Chat with Heretic | STOked 117

Chat with Heretic | STOked 117

We chat with Geoff “Heretic” Tuffli, the creator of Star Trek Online’s Duty Officer System. Heretic shares insights into how the system works, future ideas, and a few surprises. Plus we get some hints about Fleet Starbases!

Mav covers the tips you need to know if your STO account is ever hacked, and what steps you can take to get the best response from support. Plus we dig into the Field Generator Console controversy!

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Show Notes:


Triollogy of DOFF episodes.

  • STO relaunched in the EU – link
  • STO Calendar Updated for April – link
  • 1-7. Klingon Awareness Week (Community)
  • 5. New Klingon Mission
  • 5. First Contact Day
  • 5-9. First Contact Event
  • 13. Friday the 13th Event
  • 18. Foundry Challenge #2 Voting (Forums)
  • New Loot container graphics on Tribble – link


  • Leaked Romulan Ship – D’eridex Defender. Sneak peek at new content?  link
  • First Contact Day Celebration details – “Celebrate First Contact Day with the crew of the Enterprise-F at Utopia Planitia (2nd Pic) ! Pick up a replica of the Phoenix!”
  • Field Generator & Vent Theta Radiation consoles nerfed heavily – link (Comm Feed Tease)
  • IDIC Tribble – profession based buffs & a bonus to having a team containing at least one of each profession – link (Small Graphics Glitch Discovered)

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Community Feedback:

  • Account Security – My Hacking/Restoration Experience
  • Field Generator & Vent Theta Radiation consoles nerfed heavily?

29 Responses to “Chat with Heretic | STOked 117”

  1. Ondřej Melich Says:

    Nice Chat with heretic :)

  2. Zorena Says:

    Vulcans are good for airlocks. I agree on that.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    *squee* Heretic! Long live the King of the Doffs!
    By the way does Heretic know that missions arent giving available/or not clues properly regarding the gamma doffs.
    Yay for Fleet Bases! and Fleet Advancement!
    First Priority for me would be to give my 1st officer doff based powers, that 1st officer system.
    Sorry to hear about your being hacked Mav.

    By the way you guys had a link for a D’deridex, but it went to your fleet site, any chance you can get a link where those of us in other fleets can see them?

  4. Hugablysoft Says:

    Ummm ,
        Yall didnt realy even discuss the field console nerf u basicly just said it was done you missed the whole reason it was made a science console was to boost the science abilities and by nerfing it so badly they have actually weekened it, cause now to get the 35% you have to stak them which means you have to take out other science consoles which make those area even weeker, when yall bring these things up you realy need to discuss them, and to say well they may bring out something even better later on well thats later on and a maybe, it seems ya not realy researching these thing sout to properly discuss them. I love the show and i know you want to keep things moveing but when the jman was there he realy research these things out .

  5. STOked Viewer Says:

    YES! First Contact PHOENIX!

  6. Infinite Chaos Says:

    I was encouraged, yet disappointed at the same time. Heretic has already spoken more on the subject of Fleet Starbases in the STO forums. May I make a suggestion for the next time you guys talk to a dev? Look at all of their STO forum posts from the last month to gauge what they’re working on exactly and how they contribute the overall picture. If they’ve disclosed some things in the forum that seem to be interesting, then ask for clarification. We all know they can’t divulge everything, but a few good follow ups can go a loooong way in helping the community get seriously STOked.

  7. Arthur Borko Says:

    If you’re seeing a problem with the Doff System then the best way to make Heretic Aware of it is to file a bug, then make a post on the forums for him to take note. Just title the thread accordingly.

  8. Joyboy79 Says:

    Great show guys, loved that it was an hour long, I do enjoy the long shows, keep them up.

    Regarding hacked accounts, we need a Physical Security Key like they have on SWTOR, I’d definately pay for added security to the game.

  9. Leprech Says:

    SWTOR might have security keys, but it also needs to address this! . Great show guys. Feeling the STO love.

  10. CedricO Says:

    Fix exploration. Although im talking to a brick wall. They’d rather focus on the 47% of the population where not everybody who are part of a fleet actually care about it. And whats worse, if you tie in the Doff system to closely to starbases you’ll force people who dont even care about fleets but do care about Doffs to be confronted with the other. I still think this is a colossal waste of time, and will prob end up like ship interiors.

    Its Star Trek… nothing is more important then exploration, anybody who doubts that just isnt a star Trek fan. And as somebody who dislikes people saying that. Im wholeheartedly convinced of that. Go run the intro’s to any of the series and see wich ones dont talk about exploration or exploring the unknown but do talk about zomg fleets and zomg building bases…. “This is just a game” has been used as an excuse to often.

