and then they market that single “ip” (whether it be a song, panting, movie or program) to several unsuspecting people at a marked down price to tempt them into an impulse buy and thus either making a living off of said “ip” or getting filthy rich off of said “ip”. this method is what rms is referring to as unethical.

    now please don’t think that i hate bryan in any way. i love bryan, chris and the entire jblive crew. but as an example, how many of you out there went online or to the bigbox stores looking for a drag and drop software builder 5 years ago? i assume not many. i’m not saying that “illumination software creator” is bad but it is not something that humanity needs. it is rather an attempt by bryan to be paid to contribute his talents to the world. what bryan should have done in rms’s way of thinking is either:
        crowd funding, in which he would probably not get enough funding since it’s a project that is too novel for experienced developers or too             unfamiliar for novice developers.

        corporate funding, in which he would have to sell some company on the idea that this would help their business in some worthwhile way.

    so in other words his software in current form would probably not exist simply because the universe (or the freedom dimension) doesn’t need it.

    i think rms is saying to all developers that we don’t need all this crud software to advance as a race and we would probably be more focused and productive if we aligned our talents to acheive a goal truly worthy of some acclaim like the “gnu project” for example (i’m sure you can think of many others) even if it is just in our spare time.
    i understand that all work and no play is a bad thing but if we were using free software then it would eventually trickle down to our schools and sooner or later there would be a paradigm shift in which our children could choose take a formal language in school instead of a natural one, making for a lot better understanding of software for our children and of course there would be a lot of games cranked out during their learning, because we definitely need to make learning to program fun.

    my final thought is we just need to step back and look at how messed up things are from a budding technological race point of view. every time someone creates or discovers anything we give them permission to lock it down and use it to exploit others. this is not freedom and gets us nowhere fast.

  42. Eli Anthony Says:

    Bryan’s intros are so awesome! I love your enthusiasm for linux and all things cool Bryan. Keep it up.

  43. Tom Fallon Says:

    I think this whole anti-RMS thing has been blown out of all proportion. I don’t personally agree his whole “free-software or nothing” approach is achievable or even desirable in the real world however the way he put forward his arguments for his way of thinking was well thought out and articulate.

    I love this show and Bryan’s over-the-top rants about about everything he disagrees with are often very entertaining. In this case however it seemed out of proportion and personal somehow….

    Stallman didn’t strike me in any of his comments as either anti-children or a paedophile as has been suggested in other comments here. While he may be one or the other, going purely on his comments in episode 200 I don’t see how it’s possible to come to that conclusion.

    He did state that if people stopped having children then the lower population which would result from this would have a lesser impact on the environment. Which is true I think most logical people would agree (leaving comments about Stallmans travel arrangements out of it for the moment..). This statement did not infer (at least to my understanding) that he recommended killing children or otherwise adversely affecting their lives in any way.

    I also read into this that he was suggesting people have LESS children rather than we all stop having kids – I think even if he is anti-kids Stallman’s intelligent enough to realise that if we all stopped having kids then the population would cease to exist fairly quickly,

    Stallman believes that any non-free software is unethical (based on his statements). To his way of thinking therefore, saying you need to develop non-free software to feed your children is no more valid a reason than if you had to steal to get money to feed you children. You should instead do a different job which ethical regardless if that is something you’re good at or get less pay for or whatever.

    I don’t personally agree that non-free software development is remotely the same thing as theft or the like. But if you understand Stallman’s line of thinking then what he said makes sense – you don’t have to agree with it and neither should you take it so personally.

    He struck me as someone who has a strong personal belief which was not tempered by emotion or concern for what anyone else thinks of him or his belief. And you can’t really argue with someone like that – you’re never going to change their mind, something both Bryan and Chris probably should have known beforehand.

    The only area I think Bryan had legitimate claims for his disgruntlement is if Stallman agreed to discuss certain points on the show and then reneged on that agreement.

    I think Chris summed it up nicely – you may not agree with either side but the discussion which is being engendered from either side is valuable, provided we’re all rational and don’t resort to name calling….

    To that end my 2 cents worth on the free vs non-free debate.

    I love open-source free software and a world without Linux (or GNU/LInux if that’s your preferred term) or the likes of VLC, thunderbird, firefox, pidgin, libre office or any host of great software would be a sad place indeed. And Stallman must be saluted for being part of the driving force behind ensuring we have that choice.

    However, free software (in the Stallman sense) is not necessarily the only way. If there is an application out there which performs a certain task and someone has worked hard and/or spent considerable time effort and/or money to develop that application I have no problem with buying it. And in part neither does Stallman, he stated himself he’s not anti commercial software, merely anti prorietary.

    And thats where the parting of the ways happens. I don’t see why a developer can’t restrict the ability for an end user to on sell or copy their software for free (within reasonable use). Despite the digital format, software like an ebook or music or movie is a product. And a product is how retailers make money. They make stuff and people buy that stuff. The digital format is what screws up the theory – just because software is in digital format and so easily copied and distributed, people lose track of the fact its a product just like buying a new table or a car or pair of socks.

    And to give him his due I think Bryan is taking the right tack. No DRM, don’t restrict what device I can use my app/music/movie/whatever on and allow me to copy as many times as I like/need to for backup purposes. But I shouldn’t be free to copy that software and give to all my friends as that’s not fair to Bryan (or whoever I purchase from).

    This post has gone on far longer than I initially intended but I hope I’ve managed to get my point across.

    Thanks for a great show – as someone else stated here it’s the start to my week. This and Techsnap are weekly highlights for me – keep ‘em coming and keep up the good work.

  44. jewkesman Says:

    Does Stallman Realy Mean Free Use Licensing of softwatre?

