Bryan Hates Freedom | LAS | s21e01

Bryan Hates Freedom | LAS | s21e01

We’re still hungover from episode 200, this week: We give you are thoughts and responses to our RMS interview, are we truly being negative in the freedom dimension? Tune in to find out!

Plus we drool over new games coming to Linux, and ask the big question: Can Crowd Funding scale to support open source?

THEN – Matt stops by with a super easy howto for video conferencing under Linux!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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133 Responses to “Bryan Hates Freedom | LAS | s21e01”

  1. Andrew Smith Says:

    false dichotomy, there are other ways to feed a child. But even if that weren’t the case, he’s taking a utilitarian point of view.

  2. Andrew Smith Says:


  3. Anonymous Says:

     So are we to forget what statements Stallman as made in past and here on this interview about population control, sex, and his support for Carbon-Communism, and how all that fits with the United Nations Agenda and cliques at universities and other places of academia that are also espousing these ideologies.  All to laugh at your sarcasm, the attempt to use delphi method to damage control.

    I don’t think Brian is dumb enough to not miss your deceit.

    Who’s the slime.

  4. Linux is not the problem Says:

     Free as in freedom, as in Liberty, not as in no money…have you ever seen the GPL…or linux?

    But I understand how you might not get that watching the frothing imbecility from the more rabid of the two commentators,. 

    This is supposed to be a linux show so I thought you might want to know that the freedom is about what you can do with it and that you get the source code with it…not that it has to be without charge.  Maybe the serious uncool twat with the severe hate thing going on will understand that some day…amazing that after an interview with stallman, the audience still doesn’t have the slightest idea of what the GPL or free software are.  GOOD JOB guys.  What a successful interview!! 

    Can’t wait to see unfilter after this incredibly great episode on free software.  Nah I think I’ll watch something from Murdoch…less rabid.

  5. Linux is not the problem Says:

     I rest my case. 

    Ignorance is bliss and you are one happy fella, B-thing.  Is B-thing a nom de plume for Bryan i wonder?

    Bryan…  Good to see the sorts of people who share your opinions.  I think I have to stop having anything to do with Jupiter broadcasting.  You know, when you have to refer to nazis you have already lost the argument…but what if the other person is actually a neo-nazi….scary.  Stallman is coming to get your children, and he has the united nations with him riding donkeys and wearing the star of David…and they want to take away your hummer and assault rifles….AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous Says:

     Are you usually this irrational?

    Stallman talked extreme politics so he’s getting part political replies.

  7. Jupiterbroadcastingsucks Says:

    I entirely agree with the sentiment.  It was a lame excuse for an apology, filled with self-justification and vile side-stepping of responsibility and lawyerly evasion.  But Bryan really does hate linux and free software and has misrepresented stallman before in vicious personal attacks, so any apology is disengenuous at best.  He has also attacked linux and people who use linux as well as free software repeatedly in the past and even changed this show to the computer action show until everyone left.  These attacks may be cynical attention grabbing, but again, the sorry excuse for an apology is even more pathetic.

    However I am hoping that chris grows cajones, not gazungas. 
    Urban Dictionary –  GAZUNGAS:

    boobs, tits, titties, boobies, breasts, baps, balconne (sp?), jugs, melons, palmfruit, nipplesacks, balloons, coconuts, etc.Its already scary enough seeing what a girly and weasily apology Bryan has made for his childish and girly tantrum and intentional misrepresentation of RMS.  Chris is at least a nice guy if not too bright or educated…but the thought of him with breasts is really ruining my day even more than this sorry show has already.

  8. Rusty Russell Says:

    Note that the coffee roasting setup was based on Andrew Tridgell’s work; he gave a talk about it at

  9. You are one scary... Says:

     Whatever you do, don’t take off that tin-foil hat…

  10. Anonymous Says:

     Go do some research and maybe get some honesty and truth about yourself before you start attacking the messenger.

    I have zero affilation with Brian or Chris yet you tried to punish Brian, and JB for the comments I made. This clearly shows you’re a very wicked communist that doesn’t believe in free speech or you are so confronted by the truth your only reaction is to become irrational and  hateful.

    No more to be said. Grow up and learn some humanity.

