Windows 8 Preview | WAS | s21e03

Windows 8 Preview | WAS | s21e03

Microsoft is rolling out their latest version of Windows, and it changes everything. Tune in to find out just how revolutionary this amazing new UI is and how it leaves the competition in the duts!

PLUS: Microsoft cracks down on evil doers

And so much more!

All this week on, The Windows Action Show!

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Windows 8 Preview

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74 Responses to “Windows 8 Preview | WAS | s21e03”

  1. eddie_lb Says:


  2. Joseph Dick Says:

    We should all move over to kickstarter and start a fund to help port xmonad to windows 8, because really, there just aren’t any other choices.

  3. Scott Wears Says:

    lols did i just enter dome F’ed up alternate reality :) props guys 

  4. Anonymous Says:

    oh lawd

  5. CedricO Says:

    Im scared….. :P

  6. Andhaka Says:

    Are you serious? This is going to flop worse than Vista. It’s not very intuitive for the average person to use. Sure if the buttons are in front of them with the “Start” Menu…. doing anything outside of that is going to be a pain in the ass for most people. Look how long it took you to find Paint. Now that’s productivity. The Age of Microsoft is done… 

  7. Logos Says:

    Sorry but it is plain wrong to use the same UI for large screen with extreemly acurate pointer as for a small capacitor screen. Each allows you to do different things and when you use the same UI you are just complicating your life. Btw why call it the Windows if everything is fullscreen? I really can’t see where Microsoft is going with this. Same platform YES, same ui NO!

  8. Ben Says:

    I almost poop myself when I saw the title! You guys got me good.

  9. Garegin16 Says:

    it just makes my blood boil when windows is mocked for the wrong reasons. the xp wallpaper. seriously? how about the effing wallpaper from your sub-crappy linux distros when xp came out- circa 2001. linux sucked donkey balls then and I would have rather have my nads sawn off then use a linux distro from that era.
    metro is stupid, but then it’s gnome and canonical trying stupid stuff with their UI as well?

  10. Larz Conwell Says:

    Take a joke please, it’s obviously April Fools Day. 

  11. AGui Says:

    I’m so disappointed I missed the live broadcast. I’m sure it was very funny to watch you recording this. Great video for april fools. 

  12. iN8sWoRLd Says:

    Bryan is proudly wearing the logo of Microsoft Office for Mac

  13. Jared Says:

    I want full-screen Minesweeper. Can’t get that on Android.

  14. Ben David Says:

    As a libertarian who believes private property should never be searched, I find this April’s Fool both hilarious and disturbing.  Where is our warrant to audit the Federal Reserve?  How is New York’s stop-and-frisk law consistent with the 4th amendment? What would be found that should be illegal?

  15. georgezilla Says:

     ” … I would have rather have my nads sawn off … ”

    I can help you with that if needed. And I’d do it for free!

  16. Castro Says:

    This is Castro…I want my Windows Messenger back please..

  17. Steven Grey Says:

    ha ha native american thing.  Its iis without a gui….. 

    the one liners…..

    You guys rock

    The windows 8 user being castro. Nice touch

  18. Alphonsus Says:

    With your security background and experience, I would like to see a virus infection recovery episode.    Stuff like, what to do once the virus is detected and how to truly verify the virus has been removed.  For example, I has a system infected with a virus and serval anti-virus and anti-malware programs claimed the system was virus free, however once the primary user logged in, the virus reappeared.   This show is quickly become my favorite.  Thanks

  19. ToeCheese Says:

    It reminds me of the time you renamed it “Computer Action Show” except that wasn’t a bad April Fool’s Day joke.  (This was pretty hilarious though)

  20. James Lott Says:

    Brilliant. That show was freakin brilliant. 

  21. biniar Says:

    It was a great April fools day episode but I want to see the FreeBSD Axshun Show happen. ;)

  22. Giocapalbo Says:

    Superb! getting castro’s IM’s is priceless….

  23. closerToZero Says:

    Most distros were sooooo much better than windows even in 2001. Basically, Microsoft owns the “sucks” and “stinks” patents regarding software, so if you claim other things suck and/or stink, MS’ team of lawyers will hunt you down and have your nads for lunch. In a lawsuit kind of way. Look at the episode. These guys mean business. Don’t claim an OS suck without a license, man. You’ve got to show MS the respect they’ve patented.