  45. Jewkesman Says:

    If most non free licensed software, is not proprietary but Custom Software, Then why worry about proprietary?

    and isn’t proprietary   HP having it’s own  OS and not allowing anything else to run on it versus HP loading Windows as it’s OS.

  46. usr Says:

    I’m not a vegetarian, but I can see parallels in philosophy to vegetarian activism. To them, eating meat is morally wrong and they wouldn’t do something morally wrong to feed their children (i.e. killing animals).

    If there exists a solution to feed their kids that did not conflict with their morals, they would choose it. They may have the skills to be a great butcher by trade (LOL), but would seek alternate methods to provide food.

    I would liken asking Stallman’s opinion of non-free software to be similar to the opinion of the founder of PETA’s on killing animals.

    PS I bought ISC, cool stuff.

  47. dan yaren Says:

    You’ve totally missed the point. First, Many problems in this world (poverty for example) and due to overpopulation, so rms believes that many of these problems in the world wouldn’t exist if not as many people had children. He certainly does not mean that humanity should die out, rethink that.

    “And, why is it ok for me to build a chair and sell that but it’s not ok for Bryan to build software and sell it?”

    Does the chair respect the four freedoms? Can the user of the chair do what they want with it? Yes, they can. Can the user study how the chair works? Yes, they can. Can the user lend it to other people? Yes, they can. Finally, can they redistribute modified versions of the chair? Yes they can. Bryan’s software does not respect the users freedom, so rms’ believes it is not ok.

    “If people like Bryan didn’t build software then people like myself
    (non-programmers) wouldn’t be able to use computers or the internet at

    That’s not true at all, rms only cares that the software that is being created respect the users essential freedom. He only believes that people who create non-free programs should get other jobs because they are not respecting the users’ freedom. You can still make money if the program you’ve created is free (donations and sponsorship for example).

  48. dan yaren Says:

    You’ll get over it.

  49. Peter Pan Says:

    I am not Christian.

  50. Exec_halt_for_me Says:

    Not giving a way to defend himself  in a discussion is a way to steal the freedom of speech. That is nasty. By the way all proprietary software dose that to the user.:)

  51. keepitreal Says:

    Bryan should be ashamed of himself. I liked him before (cause I didn’t ‘know’ him) cause of his humor, but now I see he is a sad little man.

  52. Padfoot Says:

    Sad little man is right.

    Just to go off on another tangent here, I really hate the way Bryan publicly humiliates, yes humiliates, Danica Patrick at the start of every show. She is not an object for him to fulfil his personal sexual gratification and titilation. Bryan carries on like a teenage schoolboy jerking off in the basement to a ligerie catalogue.

    Bryan, you are a grown man, with a wife and family. I am sure your wife is none to happy with you mentally masturbating to a website model in public every week.

    Not the way to garner support from the show’s major sponsor. I am sure Danica would be appalled with your behaviour too.

  53. Forrest Guyton Says:

    i am so exited about the vivaldi tablet, as far as ARM OS’s go you may be interested to see arch running on the N900, the n900 with arch and e17 is awsome, this is still owngoing work and I think it best demonstrates how the N900 relly is not anywhare near being dead at this point

    i also wonder what the FSF thinks of the spark tablet

  54. most things seem contradictory Says:

    The problem is that the only way to truly own a software is to own the source, that dose not  mean that the programmer has given you the design.

  55. Martin Says:

    You have a distro, Linux and android pic. Why not add a crowdfunded pic for each week?

    I think it is a bit strange that you have not talked about Double Fines adventure game that got $3,336,371 on kickstarter since there will be a linux version. Also Wastland 2 will have a linux version if they get a little bit more money. They have $1,384,802 now and will release linux version if they get $1,500,000.

  56. Erik Imes Says:

    Good show…a couple of things…RMS is not correct…freedom (liberty  is better) means you can do whatever you want as long as do not do harm to other people’s property. Property being things they own; their bodies or their words. Property is the key word. I think RMS does not believe in property rights of others.  So he can not believe in liberty…non-free software does not infringe on the property rights of others. 

    Chris made a great point about contracts/agreements liberty is concerned with contract law.  Contracts between individuals, individuals/business and business/business.  When you purchase a proprietary piece of software/hardware; you agree to certain things.  It is understood that you are willing to give up certain liberties to use said product.  Brian is correct that GPL also restricts liberties as well, and you give up those liberties to use the software or as a developer you give up certain liberties. 

    In essence the constitution of the US is a contract between the people, states and federal government.  The people & the states give up certain liberties to the federal government. I.e. regulating trade, signing treaties with other countries, defending the country and so forth.  Anything not written in the constitution as a role of the federal government is giving to the people and the states.  We have the bill of rights because those are natural rights that no government can take a way. 

    Last point.  RMS is an elitist and an uber progressive…look at the history of the progressive movement….Woodrow Wilson those types, you will see the things about children and stuff like that.  He is not incorrect about free software. I think it is good. But developing/building proprietary software/hardware, DRM and so forth are not unethical.  They are contracts; you can choose to use them or not to use them.  Don’t buy software, ebooks, movies, PS3s or whatever if you do not like the agreements.  But understand that you give up certain liberties to use those products. 

  57. Anony Says:

    This week on the linux action shooooooooooooooowwww!
    Brian twists Richard Stallman’ words whilst he isn’t there to defend himself. Brian also calls Richard a paedophile and says he wants to kill children.
    Face it Brian, you got butt hurt because RMS discouraged viewers from buying your software. Get over it.

  58. Erik Imes Says:

     Free Software nor Propriety software protect any freedoms or liberties.  They are contracts between people.  Contracts are agreements.  Parties agree to give up certain liberties.  When you agree to the GPL you are agree to give up certain liberties. 

