JB’s Xonotic server | In Depth Look

JB’s Xonotic server | In Depth Look

Have some frustrations you need to work out? Then might I suggest shooting your fellow viewer in the virtual face! Jupiter Broadcasting has a new public Xonotic server! Free to play and free to join!

I\’ll tell you all about it, plus a few details about the free open source first person shooter, Xonotic. In this week\’s episode of an In Depth Look.

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Show Notes

  • It was developed as a fork of Nexuiz
  • The game is running on a heavily modified version of the Quake engine known as \”DarkPlaces\”
  • US people are more likely to pronounce it : zone + otic
  • European people are more likely to pronounce it : kso + notic
  • 0.6 Released March 8th includes new weapon models, new maps, massive new features, and a ton of bugs fixes.
  • XonStat: Player Statistics for Jupiter Colony

Server info:


Jupiter Colony Xonotic Forum

We also have a TeamSpeak 3 channel which is open to anyone, and is a great way to get to know the people you\’re playing with.

TS3 IP: ts.jupitercolony.com:9990

xonotic@jupitercolony.com If anyone has questions/ideas.

13 Responses to “JB’s Xonotic server | In Depth Look”

  1. Dave Nolan Says:

    I’d be interested to watch an episode on Hard Drive Recovery / Maintenance.

  2. Darkpony50 Says:

    It’s just like Star Trek: Elite Force Voyager…sweet!

  3. Darkpony50 Says:

    Yea,…a HDD episode would be a great thing in my case, I think I have 2 of them going out.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Chris, you have to bunny jump in quake like games

  5. SJ Says:

    I just acquired a a rootkit(I think) on Vista, Worm32:Ainslot.A. After watching LAS for almost 2 years  I decided to it was about time to install and try out Linux for the very first time. My second HDD now has Ubuntu on it and I have a boot option for Vista and Ubuntu now :-)

    My reason for installing a dual boot system was to try and attack this virus using Linux. This particular virus is apparently very good at self replication and circumventing Microsoft Security Essentials’ fixes. As I already said, I’m a total Linux noob. Some tips on recovering my Vista drive/partition would be very useful. I think I have this virus quashed but it looks like it did some damage to my Windows registry and it may of installed additional malware.

    My problem is not technically a HDD problem but if you could include some advice on using Linux clean up and recover from a Windows virus nightmare, I think it would be useful for me people than just I.

    Maybe this is a separate show, either way some advice and guidance would be very mcuch appreciated.

    Thanks, SJ

  6. cadizj Says:

    would be nice to learn about hard drive maintenance and recovery for sure!

  7. Fat Rastus Says:

    Wish I could play this game.. I had a stroke two years ago and ever since I get motion sickness when I try to play fast pasted first-person shooters. :(

  8. Daniel G Says:

    HDD recovery tools episode sounds great!! :-)

  9. Boop Says:

    Sadly nuking it from orbit is the only thing that helps.
    You could use clamav or avg or any other virus scanner for Linux and run it on the windows partition. But you cant be sure that your system is clean unless you completely wiped it.

  10. ProjectMorris Says:

    Hard drive fail?….Business Continuity?…Recovery tools review…yes please

  11. Dumb Computer Guy Says:

    HDD recovery/ maintenance In Depth please! Being as the strong majority of personal/business OS are some form of Windows, could you not use Linux only tools?
    Main question I have: Say you have 1 HDD and only 1 partition (besides the default 100MB partition with Win7), how do you make a solid backup of the partition that is currently being used by the very software used to make the backup.

  12. 026rus Says:

    Recovery tools review !!!!! +1

  13. KMS_Alex Says:

    miss this series ….

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