    Nobody seems to bother to think what this will actually do the the current social zones. Or the added amount of loading screens when you fly to your fleet’s starbase, and i do hope its instanced because i dont wanna see your  fleet’s starbase anywhere in the galaxy. or 20k of them for each 2 man fleet in the game. What USE does fleet starbases bring to the game that is enough to make people start on them, and how will they keep it unimportant enough to NOT force people to join fleets? People are just jumping up and down for this to much without thinking it through.

    Compare that to what a good and decent exploration system would do to STO. To EVERYBODY not just those who care about fleets and being forced into a so far asocial community’s artifical hierarchy. This isnt a social game, i havent had a decent conversation with anybody in it so far. And i come from City of Heroes where everybody says hi to you when you login, and chats about anything and everything because they are respected. So please dont go down the force people to be social route… its not going to work.

    for the love of Jezus, Mohammed, Buddah and who-ever your savior/god/rolemodel may be. Stop staring yourself blind on the importance of fleets and focus instead on something 100% of the community will care about if it gets fixed.

    Personally i dont even care what people react to this. Its obvious the Star Trek community is fractured and doesnt share a unified view on what is Trek. I dont know why the hell i even bother to post my opinion anymore. To bad im not insane enough to cut out my frontal lobe so i can blindly jump up and down about it as you people.

    And for the love of god english isnt my first language, you’ll forgive the typo’s.

  11. AGNT009 Says:

    I like Heretic now. I can see he really is an ally for the players. I was and still am miffed that the DOFF system came before the 1st officer system, but I feel better now that the guy who will bring it to us eventually will do it well. Chris, NEVER worry about running long if you have a Dev on the show. Great stuff. 

  12. Thomas Cruz Says:

    We are still gathering math mechanics in that topic. Its starting to look worse than originally stated. we are still looking into it with internal testing. 

  13. Thomas Cruz Says:

    We will check the links and fix them accordingly, thanks for the alert.

  14. Thomas Cruz Says:

    I understand what you are saying completely. However while you say fix exploration, you dont say exactly what you feel is wrong with it or offer anything we can take back to the devs to improve it. Send us an email a and break it down for us so we can submit your conceptual rework for a more verbose exploration system.

  15. Commander88 Says:

    Ok…I do agree with your comment about the nature of the playerbase in STO vs. CoH, for starters. I’ve been in a number of Fleets that’ve collapsed, and am in 3 others right now which either don’t talk to each other, or only talk to their “friends”, and can’t even be bothered to reply to a “Hello”, when you can see 40 people on (but they can talk non-stop about sex, to the point where I can’t even see the Galor announcemnts on the screen). Sadly enough, or fortunately, I’m a lifer and not paying for the general level of disdain and rudeness that permeates the STO community. (Guess I should be really glad I’m not playing EVE tho)

    I understand people may be busy, STFing, and so forth, but the general level of rudeness in STO just boggles my mind, and it amazes me how they’ll be able to afford Fleet bases, unless it’s only the “cool” members of the Fleet who’ve ground out EC to pay for a base. (And don’t expect to “tax” me for your clubhouse…I’d rather leave your rude dupa Fleet first)

    But, I honestly don’t know how to fix this; while I’m not in-game 10 hours a day, I would like to find reasonable people to do STFs with, or chat casually, or to even just say “Hello” to so it doesn’t seem like I’m playing a solo game.

    I think for Exploration (if you think STO follows the 4X model), we need to go back to a mix of “assigned” explore mishes per level before VA, and then ones that can be found randomly as you’re flying around the quads; but it should be *slightly* easier to locate them…maybe with a pop-up from your crew saying you’re picking up signals from X system or, stealing something from ME, indicators on the sector map from “probes that were sent out recently” or some blahblah like that.

    Even if this was linked into the Doff system, or the First Officer system (in the future), it could be a good way for someone to explore in a solo fashion. Unfortunately, doing Explore mishes (at least if you watch the series’) is a “solo” effort; I don’t think Fleets will be going out in packs of 5 to hit every Explore pop-up, unless there’s something in it (badges/crafting components/phat lewtz) for them to do so.

    Just my thoughts…

  16. Luke Es | sE ekuL Says:

    Assuming you haven’t already been snapped up by someone in the awesome Jupiter Force, please send me an in-game mail to @ Brackynews and we’ll get you all set up with another terrific fleet. I did leave my last fleet due to inactivity (especially on the KDF side), and am very happy with my new home. I felt *exactly* like your middle paragraph for a long time, but I’ve been playing STO more than any other game for the last 3 months because I now have something bigger to actually contribute to. And it’s never radio silence on the comm channels. 😉

  17. Alan Elliott Says:

    I had prepared a bunch of questions on Fleet Starbases but for the purposes of this interview Heretic did not have clearance to discuss that particular subject. 