    RMS is not respecting the freedom of others to do as they choose.  This is not an ethical issue.  Nor is it a true issue of liberty.  Liberty is the ability to do as you choose without harming another person’s property.  Property being anything you own, say, believe and so forth. 

    RMS removes other individual’s liberties by stating because he believes in free software he should benefit financially. Others should not.  But he is taking their liberty of making contracts with others.  He is an elitist plan and simple.  He doesn’t care about freedom.  I bet he believes in income taxes and redistribution of wealth.  Both of those things take a way people’s freedoms.

  59. Erik Imes Says:

    Does RMS believe in income taxes, redistribution of wealth, taking others property  by force to give to another?  Doesn’t that violate the freedom and liberties of said person to do with their income (property) to do as they wish?  Because income is property.

  60. CozzyB Says:

    Bryan, you are a joy to listen to argue, you make points very well. I agree with you about Stallman in everyway, he is the kind of person who forces an opinion down your throat and then makes money via ways similar to what he disagrees with,

  61. Erik Imes Says:

     Funny…because she use her sexuality to make money and godaddy does too.  I am not saying I don’t agree with some of what you are saying, but her being a godaddy spokeswoman has little to do with her keen intellect or her witty charm. 

  62. Matthew E Johnson Says:

    I’m afraid to listen. I liked last weeks. I don’t like everything RMS said but it made me think. I knew that Bryan would come back with something this week and I just don’t want the LAS to be ruined. Bryan has a strong personality, not as strong as RMS but strong. The last episode was thought provoking, will this one be? 

  63. CaptainElliott Says:

    Please People, Bryan is just having fun. It makes the show funny. I think that the show is great good job Bryan and Chris.

  64. Thomas Overton Says:

    Bryan dude,
    You need to step back and think a little more, and a little more deeply.  There would be no Linux or free software movement without the GPL and particularly Stallman.  You are missing the big picture very badly.  I think you’ll look back on this and be embarrassed…if you have any integrity. 

    This was a shameful episode where you tear apart someone without their ability to argue with you…really wrong and worthless…a half hour of your flawed point of view with sound bytes from the last show to bolster your weak arguments.  Cringeworthy…that is all I can say.  He is a great mind, with integrity and a vision…you…in this interview…not so much.  You are making yourself appear more and more ridiculous and losing viewers faster than you can shout insults.

    But keep on shouting, we’ll all come around to your very narrow, personalised and parochial viewpoint by the volume and vehemence of your arguing with a recording.

    Ideals are unbending…compromise would have killed free software a thousand times over…but I’m not sure you would recognise an ideal let alone harbor one.


  65. Neil Dudman Says:

    I think its also a waste of time, and not really so entertaining to hear his swooning and made up bull crap about this and other things every week… bring back the Tech Snap guy… or just chill out Brian about trying to be so cool, coz your not… and I’m not sure everyone wants to hear you talking about yourself all the time… you need you your own show… “Bullshit Brian”. When you are more chilled, considerate, and mature Its much more enjoyable to listen.

  66. Neil Dudman Says:

    Great, let Brian dig the hole even deaper… don’t do it

  67. Neil Dudman Says:

     Whats the problem of providing the source to all who purchase Illumination software… give them the freedom

  68. Spanielvsrock80 Says:

    After this I’m very close to ending my monthly 

  69. gecko333 Says:

    Ahhhm btw missing this episod at the following section:!-video/id337466330

    any chance to get it there ?!?

  70. Charlie Moss Says:

    I’ve just watched the show I have gained a new respect for RMS.  He makes so many valid points yet they are totally misunderstood & misinterpreted by Bryan & Chris.  The most ludicrous being the “starve my child” response.  The whole pre-comment asking if a thief can use the same excuse for stealing, was ignored.

    Overall the discussion is actually a waste of time.  There are much greater Freedom Issues than software.  Personal Freedoms that are being eroded by the US Government seems to get less interest than software.

  71. Marco Shamas Says:

  72. pseudonymous Says:

    Wow – giving it a listen tonight, certainly seems like there’s going to be some juicy drama in there.

    Although, Bryan, perhaps you ought to give the original interview a listen, maybe it was a bit much to be on the spot, 100+ viewers on the stream (which you’re used to, but still) while interviewing Richard Stallman.

    Now I certainly understand why some can see RMS as more than a little annoying and I do recall reading a less-than-flattering account from a woman who had RMS staying at her home because her husband was an open source enthusiast.

    THAT SAID – there is more merit to his argument than you give him credit for, sure, I doubt he *listens* much to others and he has that annoying tendency to say things like “that doesn’t make any sense”, ” you’re defining it wrong” “we’re covering the same ground” and whatnot – BUT, you cannot argue that you probably could:

    a) make a living as something else

    b) the argument that you need to make a living does not necessarily justify an action iff. that action is to the detriment of the collective (we tend to call that egoistic behaviour)

    c) you probably could get paid doing open source software development.

    I’m down 3 years of a software development education and so I’ll probably be just as much affected as you are and having to work in the same industry, but I do not think it impossible to do custom software jobs and I do not see the problem of licensing the product thereof as free software.

    Just my .2 cents as a someone who is aspiring to write code for food and who *also* is very terrible with his hands and who would probably burn down the factory before you got around to it ;)

  73. Resfsd Says:

    wow, can’t believe this kind of childish response, maybe RMS just doesn’t like grown ups that act like children (bryan). I am no longer going to use affiliate links to support this podcast for either work or personal orders. I am astonished that you guys would attack a human being like this, weather you agree with his views or not its just cowardly.

    This has turned into the Bryan drama hour rather than a LINUX podcast…..

  74. Kevin Says:

    Wow, Bryan.  

    I have been waiting so many years for somebody to do an epic, face-to-face takedown of RMS on his over-the-top ideology on what he calls freedom.  I was hoping when he started spouting off that you guys would match up and lock horns, going blow for blow.

