The Future of Software Development | The Linux Action Show! s11e07

The Future of Software Development | The Linux Action Show! s11e07

This week on, The Linux Action Show!

Is IBM becoming big bad blue? Canonical wants to put Ubuntu One in your pants, does the Ubuntu distro really have 12 MILLION users!? We discuss!

THEN – We’ve got an idea that just might change the future of software development, forever!

Plus so much more!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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This Week’s Links:

The Drobo FS, runs Linux

IBM Locks Horns with Tiny French Firm Over FOSS

Canonical announces phone sync for Ubuntu One subscribers

Ubuntu Claims 12 Million Users

Illumination Software Creator

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12 Responses to “The Future of Software Development | The Linux Action Show! s11e07”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hmmh, sorry but I fail to see where Fedora community claims they have currently 24 million users.
    The only claim I found is “Who uses Fedora? – Lots of different people. Millions, in fact — many millions!”

  2. Carlton Banks Says:

    Microsoft already has Visual Programming Language.

    Also, you're all about Open Source, and vilify Microsoft, but now you don't want to release your own stuff as Open Source.

    Personally, I don't blame you, I just find it funny. Also, none of your Linux afficionado viewers actually pay for software.

  3. Bryan Lunduke Says:

    1) I don't vilify Microsoft. I call them out when they're being dumb or doing something that I feel is bad. But Microsoft is just a company. And one that I have actually -praised- on the show.

    2) Microsofts VPL has distinct differences here. Unless they added the ability to generate PHP/Javascript website and LInux desktop and mobile applications from the same project while I wasn't looking… (Plus the actual “language” is very different).

    3) I'm not “all about Open Source”. I'm all about technology and using / creating the best technology. Open Source is an awesome tool to help facilitate that. But, as a wise man once said, a hammer will build any build any kit from Ikea… it just won't stay standing upright for long.

    4) “your Linux aficionado”'s? Are you, sir, perhaps trolling a bit? :)

  4. Carlton Banks Says:

    Not trolling at all; you have viewers who are Linux afficionados ( I didn't want to call them zealots). As you yourself have found out and alluded to, these people don't pay for software.

    Just last week your show was talking about HTML 5 killing the Windows “monopoly”. (They've never been convicted of being a monopoly, unlike Intel. The EU is considering investigating Google for being a monopoly, and you may want to look into IBM's shady past.)

    Finally, I never said that VPL generated PHP/JavaScript or worked for Linux/mobile applications; I was just stating that something already exists in which you visually arrange/wire together programs. Nothing more, nothing less.

  5. Bryan Lunduke Says:

    Actually… take a look here:

    The topic is much different than “Linux users don't pay for software”.

  6. Carlton Banks Says:

    I stand corrected, to an extent. Your gripe seems to be about Shareware in general. I still maintain that your Linux-using viewers will not buy anything (like Linux users in general), and they will also complain about how you won't give them “teh CodeZ”. By making your application closed source you may alienate them.

    Anyhow, I didn't mean for my initial post to imply any vitriol, I was merely making observations.

  7. daxmickelson Says:

    I run Linux whenever and whereever possible. In fact I promote the use of Linux to my friends and family (I even gave a complete stranger a SLAX CD). I do so because of its flexibility and features not “just” because it is “free”.

    HOWEVER, when necessary, I pay for my software! I even go further and donate to causes (software or otherwise) that I feel have done a good job on whatever they are working on. Consider it a tip for services rendered.

  8. daxmickelson Says:

    Brian, what's up with the hair (or lack thereof)? I thought FOR SURE you'd make mention during the episode but you said nothing.

  9. greyfade Says:

    @Bryan: Just FYI: April Brew's Day (an all-evening beer festival) is the evening of the 24th in Bellingham across from Boundary Bay Brewing, and a bunch of other 'fest goers are going to Uisce, the local Irish Pub.

    Y'know. Just FYI.

  10. Carlton Banks Says:

    That's great, however you're the exception, not the rule when it comes to Linux users.

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