Getting Dilithium Fast | STOked 116

Getting Dilithium Fast | STOked 116

It’s our best tips and tricks to gathering Dilithium as efficiently as you can. Plus we’ll bust through some STO news from the week, and give you our review of the new Dilithium mining event!

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Show Notes:


  • A little more insight from DStahl

    EVERYONE else (the majority of the team) is working on stuff that you will not see until the next big update – Season 6. That is where you will see things like Fleet Advancement system, Starbases, new types of Fleet Only “fleet actions”, updated PVP, new Foundry features, and if we are lucky, maybe even some leaderboards. Oh and maybe some Tholians.

Ship Interior Functionality via the Doff System

– New NPCs on your Ship Interiors (and a few public maps) that offer two types of assignments: Fixed and Rotating
– Fixed NPC Assignments will include things like crafting hyposprays, regenerators and ship components.
– Rotating NPC Assignments will include a mix of existing Shipboard and Sector assignments, as well as newly-crafted unique assignments ONLY available on these NPCs.
– Many steps of different Assignment Chains have been moved to these NPCs, to ensure that players participating in the Doff system check their interior somewhat regularly.
– Rotating NPC Assignments will be different on different interiors. If you don’t like what your NPCs are offering, visit a friend’s interior instead.

Tactical View:

  • Dilithium Mining
  • Useful for lower level players without access to better dilithium missions e.g. STFs
  • Excellent environment with details such as low gravity “walking”
  • Beautiful D’Kora model hovering above the asteroid (JamJamz designed it)
  • Lack of profession specific aspects
    • Engineering: Ensuring heat dissipation during mining
    • Science: Regulating power level to ensure optimum laser cutting power
    • Tactical: Targetting dilithium veins effectively
  • Asteroid Mining Guide

Dilithium Gathering Tips:

  • -Multiple methods – casual & hardcore / low level & capped
  • -Dailies / Special Events / Doff Assignments / Dismissing Doffs
  • -Return on time investment is the key factor – dilithium per minute?
  • -Daily Lore Mission – 480 dilithium for FED & KDF (academy mission)
  • -Daily Foundry – 3 missions for 1440 (console missions expedite this)
  • -Daily Cluster Exploration – 1440 for 3 missions (fastest with 3 scans)
  • -Dilithium Mining Event – unsure of cap but seems to be 1K for 10 mins of play
  • -STFs – elites give 1100 for completion for 20 to 30 mins of play with loot possibilities
  • -Fleet Actions – 1440 dilithium each
  • -KDF Sorties – 960 for Sortie Alpha, 960 for Sortie Bravo both repeatable every 30 mins
  • -KDF “Path Of The Warrior” – wrapper mission for Sorties giving 2400 daily
  • –800 Day Vet Reward – unique doff assigment which increases daily refining cap
  • -STOwiki – dilithium mission guide

33 Responses to “Getting Dilithium Fast | STOked 116”

  1. Shanis Says:

    The biggest problem in STF elites is that some people turn off chat channel..They should remove it or add a option(no team chat on,no stfs)…
    So basicaly if you want to do STF, team chat needs to stay ON not OFF….

  2. Stefan Gebhardt Says:

    it would be great to have the interior as one big map with working turbolifts than this would be easyer i think with the duffs. also it would be good to have more ship interiour packs likt the tos or the comeing tng one. i hope for ody and sov interiors.

  3. Eris The Vorta Gurl Says:

    Daaan Stuuuuhl … SAAAAAD STOOAAFF … UHHPD8! That jingle still r00lz the show. :)

  4. Magneticst0rm Says:

    how about attributes to careers.

    tactical can get more time on locking on the veins oe targeting scanner is better.
    engineers can build better minning and get to the vein faster.
    science can fine better veins faster.

    while you are a captain or admiral it is cannon for high ranking officers to get their hands dirty. you guys on the show need to look at your shows more as many captains and admirals like to get involved from time to time with doing mundane duties. it builds relationship with crew.  they need to add further aspects to this minning function as well as minning missions

  5. Uffe Says:

    Link for HD video is not working

  6. Z3R0B4NG Says:

    i would add 2 things to your daily dilithium grind:

    #1 in Center of ESD is now a “Security Officer” (on Qo’nos he is in the Great Hall) who gives you a DOff Assignment “Turn over Contraband”, it takes 3 “Contraband” and gives you 2000 dilithium, for a lousy double click!
    On your Klingons you can get enough Contraband to supply all your FED Characters if you do lots of Marauding Assignments, FEDs don’t have marauding, for them it’s a bit harder to get.