    I’m so with you guys on proprietary software – a coder’s gotta eat.  I am one.  I write software for the man, and while I’d love to live in this utopia where everybody tries their hardest, scratches their own itches, meets their potentials, and nobody hurts for a mortgage payment.  But this is the real world.

    You completely killed it.  

    And then, you went overboard.  The bit about “Stallman hates kids!” was just melodramatic and played out the second time you said it.  The pedophile-sympathizer bit was way, way below the belt, even though it’s not entirely fabricated, just taken a bit out of context (don’t get me wrong, what he actually said [] is still way off-base).  

    You had a really good opportunity to make a valid point – all you had to do was let him speak for himself, and he would invalidate his own points.  A few well-placed arguments, and you’re my hero – but you sunk lower than low trying to prove your point, and I ultimately lost a ton of respect for the both of you.

  75. CaptainElliott Says:

    This is just sad. People are going to stop watching and supporting this show just for Bryan’s opinion. If you are really fans, you would debate, not threaten to cut funding or stop watching. Grow up, yourselves. If you disagree that’s fine, but to attack the show and its hosts is immature. Good job at making waves Bryan and Chris. Keep it up!

  76. Charles Says:

    I really hope next week’s episode is something boring like reviewing what’s coming up on fedora so that the hate comments will stop, lol. Bryan, you rock dude. Chris, you are ok. J/k Chris, you are the sunshine that brightens my mornings on Sundays. You sirs, are the stars. Keep making them, I’ll keep watching them.


  77. CaptainElliott Says:

    Dude lighten up it is a fun ongoing joke on LAS. It is just for fun and you are taking it way too seriously. Go Bryan!

  78. Billy Pride Says:

     Fans… How old are you?  We are debating, and disgusted at the lack of debate afforded to their previous guest in this episode and the personalised attacks on him…made even more pathetic because he wasn’t there to defend himself.  Really lad… Grow up?  Hmmm, methinks the phrase explains it all.  On top of which, their guest is one of the guiding lights behind the free software movement and his vision has made possible what this entire show is about…a founding father if you will.  His viewpoints have merit, logic and consistency, whether you agree with him or not.  Bryan is a failed software developer who can’t sell his software and seems to be blaming everyone else, and his arguments seem to boil down to “yeah well he’s a paedophile” and “free software stops me from feeding my kid.” 

  79. Billy Pride Says:


    We take our biggest scoop yet…interviewing one of the leading lights of the free software movement…  and blow it in ways unimaginable as well as petty

    …we do doo doo all over ousrselves and our integrity and keep missing the target(and the point) as we try to throw it all over our guest (and he’s not even here)…

    We not only fail to make a single valid point, but we assassinate his character since we have no valid argument…

    and so much more, all this week…

  80. Anonymous Says:

     Thank you, captain obvious.

    You also managed to miss the point.

  81. CaptainElliott Says:

    The “Grow up” was a quote that was to describe Bryan and the “Fans” was also a quote saying that they don’t want to be fans of the show. Those were both used by others. I think that debating Bryan’s opinion is fine, if people don’t just send hating messages. I personally agree with Bryan. Not everything in life is free that is a fact and we have to deal with it. Bryan also said that if someone creates something with a lot of time and money, it should not be just handed out for free. Thats not how things work. I would love it to be otherwise but that is not a realistic idea.

  82. Billy Pride Says:

    Show me where once Stallman, and the free software movement he started decades ago, has said you cannot sell software, you cannot make money from software…I can’t believe I have to explain this but
    …the free is in freedom, not as in beer… 
    I know Bryan didn’t listen to Stallman… and didn’t want to hear him…I’ve watched Bryan be painfully and wilfully obtuse on this point dozens of times… but did you listen to Stallman?  You could do worse than try and understand the well thought through, polished, and reasoned philosophy which has brought about linux and the whole open source movement… (which is the missed opportunity that Bryans tantrum has brought about on the last show let alone the awful spectacle of this show)
    Nonetheless I’d like to point out to you that Red Hat is a billion dollar company selling free (as in freedom) software…  Bryan has a little bit of jobs and ballmer envy in him… but the software world is changing and for the better in my opinion, and we have to find new models which aren’t as abusive of individuals and their rights as Bryan has unfortunately painted himself in the corner defending.

  83. Billy Pride Says:

    Now that this show has reached towards the intellectualism and integrity of bill o-reilly and fox news, I think there are several  question which should be asked…

    Is Bryan insane?
    It appears that bryan is truly having a meltdown…and should seek pyschiatric help.  I could try and examine why this is so apparently true, but I’ll just assert it loudly instead.

    Does Bryan sleep with goats?
    No, Bryan categorically does not sleep with goats.  He has sex with goats. No sleeping except post-coitally.
    What is this meme that Stallman hates children and is a paedophile?  Unutterably contemptible and Foul.  He is the most well-reasoned, dogedly consistent  and consistently articulate person I’ve ever heard of…and I’ve never seen him bested…so lets attack his character and try to belittle him since we can’t beat him in a meeting of minds (perhaps their not being on the smae plain explains this)… bryan does have something in common with stallman (and no not that you both have sex with goats).  Although Bryan does keep goats, and couldn’t possibly have sex with a human…stronger proof than his paedophile charge…but I digress

    Bryan and stallman both are opinionated and massive egos…BUT  Stallman is coherent, consistent, has inspired a movement, and blocked every attempt by Microsoft and Apple et al to co-opt, and destroy free software…Bryan writes a comic book with stick figures and writes software he can’t sell that apple’s proprietary model has screwed him on…but he does resort to character assassination well when he has nothing worthwhile or original to say and has painted himself into a corner.

