Initiate Transition Sequence | STOked 115

Initiate Transition Sequence | STOked 115

In a change of gears from the featured episode series, Chris takes a look at the new Odyssey class ship, and what review would be complete with out taking it out for a few PVP matches! Join the crew as they put the new ships through their paces, and then give you their thoughts!

Plus – Community Feedback covers a new shield exploit, and asks what you want to know about Star Ship creation!

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17 Responses to “Initiate Transition Sequence | STOked 115”

  1. Shanis Says:

    Chris use Auxullary to Internal Damperers II skill when you play with Odyssey.That will help with better turn rate..

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Nice episode, glad to see the Ody, now you guys have to use the vastly superior (because its kdf) Bortasqu.

  3. Lore Says:

    Hey Chris,

    Awesome episode !  I would like to personally offer you some PvP training and set you  up some key binds so you can live long enough to see your saucer separation :-)    I also would like to encourage those people who follow this show as I have to support via monthly subscription.  $2-$10 a month is not a lot of money for anyone and if it’s going to keep this show on the air, it’s money well spent.  Also for you Chris may I suggest you have a newsletter for people who do support your show maybe giving some exclusive tips and events to encourage the continued support.  You’re doing an awesome job keeping this game and community together and I truly appreciate it.

  4. Profeff Says:

    Love the show thought it was awesome, however for the audio listeners a more descriptive goings on in the pvp section would have been cool the content got a little thin for the Audio peeps

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry about that BTW. I do try to keep that in mind. STOked specifically has the least audio downloads of all our shows, so I think I let that slip more often than I should!


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Good ideas for sure. And that’s an area I spend a lot of time thinking about.


  7. Anonymous Says:


  8. Lore Says:

     lol !  As I’m sure does your wife and family.  Hey, I also forgot to post this in my original post but here is a key bind for that mouse cursor trailing issue.  /bind 0 softwarecursor 0        I’ve bound it to 0 but you can bind it to whatever you want.  When your notice it just press the 0 key and poof, all better :-)   Let me know when we can set up a time to practice some PvP :p  

  9. Benjamin Hanert Says:

    Hi Chris.

    How about you try not only to get aswell?

    i know at least 20 german people who would like to support you there^^

  10. maximus92 Says:

    The trailing mouse cursor has been around for awhile now.  I’ve had it happen to me off and on for the last 6 months.  Seems to happen more often with longer play times.

  11. Wolfgang Gschiel Says:


  12. Ender Says:

    I just wanted to comment on the “pets” when you separate on any of the ships.  I just bought the Prometheus Class ship with the Multi-Vector-Assault-Module and found that once you separate your pets tend to run wild and shoot at whatever they want and are very stupid when it comes to getting away when the ship blows up.  It would be great if you could have a couple command button to “callback” your pets to you in formation, attack only what you attack, fire at will, hold position, and disengage.

    When I am playing STF’s I can’t separate because if I do my pets tend to attack whatever is in the area even if I am directly aiming at one particular enemy which is incredibly frustrating when you don’t want to aggro other enemies or have the pets die.  Another issue is when they fight stationary or slow moving targets they tend to fly right up next to it and don’t move so when it blows up they die as well, or are so close to being dead its just not worth it.  I would suggest doing what another popular MMO did, make pets have 90% damage resistance to AOE damage (like warp drives going critical and blowing up) which would mitigate alot of those issues.

    I hope they fix it or at least make the pets fly closer to you and let you decide what they shoot at like your BOff’s on ground missions…Anyways just my two cents.

  13. Anze G Says:

    Hey Chris,
    Could you do a quick tip/guide/help with consoles and good ship equipment combos? There are so many new shields/deflectors/engines that I’m (and many other people I’m sure) not sure wich ones to use. Maybe show 3 good builds (1 for each class) with consoles included if possible? Maybe even how shields work (I donno what diffirence is there between the 5% absorbsion and 10% less energy damage or what the new dominion shield has)?
    Loved the episode, keep up the good work.

  14. Kristie Says:

    I like the new ship on my Eng but the Sci version, it is not.  Consoles do not a sci ship make.  Yes its power distribution is a little different as are console distributions but the bridge officer stations are the same for all three.  Think you could toss it out there for them to please revisit the officer stations and make the sci and tac versions, more sci or tac?.  I was really looking forward to a new sci ship so you can imagine my disapointment when i purchased this before reading and realized it was sci only in name.

  15. Mike Dee Says:

    I’m disappointed that you didn’t touch on the insane price of the ship. It’s 1 ship and 2 extra consoles. That’s really all it is. for $50? 

    With all it’s bugs, no interior (it uses stock), $50 is a lot of money to spend on a virtual piece of equipment and this kind of pricing will drive people away.

    Also, if you Mav can’t remember console names or power abilities (sensor analysis) I’m sure he can write them down on a piece of paper so other people unfamiliar with the topics can follow along better.

  16. Martin Says:


  17. rextrek Says:

    Id like to see more Interior choices – smaller hallways are better – kinda like Voyager Interior…..and same goes for Engineering – Id like  a Voyager Engineering interior

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