  11. lcampbell Says:

    Well that was disappointing. Right from the start you show a complete misunderstanding – the point about freedom of the developer to make proprietary software, rather than freedom for the consumer. If you had thought for 2 seconds about it, in RMS’s mindset, this is like a slave master saying he’s being oppressed because he doesn’t have the freedom to enslave people! And you say that that’s where *his* logic falls apart! Just….wow. Really, it’s not that hard to understand.

    Now, you may not agree that proprietary software = enslaving people, but Richard does. This is the simple fundamental disagreement here as far as I can see, and you could have just stated that and moved on. But you decided to say, “that’s where his logic completely falls apart.” Well, no, the logic of that argument holds perfectly. It’s just that you disagree on the core issue of just *how* terrible proprietary software is. Which is fine. There’s no need whatsoever to say that his logic “completely falls apart”, it’s unnecessary and comes across as pathetic and desperate. 

    And yet you both managed to babble on for the better part of an hour on a mad ego trip. You may disagree with him (and btw I do disagree with some of what he said, I’m certainly NOT an RMS worshiper), but you were completely unable to actually address any of it in a way which wasn’t easy to pick apart, and without being insulting and incredibly dismissive. This is not how one handles oneself in a debate, or an interview. Very weak. It was Fox News worthy.

    I’ve no idea why you allowed yourselves to get so wound up over this (especially Bryan, his good natured, likeable ribbing turned to bitter spiteful snark). First off, it’s just a guys opinion, expressed without any personal contempt of you as far as I could see (which is far more than I could say for Bryan), and secondly, it’s RMS for Christ sake, did you not know what his views would be?!

    And what does pedophilia have to do with any of what you were talking about? What? You can’t argue with what someone’s saying so you try and point out other things they have done which are unrelated? Drudging up old forum/mailing list comments? How about I go and interview all your friends and see if you’ve ever said anything I find insulting? Pathetic. 

    And the child-hating comments…why can you not understand the point he’s making? And if you do, why did you not acknowledge it? And then say you disagree? You said he said “no-one should have kids” – that’s not what he said, you even played the clip, you must not have heard it. And no coherent intellectual response to the reason for what he said. There are arguments to be made there, (and actually you can bet that it will become the biggest problem for all humankind, over consumption, forgetting global warming, is a reality which will hit the human race hard over the next 100 years, and if you want to be effective about it, Americans consume way more per head than anyone else, followed by UK, then the rest of Europe) but you decided to go for the public humiliation route again. Chris’s response was just hilarious:- “(sarcastically)yeah, you gotta think about that global heating….” Well……don’t you?! Do you not recognize that as a problem? Or do you think that there are solutions other than constraining population expansion? I do, but you never addressed it. That just kinda summed up the whole thing for me. There’s a point that’s being made (admittedly this one’s way outside the scope of LAS), which you could genuinely address and argue with, but no….lets insult him some more…and deny global heating! Wha…?!

    The e-book contradiction Bryan pointed out was in fact not a contradiction, it’s entirely possible to find the concept of both DRM and non-anonymous payments immoral. Again, I understand Stallman’s concerns, but I’ve bought digital goods with both, so I’m not as hardcore about it as he is. But why is it not possible to think that both are bad? There’s no contradiction there!

    I’ve been watching for the past few months,and was finding it entertaining. Sadly I won’t be watching anymore. That was laughable, sad and moronic all at the same time. The way you guys conducted yourselves during the interview itself and in the aftermath here was reprehensible and embarrassing. And that’s coming from someone who doesn’t agree with Stallman that much.

  12. Nilssab Says:

    Bryan, RMS did not say that, you ARE bending his words. 
    His words may seem harsh, but they are true, there is no room for sugar coating.
    And your american sense of “freedom” is actually the twisted form of the word, RMS is referring to the true form of freedom. 
    I can perfectly understand his reasoning, there is nothing strange about it, and RMS says nothing about your kid, in specific. 
    I do not say this because I am a Stallman fan, like “OMG Stallman is our god, why do you hate him so much?”, and I don’t even have anything against you selling non-free software. But what you did in this episode is plain wrong in so many planes. Truly a disgrace.

    If I ever watch this show again, it will be to see if Bryan has been taken away yet. This does not belong in a Linux show.