    … because YOU feel other things have sucked worse, noone else is allowed to point out what they think suck? Go F yourself. Honestly. You’ll feel a lot better afterwards.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    LOL. Great episode guys

  25. Kabamaru Igano Says:

    Wow, even Gnome Shell is better than Metro.

  26. Pantokrata2 Says:

    Get a joke, or leave. If i don’t like some shows, i don’t watch them, and for sure no comment them. There is always someone trying to prove that he is the only right. Neokids…

  27. Snowyrob Says:

     Interestingly, just look at how bad the chroma keying was on the Computer Action Show. Obviously producing the show on Win8 preview has improved everything visually :-)

  28. Frank Says:

    Oh my gosh.  Every time I get comfortable, you guys pull another awesome trick out of your hat!  Bravo!

  29. Joe Mulloy Says:

    Virus recovery is very easy. Go to, download the DVD ISO, burn the DVD, boot from the DVD and follow the installer. No more viruses.

  30. Rewarp Says:

    Best April Fools joke I have had the pleasure to understand.

  31. Darkpony50 Says:

    I notice some dead air for about 5 seconds in the show….my question is …Who Farted?

  32. mihajovics Says:

    oh my god guys… fantastic :D

  33. Tim Says:

    Awesome show guys.

  34. Zek The Penguin Says:

    I was laughing through the whole show. Very funny guys.

  35. jgm Says:

     And from personal experience, I can tell you that that exact same sequence of steps also fixes an XP system with a corrupted registry! :-)

  36. Craconia Says:

    What was the music at the intro?  Damn, I remember it but can’t pinpoint it.  Was it some music sample that came with the Sound Blaster CD? or something related to MS Plus?

  37. Craconia Says:

    What was the music at the intro? Damn, I remember it but can’t pinpoint it.  Was it something that played when you installed the Sound Blaster drivers/utilities back in the day?

  38. Craconia Says:

    Sorry for the duplicate post: got warning on enabling third-party cookies in order to post (thought it didn’t went thru).

  39. Skeeteruk Says:

    Would actually be nice for a windows action show not just a april fools version.  Might as well do both sides of the fence.  I was hoping to see more positive info on win 8 btw on ur show lol as not really looked into it much as win 7 is nice enough tbh.

  40. Mike Hasselbeck Says:

     I agree, that was genius.  Kudos that they pulled it off with straight faces.

  41. Mohan Says:

     You guys are way too awesome!

  42. Dzontra Says:

    Great show guys, you just make my day : D

  43. Jono Jono Says:

    This show was too good. Great music with the windows error sounds.

  44. Def Munky Says:

    Priceless! Great episode, and I think I laughed more at you guys trying (and mostly failing) to keep a straight face. lol

  45. Craconia Says:

     Ohh it was from the Windows 98 welcome screen!  The actual file was WELCOM98.WAV

  46. Guest Says:

    I think they should not talk about microSh**

  47. Jeffreyldavidson Says:

    I am not a Unbuntu Unity fan but even it blow Microsoft away.

  48. Zicoz Says:

    It’s funny how something that starts out as an attempt to mock something turns into a parody of the people who complains about it.

  49. Jimbo Says:

    Windows FTW!  


  50. Jtt96 Says:

    You’re trusting someone who runs a competing show? Paul has a show called ‘What the Tech’.

  51. MHazell Says:

    I remember Windows XP as being a great system, still used in the business and educational market.

    The worst Windows system ever known is ………..WINDOWS ME

  52. Anonymous Says:

    I’m actually in a warm blanket right now, and you just made me shiver, but its true!! Ugh I hated those days…

  53. Giocapalbo Says:

     untrue. ME was bas, but reasonably bad in the context of year 2000. Vista was horrible. It had slow file transfer, ridiculous.

  54. Giocapalbo Says:

    Yes gnome is doing stupid stuff too, but
     1) they don’t force you to use it, you can easily install 20 alternatives
    2) it’s opensource so anybody can fork.
    3) ex. Cinnamon
    4) They won’t charge you 100$ and force all offices to adopt their asinine concept.

    is that enough or you want more detail?