    #2 “Daily Cluster Exploration – 1440 for 3 missions (fastest with 3 scans)”

    if you have all 3 missions:
    – B’Tran VA dilithium daily
    – B’Tran VA XP mission
    – The 1440 “strange new worlds” wrapper
    you get 2880 for ONE round of B’Tran.

  7. Anonymous Says:

     An excellent show, very informative.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    All fixed, thanks! Had some CDN issues last night.


  9. Triton45 Says:

    Hey everyone, a Veteran Party is being held next Saturday Afternoon/Evening. 

    All the details are here in the STO Forum:

    Hope to see ya’ll there. :)

  10. Angelus2141 Says:

    YEY my guide made it in woohoo

  11. Z3R0B4NG Says:

    i’ve just send you guys a mail with the contact form with my contact data,
    plz forward to irish so he can contact me for that DOff segment he is planning, kthxbye

  12. Asmodaous Says:

    Still having issues with the download. :-(

  13. CedricO Says:

    What the crap is this “only available on blip player” nonsense?

  14. Juyse Says:

    BLIP only ??? Well guess Im not going to following this anymore…

  15. Dave Walker Says:

    What’s the deal with Blip … are we no longer able to watch the video here?

  16. Starky69 Says:

     just tryed 2 watch hd vid still not working

  17. Dave Walker Says:

    Just watched this finally.  Probably the “best” post Jman episode yet.  Irish works well on the show as a second voice.  Great content on the dilithium “grind” … please keep these coming, and some more variety with folks like Peregrin Falcon would be cool.  I don’t always agree with him, but he has a good “stage presence” that some of the other “regulars” lack.

  18. Commander88 Says:

    Sorry, but my problem with this is that it’s the 25th Century. Our ships don’t have intercoms? Comm badges? Comm panels? PADDs? LCARS terminals?

    WTH do I have to run around my entire ship (and if you have a large map, it’s a LARGE map) and talk to my crew like a micromanaging 21st century bahss?

    Even if the Devs want us to go to our bridge/interior, I would think there should be a giant recap screen (a la the DOFF screen) in our Ready Room, or even in the conference room (remember that map from the Cardassian dippy mish), where we could look at everything internal to the ship, or even have our crew report to their *CAPTAIN* and talk about the particular tasks that can be done?

    Even if Rare/Very Rare DOFF mishes are locked to particular people on the map, that I could understand, but I think there’s way too much time wasting (every sector I have to run around the ship again as jobs refresh) and not enough being smart about time management in game, let alone the 25th century.

    Sure, this is possibly a way to slow down players burning through the DOFF system and whatnot, but it just makes it more of a grind, and makes it less likely that I’m going to want to log into the game, especially if it’s all brains on deck for Season 6, and no real new content until that comes out.

  19. Guest Says:

    Irish please try to speak slower. I can’t make out half of what you’re saying.

  20. D.STEEL Says:

    What the bleep is blip???
    I can’t watch the video.

  21. Z3R0B4NG Says:

    confirmed, now i only get a red box telling me to watch on blip without a link…

    well the youtube link works

  22. D.STEEL Says:

    Thank you!
    Got to watch my STO’ked.

  23. Phaakc Says:


    I didnt know where else to post this so..I hope this isnt too inappropriate to post here…but, I figured i would share a few ideas that I had, in case someone might be inspired to pass some of it along

    On the new DOff; assignments from ships interior…YES, it is a real pain to navigate in an efficient and smooth way in its current form, and I agree that it is more likely to inspire people to not bother with the hassles if they MUST do it this way, or be prevented from advancing their chain-assignments….

      It would be far less tedious, yet still get players to use their interiors more, with just a few changes to the system.

