Webcam Studio Howto | LAS | s21e04

Webcam Studio Howto | LAS | s21e04

We’re back in the ACTION saddle, and we’re playing Linux catchup. We cover the week’s top news stories, and teach you how to use WebCam Studio LIKE A BOSS!

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Matt’s Howto: WebcamStudio

For months now, I’ve received requests to do a how-to on WebcamStudio. I’ve held off on this, since the developer has stated outright that the software is about to go under some heavy changes. Still, I am the co-pilot on the project so to speak, so I thought I’d throw everyone a bone and show them how to run WebcamStudio on Ustream.

You can download WebcamStudio from this link.
This segment demonstrates how you can run multiple webcams, plus how you can even add in some transitions as well on the Wild Dog PC from during a live broadcast.

Flash troubles with Ustream? If you find that Flash is giving you the allow/deny box and you cannot click into it, try this below.

1- Visit this url

2- Next, look for a reference to the site giving you trouble. In my case, it was

3- Highlight the entry with your mouse, then choose always allow.

4- Close the browser, then re-open it and visit Ustream once again, then try to broadcast again. Both your audio and video will work.

5- Now close the browser again, open up webcam studio, then visit Ustream to broadcast once again. Once there, choose the video source pull down for WebcamStudio. Audio source, should be your webcam or USB headset.

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9 Responses to “Webcam Studio Howto | LAS | s21e04”

  1. Stephen Martin Says:

    Just so others know, I am the owner of the webcamstudio-svn package in the AUR.  Let me know how you like it!
    The AUR package is slightly out of date (it installs revision 226, and wcstudio is at 230), but that is for a reason (it takes me forever to test whether the update still works w/ the package build)

  2. Boop Says:

    You should be hating gnome, slashdot says so!

    I hate gnome because its gnome and I hated it since gnome1.
    KDE is boss.

  3. dave Says:

    Chris, it’s brass tacks, not brass taxes. :-)

  4. Mike Powell Says:

    The HD video link downloads a video that says it can only be played in the blip video. Not sure if this is a feature or a bug.

  5. Mike Powell Says:

    Update: look ike normal HD downloading has resumed…

  6. Garegin16 Says:

    i don’t understand the point. why not use a properly made editing program like adobe premier. either you are a masochist or a free software zealot to use open source alpha-grade garbage like this.

  7. Zane Says:

    Dude you would know that Adobe does not offer Linux versions of its software (apart from Flash) right? ?

  8. Garegin16 Says:

     yes. if i’m doing serious video editing I’m not going to use Linux. almost all linux apps lag behind their proprietary counterparts. the only program I can think that is unique to linux is ddrescue. i’m sorry but linux fanboys have to stop looking at spinning cubez and face the reality.

  9. 745845 Says:

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