Ubuntu 12.04 Review | LAS | s21e06

Ubuntu 12.04 Review | LAS | s21e06

It’s our review of Ubuntu 12.04. Does Conical have a winner on its hands? Or is this new release, a STINKY-McSTINKER?! Tune in to find out!

PLUS: How to remotely control any desktop, new of a heavyweight video editor might be headed to Linux in a matter of weeks, we’ve got the details!

And so much more!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Ubuntu 12.04 Review:

Matt’s Howto:

1) To install the remote desktop app for Chrome, visit this link

2) Select Add to Chrome.

3) New dialog appears, choose Add.

4) The app will begin downloading and automatically, add itself to your Chrome apps.

5) Access the Chrome apps by opening a new tab in a current version of Google Chrome.

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35 Responses to “Ubuntu 12.04 Review | LAS | s21e06”

  1. MHazell Says:

    Ubuntu 12.04 isn’t even released yet, so how do you do a review?

  2. Rafael Rojas Says:

     because is already in feature freeze and stable enough to be used

  3. Jallen89 Says:

     How can listeners take such serious?

  4. Garegin16 Says:

    i’m sorry but this is NOT a replacement for Windows 7. forget about GNUfreedom for a moment and look at the features. windows 7 blows this out of the water. and i’m saying that someone who doesn’t even like Windows. unity is also uglier than gnome shell.

  5. Mohan Says:

    Good review guys, I have been using Ubuntu 12.04 since the first beta and I love it. I like Unity a lot and it has become my DE.  I would have added talking about the refined log on screen, it is really nice, smooth and fast now. Not to mention it takes the user’s background as the background for the log on screen when that user is highlighted.

  6. Gentoo4Life Says:

     I must say I’ve grown to love Unity…and I’m someone who always preferred minimalist desktop environments like openbox and awesome.  The keyboard shortcuts to the dash, lenses, HUD, the launcher…it’s a dream for those that prefer to mostly use the keyboard.  I only wish Unity was available on some other distros (although I hear the guys over at Arch are working on it).

  7. georgezilla Says:

    If they do, that will be another OS that I add to my list. The one with Metro and G3 on it.

  8. georgezilla Says:

    Because what you see in this Beta, is likely exactly what you will see in the final release.  In what something like the next 8 days? It is called 12.4 for a reason.

  9. Rafael Rojas Says:

     Well there is an unofficial repo for archlinux with unity precompiled packages, actually is the whole ubuntu desktop (unity, HUD i think, artwork, some apps) but for arch, last time i checked it it worked prerfectly on my archbox.

    the repo here:  http://ayatana.info/

  10. georgezilla Says:

    I mean, the list of OSs that I WILL NOT be using. Sorry if I confused you

  11. georgezilla Says:

    You know, after reading more then a few of your previous posts, it’s hard to believe that you don’t use Windows. Just saying.

  12. georgezilla Says:

    Exactly the same way that you expect others to take you seriously! You do expect them to don’t you?

    But then again. Yours was a very child like, immature ( <– correct spelling by the way 😛 ), silly, and any other words meaning anything near the same, comment.

    But hey, none of us are perfect.

  13. Gentoo4Life Says:

     If you won’t use an OS simply because it supports a window manager (that you don’t HAVE to use), then you have some pretty serious issues.  Like…major issues.

  14. DubbaC Says:

    Really? I only use Win 7 when I have to. 

  15. Alphonsus Says:

    Chris reminds me of Spanky and Bryan is Alfalfa.

  16. georgezilla Says:

    I’m sorry. Was I talking to, or about you?

    No? No! Huh. Well imagine that.

    So much ignorance. So much undeserved arrogance. So much false narcissism and vanity. But don’t worry, with luck you will grow out of it.

  17. sean_m Says:

    That remote desktop Chrome app is fantastic!

  18. Marco Shamas Says:

    The fact is that they said on twitter that was downloaded yesterday. To make an accurate review you need a longer time.

  19. Stephan Goosen Says:

    Something you said caught my attention.  That “widgets are the next logical step.”  And, then I remembered this post: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/05/how-to-run-kde-plasma-widgets-in-ubuntu-unity/  Which basically documents how to use plasma desktop and unity together.

    The thing is that Unity is built predominantly on Compiz, which as far as I understand runs on all DEs, I’ve found that I can run Unity on my Kubuntu desktop on top of everything else without too many problems.  Does this mean that Ubuntu could switch over to another DE without too many complications?

    So, I was wondering, is it perhaps possible that “Ubuntu” could become desktop agnostic?  Mark Shuttleworth mentioned official versions of Ubuntu customized for local areas, with local languages, news feeds, etc.

    So, how far removed would it be, for Canonical to step back and hand over the DE and default software choices to various communities like Kubuntu/Lubuntu/Xubuntu or else UK-Ubuntu, USA-Ubuntu, etc.  and simply focus on developing the common software like APT and Unity, which gets slapped ontop as a Compiz plugin?

  20. Guest Says:

    Does anyone know when is Unity going to be ported to other Linux distributions?

  21. Nathaniel Sabanski Says:

    Find a new sponsor. 

    GoDaddy makes you look bad due to their involvement in writing and lobbying for the anti-internet freedom SOPA and PIPA bills in early 2012.

  22. MHazell Says:

    I’m so glad that those bills are not going to be passed.

  23. Raoul Verveer Says:

    Do you really have to talk that loud constantly? So irrinoying… I can’t watch the first two minutes, because my veins shrink and my blood pressure reaches an unhealthy level.

  24. C911 Says:

    So, what you are saying is that if an OS have certain packages available in their repository, you won’t use that OS?
    Do you also chose to not drive cars because they have the option to play a Justin Bieber CD? With that logic, how do you deal with TV? Or even use the internet?

    You do realize how stupid that makes you sound, right?

  25. C911 Says:

    The fact is that it IS a replacement for many people RIGHT NOW (and a much superior one at it), so you’re wrong right off the bat there.

    Also, if you look at the features beyond the shiny buttons in the middle of your screen (and I don’t think that this is necessary. At all.), Windows can’t hold a candle to the versatility and functionality that Linux offers.

    You’re either a troll or… uhm. Hmm..
    No, you’re a troll.

  26. Spikkle Says:

    Unfortunately, the Pebble is NOT on Linux.  I already kickstart contributed, so I’ll have one either way.  I would not have bought it if I hadn’t thought it was running Linux.  

    After reading all kinds of info on hacking and app development, I find…  https://twitter.com/#!/pebblewatch/status/191231660057051136
    Sorry guys.  Oh well, should have researched BEFORE buying.  Hopefully it will be a nice watch once I replace the plastic band. :-)

  27. ChrisLAS Says:


    Thanks for letting us know,

  28. Matthew E Johnson Says:

    I agree with this Ubuntu release being more polished than ever. The desktop thus far is very well spaced, smooth, and solid.  The side dock thing is fixed compared to the 11s (which made me switch distros back to 10.04). I’ve been waiting for and looking forward to this version for a long time. It is GOOD!

  29. nxuul Says:

     Volume control?

  30. WeAreGeek Says:


  31. xovan Says:

     DescentOS is still not on distrowatch at this time roflmao

  32. Joe Germain Says:

    Chris and/or Brian: Is Unity your new favorite desktop, or is it something else? I wanted to know your opinions.

  33. 6698754 Says:

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