    Chris, you made a splendid job.

  13. Łukasz Purgal Says:

      First – Guys, it’s neither professional nor ethical to discuss somebody speech (especially verbal) and quoting it without context and/or making sure what speaker was going to communicate. E.g I’m not sure if RMS wants all American stop breeding. He talked about having no children in context of global warming reduction, usage of resources etc. and I think the main resolution was reduction of breeding. But who knows… though he could neither make it straight nor defense himself, because he was absent! Ask him next time… if he agrees to talk to you again.

    Second – Bryan, Bryan, Bryan… in many points I almost agree with you, but…your way of dispute (with absent adversary!) is -sorry to say it- below any acceptable level. Your sentence about RMS’s view about pedophilia… WTF? What is the link of this to the freedom discussion? Answer: Z-E-R-O! This is very primitive form of elementary eristic – Argumentum ad personam. Really don’t like it.

      And last but not least, there in NO one dictionary definition of freedom. Bryan, take a glance at some philosophers (start from the very beginning – ancient Greece) and get learned a little bit more about what the freedom is and is not. You will be amazed! It is one of the oldest disputes in history.

    Nevertheless, Bryan you’re right, RMS, flying all around by plane and talking about global warming, is (at best) a little bit hypocritical. But again, this doesn’t make you privileged to say this half-baked things :-/

     Summary: I have never been so disgusted by any media around floss. Shame on you :-( Bryan, I think you should make yourself short holiday. I’m neither joking nor being sarcastic. I think it will make good to you and LAS. BTW I’ve already made a short break from LAS :-/

    PS Forgive me any style or grammar errors – English isn’t my native language.

  14. david Says:

    You’re creating your own definition for words. Pedophilia does not mean one harasses children, it means one has sexual feelings directed toward them. One does not have to act that out. Those who do are called child molesters.

  15. Craig Says:

    Wow, this episode is truly pathetic. Stallman nearly reduces you to tears and wins every point of the debate on merit. So you make another episode to misquote him, smear him and try to convince people he was wrong while he’s not around to answer to your points.

    He destroyed you last week. Not on the overall subject but point by point, piece by piece, everything you said was ambiguous, wrong, naive, a logical fallacy or all 4 at the same time.

    For shame. The debate episode made me come back for more but after this episode I won’t bother again.

  16. Craig Says:

    +100. Bryan thought he was an exceptional case. Stallman’s unyielding wisdom showed him otherwise — so he threw a tantrum and used the tired, old “won’t somebody think of the kids” card.


  17. Craig Says:

    The worst thing about Bryan’s attitude towards free software is this. He think that he’s somehow supporting free software by *using it* yet, to the contrary, he’s actually less of a supporter than a Windows user. Windows users run Windows mostly out of ignorance. He *creates* proprietary software fully aware of what he’s doing, fully aware that it is an affront to freedom, and then tries to justify himself as a special case, only recognising the ideals of free software when it suits him.

    Bryan is one of the worst kinds of detractors of free software — worse than any consumer of proprietary software. You can’t pretend to stand for something and then bend it to your own biased, sheltered world-view.

  18. Craig Says:

    One more thing. Stallman didn’t try to change the definitions of any words. He merely clarified *his* intended meaning.

    Human languages are ALL ambiguous. That is how politicians can trick so many people into believing their double-speak and rhetoric.

    The thing is, he *said* the word and then *clarified* what he meant by it. Whether or not that’s different from what you understand it to mean is utterly and completely irrelevant, since all he is doing is putting he previous statement in context. He’s not trying to create a legal loophole and or misinterpret someone else’s words, he simply clarifying his own words.

    Picking at points like this without any context and pretending it actually means something about Stallman’s character is disingenuous and shows just how desperate your ego is to one up him.

  19. Craig Says:

    Yup, this pretty much sums it up. Bryan is completely egocentric and seems to think that Stallman’s philosophy of 30+ years should just bend to accommodate his *obvious* greatness. So instead of listening and/or debating just goes to war on his own (yet again) personal case.

    On another note, maybe he just used Stallman to get publicity for his show? Seems to have worked one way or another. No such thing as bad publicity and all that…

  20. Ryan Says:

    I honestly can’t believe what a huge ego Bryan has. Especially since he looks like the kind of guy who got nicknamed “Rat Boy” in school.