     1. put a tab in your DOff assignments page that takes you to your; tabs for sector, personal, in progress, completed..etc., + “go to bridge”… that you only need to access that one page to have access to all your assignments, rather than accessing an entirely seperate menu to get to your on-board assignments.
     2. when you assign them, station your department heads on your bridge and be able to access your rotating assignments directly thru them…ie;, you select a department head, who then is stationed at one of the console/panel positions on your bridge, 1 each for Sci., Med., Eng., Ops., Sec., etc., and in your ready room, access to your military and espionage console…and keep the stationary assignments in their current;, bar, chef, and counselor assignments are in “10 Forward”, while item creation is done in the appropriate “shop”, by the appropriate Chief…..this would be more “realistic” in terms of command structure, allowing the Captain to run the “dynamic operations” or rotating assignments, directly from the bridge, thru his department heads, while making it far less of a hassle when entering a new would simply go to your assignments page, as usual, then have the extra tab there to tranfer you to your bridge, where you could quickly access your onboard assignments then return, OR travel around your interior making supplies and teaching your bartender new drinks….

     3. add an onboard access to your cargo;…access to your personal bank ONLY..( no Fleet bank access ).. so you could go to, say, the Engineering deck and speak to a Cargo Chief to stash or retrieve your personal items…..this would also increase the use of your ships interior, while leaving functions such as, Fleet bank, Mail, Exchange, Requisitions, etc., to Starbases and more social areas…. 

     I have been enjoying the “DOff-Dimension” of STO so far and if the new changes where structured just a little bit differently, they would potentially be a big improvement, rather than just more complicated plumbing to confuse the flow of events….

    I am very much looking forward to your DOff episode…your show has always been invaluable in pointing out information and aspects of the game that a more casual player might never realise where there..and you seem to enjoy yourselves as well…lol….without you guys, and STOWiki, I would have most likely given up on this game a long time ago, as much as I love the genre…

  24. Phaakc Says:

    p.s.,….Phaakc is pronounced..”fox”….I am always suprised at how some people try to pronounce it in voice-chat…lol….

  25. @Pardigm Says:

    After seeing this episode, I specifically sought out the “console missions” in the Foundry. There is one in particular where you literally press one button at a console in ESD and wait for the interacting timer (same as when scanning for a particle in space) and the mission was done. Repeat two more times, no need to review it and viola! 1,440 additional dilithium. I was able to grind over 8500 Dilithium in less than 1 hour without starting any DOFF assignments and without the easy FED Lore mission in SFA or a single STF.

    I personally LOVE running around in my ship, as it makes it incredibly useful, to get the juicy DOFF assignments. If I don’t like what I find, I simply call up a fleetmate and tell him to invite me onto his bridge. I can usually get the plans to or construct a turret or two with this method. Besides, it’s MUCH easier to simply walk up to your chef(s) and make them do the last part in the chain rather than waiting FOREVER for it. The very BAD idea about crafting hypos and regenerators is that it costs a little refined dilithium and is not guaranteed. If it costs dilithium for a simple thing as a hyp or a regenerator, the mission should not be possible to fail. For turrets and additional weapons/consoles the failure rate should be higher.

    Could we PLEASE get mathed? Ever since the change in skillset AND the remastered STF’s, the audience has yet to get mathed. What is THE BEST setup for a group (ship setups in said group working in tandem with one another) to do an Elite STF (Space/Ground)? All escorts with cannons? Klink carriers with Siphon drones? MVAM with repulser beam or gravity well? New Odyssey +1/Bortas’qu +1? Can you teleport a tac cube in front of the Bortas’qu to a set location when it’s about 5% health to get it REALLY close to the gate so that when the tac cube goes, the gate will get severely damaged or blow up altogether? They just made a HUGE patch that addressed the stacking of the Shield Field Generators (+35% Shield) that nerfed the console and allowed to stack them without it being an exploit. How’s this being received by the community and how may it change THE BEST setup?

    Last night I saw a VA zoom past me in Slipstream going what seemed like warp 50. Is there any word to the devs changing Sector space to make it more in tune with the discussed sector map and all one area (no zoning)?

  26. GeeMan Says:

    You forgot to say.
    #1 Two map transfers, with the possibility of long loading times.
    #2 B’Tran VA and Strange New Worlds are on a 24 hour cool down timer, not the normal 20 hour cool down.

  27. Stmaniac Says:

    only blip player,…

  28. Blipishere Says:

    what’s with the bleep player (screen attached)?

  29. Nrky_rox Says:

    What was the music that you used on the first scene in this podcast? It sounded like it was from Space Empires V, or MOO2, something like that.

  30. Miumiu20120220 Says:

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  33. Matthew Stickney Says:

    Star Trek online is 25th Centtury

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