    Our research does include dev tracker posts being checked for pertinent questions and then we show a list of our questions prior to the interview, some get through and others don’t.Overall he conveyed a lot of information in this episode and getting more from him on Starbases would have been a nice cherry on top. 

  18. J.Kirk Says:

    Great show thanks

  19. Alan Elliott Says:

    You should submit an application to Jupiter Force here :

    You will be amazed at how much more fun the game can be with a solid group around you.

  20. GeeMan Says:

    Great show. Heretic should have been the EP, then we would
    have had an epic game.

     Can’t call JamJamz’s Phoenix
    a replica, it’s more like a very cheap knock off. The textures are so wrong, nothing
    like the film. The “Star Trek The Next Generation Sketch Book The Moives
    Generations and First Contact” has some wonderful and detailed drawings of the Phoenix,
    perhaps he should have check them out first, or the film. “The Star Trek
    Encylopedia” has the correct colour gold and the shape of the ship.  These two books should be some of the
    reference guides that Cryptic uses. 

    Judging by JamJamz comments on the forum,
    he does not care about Star Trek or the accuracy of Trek ships. If JamJamz is
    on next weeks show, I for one will not be watching.

  21. Hugablysoft Says:

    ok cool i was hopeing yall would , it need to be and cryptic need to pay attention i hope they do

  22. Anonymous Says:

    It would be interesting to know from PWE/Cryptic how many passwords were changed in the days following this episode.   I bet there’s loads!

  23. Commander88 Says:

    My posting name here is the same as my @name:twitter in game. I also believe I’m looking in the right places for social chat, at least.

    The forums are what they are, and unless you have tons of time to read and post there, you wind up taking them with a grain of salt.

    Zone chat is what it is, and I don’t really pay tons of attention to it. Channels like Priority One only seem to be active when they want to pimp the latest release of their podcast.

    The Accolade channel is usually a good place to do some Q&A.
    DOFFJOBS more often than not seems to be the place to argue about “the sheet”, and everything involving “the sheet”, and has spawned at least 2 other ancillary channels for posting about “the sheet”, or for selling Doffs.

    REDALERT used to be pretty good, but since there’s a lot less interest in RAs, it doesn’t seem to get much action anymore beyond random chat.

    EliteSTFs is usually busy, but I’d hate to try and join an STF being formed there for fear of not doing everything exactly perfectly. While I’d like to learn how to do STFs better, and do some more frequently, I’d prefer not to be berated because I didn’t read someone’s mind, a la Officespace.

    I’m sure there are other channels, and I’ve been in-game since Beta, but finding one where it’s just adults pleasantly chatting with each other about the game and not being asshats is hit or miss.

    And I’m sure YMMV in comparison to mine; someone reading/watching here may love a channel I’ve posted about for their own reasons.

  24. juptown74 Says:

    Sadly, I just found after returning from vacation that my STO account was hacked too.  I’m hoping they are as helpful at restoring my account, as they were Mav’s.  This obviously wasn’t an isolated incident.

  25. NecroBones Says:

    lol, my Bat’leth made it into the show. That’s my green bed-spread and everything. Heh. :)

  26. Cronon666 Says:

    My god fat boy guy whining about being able to level from doff assignments yeah because people want to take forever leveling and to be honest if he had a brain he would be dangerous since doing the same missions over and over again in order to levle a new toon is extremely boring but then again am Asian thus am smarter than him. What I want to see is being able to use your vice rank to premote your other toons and that would be great so you would have be bored to death. I am so sick and tired of everyone sucking up to cryptic and complaining about things that make life easier please feel free to not speak. Also I hate the elitism in sto these days among those damn lifers why do they get all the really good stuff all the time while gold members get absolutely nothing in return this is something that needs to be addressed so that we get the upper on hand on those people for a change and by the way stop telling the entire world about exploits that make life generally easier in sto it ruins it for everyone else you stupid bunch of morons 

  27. Peter Langdon Says:

    The HD video download link is broken :(

  28. Xkorobovx Says:

    lol you have to be the dumbest Asian in the world. Learn some english you funny looking chink, some punctuation would be decent also. Lifers have been around longer than most, sunk more time and money into the game than you casual noobs.

  29. Peter Langdon Says:

    It’s STILL broken. When are you guys going to fix it?

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