  84. anit-RMS zealot Says:

    So I’ve just waste a fair bit of my life.  Not that watching this Linux Action Show was a waste of my time but instead I read comments to the show.  Wow, never realized how many RMS zealots there are.  It’s like a cult of brain washing has landed in tech-ville and members can here to prove they drank the cool-aid.
    Stallman is an idiot … and anyone to that agrees with him is an idiot.There are real issues that we need to confront like software patents.Freedom does not equal the lack of ownership.If someone right something and they don’t want you to use it, no argument from me.If someone prevents someone from writing something ok now we have a problem, a real problem that actual hampers freedom.

  85. Padfoot Says:

    Hmmm, not really what I would call an apology.

    Nowhere is there an apology for calling RMS a paedophile, or stating RMS said no one should have children. RMS did not state this, you twisted his words to suit your own agenda of trying to discredit him. Nowhere is there an apology for completely taking RMS out of context nor affording him the right of reply to the outrageous foam at the mouth that was episode 201.

    In fact, all I read there was Bryan still trying to justify the character assassination he initially embarked on.

    And, after all the outrage I have seen regarding this sorry excuse for a podcast, funnily enough, there does not appear to be anything but messages of agreement for everything Bryan said, to the point of stating that Bryan acted like nothing except a pro…….WHAT????? How could anyone call that disaster professional????

    Me thinks there has been some selective post moderation over at

    Well, I think I have my answer. It seems that Chris will bow to the lowest common denominator rather than grow some gazungas and support a podcast of much higher moral standing.

    Goodbye LAS and all podcasts under Jupiter Broadcasting, this is one listener who will not lower their standards to meet you in the gutter.

  86. John Draper Says:

    I have never been so disgusted with a linux talkshow in my life. Bryan resorted to calling RMS a “dick” and other absurd ad hominems because he clearly knew RMS is right. Noone here cares about Bryans evil proprietary apps in Apple’s App-prison/store and noone cares about Bryan feeding his daughter. Having children is the #1 cause of destruction of our planets ecosystem, and it’s not a justification for anything. I will badmouth and boycott this shitty show from now on and i hope every GNU/Linux enthousiast will do the same.

  87. David Young Says:

    I still think stallman is a hypocrite why,because there is really no difference between me buying said software from the developer or me giving money to said developer of that software at the end of the day someone is still paying for that software.there go it is not free in anyway shape or form and hence still is unethical.

    The one thing that really bugs me about stallman is how his trying to force his version of what he calls freedom,which means i have to give up my freedom to conform to his version Hmmm it sounds almost like i should start calling him dictator stallman.

  88. Tiger Says:

    Brother, you just took the words right out of my mouth. I came here to express these same feelings, but you put it in just the right words.

    Stooping to the level of saying RMS is a pedophilia sympathizer is just not comprehensible. I do not know what RMS said about pedophilia, and it doesn’t matter. I’m not going to look it up. To make a point, that is, to get others to sympathize with him, Brian twists words or simply sees things in the frame in which suits his purposes. I only listen to this show to hear Linux news anyway and to possibly learn a few things that I might have missed because I often don’t have time to read a lot of news on the Web. In short, I’ll be looking for a different Linux podcast. I’m done with the shock-jock mentality of the LAS and the constant barrage of hate for anything that doesn’t find absolute favor with the hosts. They are entitled to their opinions, but often times, as this and the RMS interview have shown, it goes beyond personal opinion and into personal attacks or baseless accusations constructed from the opinions of the hosts.

  89. Dasdasdasd Says:

    Bryan you are a fucking moron, you stupid arguments are imbecilie noone cares about you.

  90. Bryan Says:

    You think you are safe with this argument, using your children, you are not.

  91. Walshy Says:

    Brain your a tool, this is the final straw of your crap. 
    Pod Cast Removed.

  92. Mark Johnson Says:

    I have to disagree that RMS “redefined the word” freedom – he describes freedom as being free from oppression. (definition 5) (definition 2)

    He’s not redefining it, he’s referring to a specific definition, which is different to the one you are (definitions 3 and 5, respoectively)

  93. CaptainElliott Says:

    I think that is moronic. Kids are more important that free software. You do not need free software to live, food on the other hand you do.

  94. Dzontra Says:

     You might rob people on street just to feed your children because you don’t have money to sustain them.

    Don’t use your children for an excuse after doing something that is considered unethical.

    If Brian thinks that getting paid for software is his only way of making living , than he should form a Windows Action show or a Mac Action show.
    If then he called Stallman into the show and argue the same way he did in Linux action show , I would respect him more !

    P.S. Richard does not have Children and he is not in position to understand their value to their parents. If he had children and said something like that , in that case i would disrespected him as I disrespect Brian now !

  95. Tyler Burns Says:

    So how does BSD license fall under the GPL?  

  96. Linux is not the problem Says:

     My God, 
    The company you are keeping Bryan.  Look what is crawling out of the primordial slime to agree with you …  Thats right, Stallman is a zionist, one world government, United Nations loving, Hippie, Nazi, Communist, eco-nazi, inter-genrational sex, Talmudist  Paedophile, eugenicist, animal loving,   freetard.

    I bet he doesn’t believe in Christmas or the easter bunny either.  And all I was interested in with Stallman was how he was going to continue working to keep linux from being co-opted and shutdown by the corporate predators.  Little did I realise that he was actually the anti-christ, bin-laden and the boogey-man all rolled in to one man.  (before I get selectively edited out like on the LUNDUKE BLOG…this is indeed sarcasm.)

    The LINUX action show is now crawling in the slime with the really scarier part of american society…you can tell a lot about a man by who his friends are.  This is part of your yearly Terets meltdown I hope, and not another pitiful cry for attention.  2009 Stallman is the devil, 2010 linux sucks, 2011 linux still sucks, 2012, stallman is the devil…

    Give it a rest.