    Bryan, you’re a complete nerd – there’s no need to be so ashamed of it or hide it behind that awkward persona.

  21. Craig Says:

    Please do. Don’t reward pathetic behaviour like this.

  22. Craig Says:

    Oh come on. Have a spine and stop watching their stupid show.

  23. Craig Says:

    Um, just a heads up. God doesn’t exist. Theirs no opinions to be had here. He just doesn’t.

  24. Craig Says:

    No, he’s the kind of guy who sticks to his guns, and has 40 years of consideration to go with his conclusions. He’s the kind of guy who makes a very clear and well reasoned point.

    If you don’t like the answers he gives – don’t ask the questions. Don’t just ask questions you know are gonna receive an answer that pisses you off. You’re recording it ffs. Even politicians (lowlifes that they are) know better than to throw a childish tantrum about a philosophical disagreement.

  25. Craig Says:

    Food is plentiful and cheap. What Bryan said was just phony rhetoric. I spent some time being completely broke in a country with no welfare system and people in the U.S. have absolutely no idea how easy they have it. Your life will NEVER be as hard as much of the world is living, even now.

    Free software can provide the infrastructure necessary for developing countries to be mostly self-sufficient in that area. Just look at the One Laptop Per Child program. Don’t underestimate the power of cheap and accessible software for education and to relieve developing countries reliance on overpriced Western technology.

    Also, go and atually listen to what Stallman said about kids. It was absolutely nothing like who Bryan misquoted him on this episode. This whole show was just a shameful character assassination . The fact your are responding to it the way Bryan intended just shows what a mindless follower you are.

  26. Craig Says:

    What he said was a little callous and sounded like what many people without kids say — until they have them and completely change their tone. However, Bryan has completely misrepresented what he actually said. It was a very brief and not really relevant point he made – and he made it clear it was a kind of “here’s my view on that – take it or leave it” kind of thing. If you disagree – go right ahead. But don’t spit the dummy out and make a fool of yourself.

  27. Craig Says:

    RMS isn’t a “hippy”, nor does he need a label for his world view. RMS is RMS. Surely Bryan new what to expect. He was just provoking an obvious reaction and then getting upset about it instead of being a good interviewer.

  28. Craig Says:

    Why would people want to continue funding degenerate behaviour like this? Funding someone is like a sign of approval. How anyone could possibly approve of this ridiculous, cringe-worthy nonsense is beyond me, whether they like RMS or not.

  29. Craig Says:

    I think Bryan had actually lied to himself so much about the principles of software freedom, that he honestly believed that he “agreed” with it while also completely affronting it in the worst way possible.

    Or maybe he just liked the convenience and quality of free software but also found it convenient to ignore the ideals where he saw fit.

  30. Craig Says:

    But if you take a look at these “other” freedoms, they are mostly being eroded via the scalability and efficiency afforded by technology and software.

    Phone tapping, online consumer profiling, “cloud” services being spuriously subpoenaed to give up your data etc. All of these things are made possible and considerably easier than anything before by software.

    Now there’s talk in the US and UK of large scale data centres and new laws allow the government to keep tracks on people without any prior suspicion or legal process. How on earth would they do that *without* software?

    The question is what can we do *with* software that stops them?

  31. Inbox99 Says:

    You atheists seriously crack me up. As a race, we are not even out of infancy in global or universal time, have not even travelled to a planet within our own solar system, do not even understand the rudiments of reality, and yet you atheists are so sure you’ve figured out the entire nature of all that exists. Of course there is no bearded man in the clouds lording over proceedings down below. But is there some deeper causative factor than mere chance? Whether you say God created the universe or the Big Bang created the universe, you are no nearer to any sort of understanding.

  32. Ryan Says:

    But if you accept dogma on face value, you will NEVER be nearer to any sort of understanding. I don’t think many atheists claim to see the big picture, but dogma, and by extension most organised religion is harmful or ridiculously ignorant.

  33. Ryan Says:

    The GPL doesn’t “limit freedom”, it guarantees it. Shameful episode guys. A really nasty, spineless attack on a brilliant man.

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