  55. Zicoz Says:

    The only thing bad about Vista after SP1 is it’s reputation, Windows Me was so terrible it got pulled of the market.

  56. XXX Says:

    Even the april fool’s pods have crappy godaddy ads.

  57. Giocapalbo Says:

    I think we all agree both Me and Vista where negative in the performance and functionality dimensions. .-)

  58. InterKnight Says:

    Wow! There was definitely a lot of “Action” in this episode. Multiple system freezes, Solitaire and Internet Explorer not loading, and the numerous reboots out of necessity. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time wondering what would happen next!

    Yes, I know that this post is out of its time because I missed the show last week, but boy it sure got my adrenaline flowing this afternoon! Just had a second little one born last month, and this show just gave me the burst of energy I needed to get through the day! :)

    Seriously, keep up the good work!

  59. Dyrver Eriksson Says:

    Been trying Windows 8 Consumer Preview for a while now, did you update the system before this? Most apps will launch for me, but SSD support is so bad it’s not even funny aka bluescreens a lot. The messaging app is still buggy and no updates for a long while (it will log out when it isn’t onscreen.) I’m so excited! Linux devs should really work  hard and take advantage of this, get some Linux PC’s out there, put them side by side with this Metro dohickey and I’ll bet it will draw in more interest, esp for KDE. =) Just a note, rumors say they will allow you to disable Metro once Windows 8 is launched, they just force it on you for the CP to get more testers.

  60. nuno pinheiro Says:


  61. Cheap oakley sunglasses Says:

    Many people believe the terms “replica” and also “fake” are identical

  62. MHazell Says:

    Well Vista could have been better if it was put on the proper hardware that it needed. Part of the performance issues are in fault of the OEMs not putting on the proper hardware

  63. MHazell Says:

    Hmm…I didn’t really know that there was a Windows Action Show. Must have been a special.

  64. MHazell Says:

    That would require more time to make the two shows.

    Besides, Bryan is a Linux guy. He has made that known loud and clear.

  65. MHazell Says:

    You surely know your Windows.

    How about you make a RAR (or ZIP) of the C:WindowsMedia folder for Windows 98 and post a Link. Or email me at my website’s email.

  66. MHazell Says:

    Windows 8 would have to have a feature to only use the Desktop mode of it by default, and boot into that be default. They also better put the start button back where it was, or I’m not getting it. Period.

    I am a classic Windows user, and I like to keep the traditional Windows. I would either buy Windows 7 or move to Ubuntu, which I am already good at using.

  67. MHazell Says:

    But it is not as popular as Linux.

  68. MHazell Says:

    Well I thought that the Windows action show was actually a real show. Although they should make a Windows Action Show.

  69. MHazell Says:

    They would have to add the traditional Windows desktop as an option to be the default interface, and have that interface at boot time, so I don’t even have to touch metro.

    They would also have to have added the start button back where it is normally supposed to be. I like the traditional Windows desktop.

    They would have to do those two things for me to get Windows 8.

  70. JackDeth Says:

    I’m sorry, but this almost made me throw up from laughing so hard. This just makes me hate Windows all the more. Every person I’ve talked to who has tried Windows 8 preview has said they hate it. This just solidifies in my mind exactly WHY they hate it so much. This is going to be simply aweful!! I have a feeling I will soon have more Linux converts than ever before…..

  71. Bondy2007 Says:

    if [ -d windows ] ; then
    rm -rf windows

    Cant wait for windows 8 the best os ever!

  72. Bondy2007 Says:

    missed fi :)

  73. lifeform23 Says:

    I may have peed myself laughing during this episode

  74. Teddybozzio Says:

    this time i’m disappointed with you guys. you’re always poised and balanced, with that touch of fun that adds taste to your review. but with wcp you were unfair. your review doesn’t show ANY of the real features of the new UI, i can see you didn’t even know how to run a program the right way (press super and type the name dudes!!!)… so strange of you. well i love your show and your reviews (i’m married, don’t get strange ideas, ok?) so i expect you to be more “just” with the new microsoft os when the time is right. i myself hate the metro ui, but that’s not enough to make a personal feeling an official judgement, i believe win8 will be the best win ever, maybe among the best OSs ever, if only microsoft will listen to the users’ voices and does something with that crazy interface. still, God bless you guys.

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