  97. Andrew Smith Says:

    Chris disagrees with RMS, but gets it, and is fair. However, on the flip side, I really wish I didn’t hear Bryan’s thoughts on this. To be honest, it lowered my opinion of the show. :(

  98. Andrew Smith Says:

    Freedom from oppression would also be more inline with classical philosophers, and, it is philosophy that we are talking about here.

  99. Andrew Smith Says:

    I gotta agree, I liked, or at least permitted the joking around until I viewed this and the previous video. But now, it’s kinda like when a joke goes too far and everyone becomes serious, Bryan’s antics have gone too far and I really don’t want to see any of it anymore and it really illuminates the bad things I was turning a blind eye to. This goes for the Fedora rants too.

  100. Andrew Smith Says:

     It’s true, there is no real reason why I should be here instead of rock moss, but since I am, and more capable, I shall put my existence before rock moss.

  101. Andrew Smith Says:

    false dichotomy, there are other ways to feed a child. But even if that weren’t the case, he’s taking a utilitarian point of view.

  102. Andrew Smith Says:


  103. Anonymous Says:

     So are we to forget what statements Stallman as made in past and here on this interview about population control, sex, and his support for Carbon-Communism, and how all that fits with the United Nations Agenda and cliques at universities and other places of academia that are also espousing these ideologies.  All to laugh at your sarcasm, the attempt to use delphi method to damage control.

    I don’t think Brian is dumb enough to not miss your deceit.

    Who’s the slime.

  104. Linux is not the problem Says:

     Free as in freedom, as in Liberty, not as in no money…have you ever seen the GPL…or linux?

    But I understand how you might not get that watching the frothing imbecility from the more rabid of the two commentators,. 

    This is supposed to be a linux show so I thought you might want to know that the freedom is about what you can do with it and that you get the source code with it…not that it has to be without charge.  Maybe the serious uncool twat with the severe hate thing going on will understand that some day…amazing that after an interview with stallman, the audience still doesn’t have the slightest idea of what the GPL or free software are.  GOOD JOB guys.  What a successful interview!! 

    Can’t wait to see unfilter after this incredibly great episode on free software.  Nah I think I’ll watch something from Murdoch…less rabid.

  105. Linux is not the problem Says:

     I rest my case. 

    Ignorance is bliss and you are one happy fella, B-thing.  Is B-thing a nom de plume for Bryan i wonder?

    Bryan…  Good to see the sorts of people who share your opinions.  I think I have to stop having anything to do with Jupiter broadcasting.  You know, when you have to refer to nazis you have already lost the argument…but what if the other person is actually a neo-nazi….scary.  Stallman is coming to get your children, and he has the united nations with him riding donkeys and wearing the star of David…and they want to take away your hummer and assault rifles….AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  106. Anonymous Says:

     Are you usually this irrational?

    Stallman talked extreme politics so he’s getting part political replies.

  107. Jupiterbroadcastingsucks Says:

    I entirely agree with the sentiment.  It was a lame excuse for an apology, filled with self-justification and vile side-stepping of responsibility and lawyerly evasion.  But Bryan really does hate linux and free software and has misrepresented stallman before in vicious personal attacks, so any apology is disengenuous at best.  He has also attacked linux and people who use linux as well as free software repeatedly in the past and even changed this show to the computer action show until everyone left.  These attacks may be cynical attention grabbing, but again, the sorry excuse for an apology is even more pathetic.

    However I am hoping that chris grows cajones, not gazungas. 
    Urban Dictionary –  GAZUNGAS:

    boobs, tits, titties, boobies, breasts, baps, balconne (sp?), jugs, melons, palmfruit, nipplesacks, balloons, coconuts, etc.Its already scary enough seeing what a girly and weasily apology Bryan has made for his childish and girly tantrum and intentional misrepresentation of RMS.  Chris is at least a nice guy if not too bright or educated…but the thought of him with breasts is really ruining my day even more than this sorry show has already.

  108. Rusty Russell Says:

    Note that the coffee roasting setup was based on Andrew Tridgell’s work; he gave a talk about it at

  109. You are one scary... Says:

     Whatever you do, don’t take off that tin-foil hat…

  110. Anonymous Says:

     Go do some research and maybe get some honesty and truth about yourself before you start attacking the messenger.

    I have zero affilation with Brian or Chris yet you tried to punish Brian, and JB for the comments I made. This clearly shows you’re a very wicked communist that doesn’t believe in free speech or you are so confronted by the truth your only reaction is to become irrational and  hateful.

    No more to be said. Grow up and learn some humanity.

  111. lcampbell Says:

    Well that was disappointing. Right from the start you show a complete misunderstanding – the point about freedom of the developer to make proprietary software, rather than freedom for the consumer. If you had thought for 2 seconds about it, in RMS’s mindset, this is like a slave master saying he’s being oppressed because he doesn’t have the freedom to enslave people! And you say that that’s where *his* logic falls apart! Just….wow. Really, it’s not that hard to understand.

    Now, you may not agree that proprietary software = enslaving people, but Richard does. This is the simple fundamental disagreement here as far as I can see, and you could have just stated that and moved on. But you decided to say, “that’s where his logic completely falls apart.” Well, no, the logic of that argument holds perfectly. It’s just that you disagree on the core issue of just *how* terrible proprietary software is. Which is fine. There’s no need whatsoever to say that his logic “completely falls apart”, it’s unnecessary and comes across as pathetic and desperate. 

    And yet you both managed to babble on for the better part of an hour on a mad ego trip. You may disagree with him (and btw I do disagree with some of what he said, I’m certainly NOT an RMS worshiper), but you were completely unable to actually address any of it in a way which wasn’t easy to pick apart, and without being insulting and incredibly dismissive. This is not how one handles oneself in a debate, or an interview. Very weak. It was Fox News worthy.

    I’ve no idea why you allowed yourselves to get so wound up over this (especially Bryan, his good natured, likeable ribbing turned to bitter spiteful snark). First off, it’s just a guys opinion, expressed without any personal contempt of you as far as I could see (which is far more than I could say for Bryan), and secondly, it’s RMS for Christ sake, did you not know what his views would be?!

    And what does pedophilia have to do with any of what you were talking about? What? You can’t argue with what someone’s saying so you try and point out other things they have done which are unrelated? Drudging up old forum/mailing list comments? How about I go and interview all your friends and see if you’ve ever said anything I find insulting? Pathetic. 

    And the child-hating comments…why can you not understand the point he’s making? And if you do, why did you not acknowledge it? And then say you disagree? You said he said “no-one should have kids” – that’s not what he said, you even played the clip, you must not have heard it. And no coherent intellectual response to the reason for what he said. There are arguments to be made there, (and actually you can bet that it will become the biggest problem for all humankind, over consumption, forgetting global warming, is a reality which will hit the human race hard over the next 100 years, and if you want to be effective about it, Americans consume way more per head than anyone else, followed by UK, then the rest of Europe) but you decided to go for the public humiliation route again. Chris’s response was just hilarious:- “(sarcastically)yeah, you gotta think about that global heating….” Well……don’t you?! Do you not recognize that as a problem? Or do you think that there are solutions other than constraining population expansion? I do, but you never addressed it. That just kinda summed up the whole thing for me. There’s a point that’s being made (admittedly this one’s way outside the scope of LAS), which you could genuinely address and argue with, but no….lets insult him some more…and deny global heating! Wha…?!

    The e-book contradiction Bryan pointed out was in fact not a contradiction, it’s entirely possible to find the concept of both DRM and non-anonymous payments immoral. Again, I understand Stallman’s concerns, but I’ve bought digital goods with both, so I’m not as hardcore about it as he is. But why is it not possible to think that both are bad? There’s no contradiction there!

    I’ve been watching for the past few months,and was finding it entertaining. Sadly I won’t be watching anymore. That was laughable, sad and moronic all at the same time. The way you guys conducted yourselves during the interview itself and in the aftermath here was reprehensible and embarrassing. And that’s coming from someone who doesn’t agree with Stallman that much.

  112. Nilssab Says:

    Bryan, RMS did not say that, you ARE bending his words. 
    His words may seem harsh, but they are true, there is no room for sugar coating.
    And your american sense of “freedom” is actually the twisted form of the word, RMS is referring to the true form of freedom. 
    I can perfectly understand his reasoning, there is nothing strange about it, and RMS says nothing about your kid, in specific. 
    I do not say this because I am a Stallman fan, like “OMG Stallman is our god, why do you hate him so much?”, and I don’t even have anything against you selling non-free software. But what you did in this episode is plain wrong in so many planes. Truly a disgrace.

    If I ever watch this show again, it will be to see if Bryan has been taken away yet. This does not belong in a Linux show.

    Chris, you made a splendid job.

  113. Łukasz Purgal Says:

      First – Guys, it’s neither professional nor ethical to discuss somebody speech (especially verbal) and quoting it without context and/or making sure what speaker was going to communicate. E.g I’m not sure if RMS wants all American stop breeding. He talked about having no children in context of global warming reduction, usage of resources etc. and I think the main resolution was reduction of breeding. But who knows… though he could neither make it straight nor defense himself, because he was absent! Ask him next time… if he agrees to talk to you again.

    Second – Bryan, Bryan, Bryan… in many points I almost agree with you, but…your way of dispute (with absent adversary!) is -sorry to say it- below any acceptable level. Your sentence about RMS’s view about pedophilia… WTF? What is the link of this to the freedom discussion? Answer: Z-E-R-O! This is very primitive form of elementary eristic – Argumentum ad personam. Really don’t like it.

      And last but not least, there in NO one dictionary definition of freedom. Bryan, take a glance at some philosophers (start from the very beginning – ancient Greece) and get learned a little bit more about what the freedom is and is not. You will be amazed! It is one of the oldest disputes in history.

    Nevertheless, Bryan you’re right, RMS, flying all around by plane and talking about global warming, is (at best) a little bit hypocritical. But again, this doesn’t make you privileged to say this half-baked things :-/

     Summary: I have never been so disgusted by any media around floss. Shame on you :-( Bryan, I think you should make yourself short holiday. I’m neither joking nor being sarcastic. I think it will make good to you and LAS. BTW I’ve already made a short break from LAS :-/

    PS Forgive me any style or grammar errors – English isn’t my native language.

  114. david Says:

    You’re creating your own definition for words. Pedophilia does not mean one harasses children, it means one has sexual feelings directed toward them. One does not have to act that out. Those who do are called child molesters.

  115. Craig Says:

    Wow, this episode is truly pathetic. Stallman nearly reduces you to tears and wins every point of the debate on merit. So you make another episode to misquote him, smear him and try to convince people he was wrong while he’s not around to answer to your points.

    He destroyed you last week. Not on the overall subject but point by point, piece by piece, everything you said was ambiguous, wrong, naive, a logical fallacy or all 4 at the same time.

    For shame. The debate episode made me come back for more but after this episode I won’t bother again.

  116. Craig Says:

    +100. Bryan thought he was an exceptional case. Stallman’s unyielding wisdom showed him otherwise — so he threw a tantrum and used the tired, old “won’t somebody think of the kids” card.


  117. Craig Says:

    The worst thing about Bryan’s attitude towards free software is this. He think that he’s somehow supporting free software by *using it* yet, to the contrary, he’s actually less of a supporter than a Windows user. Windows users run Windows mostly out of ignorance. He *creates* proprietary software fully aware of what he’s doing, fully aware that it is an affront to freedom, and then tries to justify himself as a special case, only recognising the ideals of free software when it suits him.

    Bryan is one of the worst kinds of detractors of free software — worse than any consumer of proprietary software. You can’t pretend to stand for something and then bend it to your own biased, sheltered world-view.

  118. Craig Says:

    One more thing. Stallman didn’t try to change the definitions of any words. He merely clarified *his* intended meaning.

    Human languages are ALL ambiguous. That is how politicians can trick so many people into believing their double-speak and rhetoric.

    The thing is, he *said* the word and then *clarified* what he meant by it. Whether or not that’s different from what you understand it to mean is utterly and completely irrelevant, since all he is doing is putting he previous statement in context. He’s not trying to create a legal loophole and or misinterpret someone else’s words, he simply clarifying his own words.

    Picking at points like this without any context and pretending it actually means something about Stallman’s character is disingenuous and shows just how desperate your ego is to one up him.

  119. Craig Says:

    Yup, this pretty much sums it up. Bryan is completely egocentric and seems to think that Stallman’s philosophy of 30+ years should just bend to accommodate his *obvious* greatness. So instead of listening and/or debating just goes to war on his own (yet again) personal case.

    On another note, maybe he just used Stallman to get publicity for his show? Seems to have worked one way or another. No such thing as bad publicity and all that…

  120. Ryan Says:

    I honestly can’t believe what a huge ego Bryan has. Especially since he looks like the kind of guy who got nicknamed “Rat Boy” in school.

    Bryan, you’re a complete nerd – there’s no need to be so ashamed of it or hide it behind that awkward persona.

  121. Craig Says:

    Please do. Don’t reward pathetic behaviour like this.

  122. Craig Says:

    Oh come on. Have a spine and stop watching their stupid show.

  123. Craig Says:

    Um, just a heads up. God doesn’t exist. Theirs no opinions to be had here. He just doesn’t.

  124. Craig Says:

    No, he’s the kind of guy who sticks to his guns, and has 40 years of consideration to go with his conclusions. He’s the kind of guy who makes a very clear and well reasoned point.

    If you don’t like the answers he gives – don’t ask the questions. Don’t just ask questions you know are gonna receive an answer that pisses you off. You’re recording it ffs. Even politicians (lowlifes that they are) know better than to throw a childish tantrum about a philosophical disagreement.

  125. Craig Says:

    Food is plentiful and cheap. What Bryan said was just phony rhetoric. I spent some time being completely broke in a country with no welfare system and people in the U.S. have absolutely no idea how easy they have it. Your life will NEVER be as hard as much of the world is living, even now.

    Free software can provide the infrastructure necessary for developing countries to be mostly self-sufficient in that area. Just look at the One Laptop Per Child program. Don’t underestimate the power of cheap and accessible software for education and to relieve developing countries reliance on overpriced Western technology.

    Also, go and atually listen to what Stallman said about kids. It was absolutely nothing like who Bryan misquoted him on this episode. This whole show was just a shameful character assassination . The fact your are responding to it the way Bryan intended just shows what a mindless follower you are.

  126. Craig Says:

    What he said was a little callous and sounded like what many people without kids say — until they have them and completely change their tone. However, Bryan has completely misrepresented what he actually said. It was a very brief and not really relevant point he made – and he made it clear it was a kind of “here’s my view on that – take it or leave it” kind of thing. If you disagree – go right ahead. But don’t spit the dummy out and make a fool of yourself.

  127. Craig Says:

    RMS isn’t a “hippy”, nor does he need a label for his world view. RMS is RMS. Surely Bryan new what to expect. He was just provoking an obvious reaction and then getting upset about it instead of being a good interviewer.

  128. Craig Says:

    Why would people want to continue funding degenerate behaviour like this? Funding someone is like a sign of approval. How anyone could possibly approve of this ridiculous, cringe-worthy nonsense is beyond me, whether they like RMS or not.

  129. Craig Says:

    I think Bryan had actually lied to himself so much about the principles of software freedom, that he honestly believed that he “agreed” with it while also completely affronting it in the worst way possible.

    Or maybe he just liked the convenience and quality of free software but also found it convenient to ignore the ideals where he saw fit.

  130. Craig Says:

    But if you take a look at these “other” freedoms, they are mostly being eroded via the scalability and efficiency afforded by technology and software.

    Phone tapping, online consumer profiling, “cloud” services being spuriously subpoenaed to give up your data etc. All of these things are made possible and considerably easier than anything before by software.

    Now there’s talk in the US and UK of large scale data centres and new laws allow the government to keep tracks on people without any prior suspicion or legal process. How on earth would they do that *without* software?

    The question is what can we do *with* software that stops them?

  131. Inbox99 Says:

    You atheists seriously crack me up. As a race, we are not even out of infancy in global or universal time, have not even travelled to a planet within our own solar system, do not even understand the rudiments of reality, and yet you atheists are so sure you’ve figured out the entire nature of all that exists. Of course there is no bearded man in the clouds lording over proceedings down below. But is there some deeper causative factor than mere chance? Whether you say God created the universe or the Big Bang created the universe, you are no nearer to any sort of understanding.

  132. Ryan Says:

    But if you accept dogma on face value, you will NEVER be nearer to any sort of understanding. I don’t think many atheists claim to see the big picture, but dogma, and by extension most organised religion is harmful or ridiculously ignorant.

  133. Ryan Says:

    The GPL doesn’t “limit freedom”, it guarantees it. Shameful episode guys. A really nasty, spineless attack on a brilliant man.

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