Relaxing | FauxShow 88

Relaxing | FauxShow 88

Angela and Chris share some popular ways to relax, a few tips, and things that help you chill out!

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Denver writes “OMG! Chris calls Allan a \”DOUCHE\” live on air during TechSNAP 40

Jason writes “What was the guy\’s contact info with the kegging system. I want to do that :)”

😀 i told you it was coming 😀 Yep- i made it the ang\’roll
here is the mediafire link (sorry i dont have youtube)

2 Responses to “Relaxing | FauxShow 88”

  1. seannewboy Says:

    The most amusing episode ever. Way to nail the intro, most relaxing episode ever!

    As for gaming, i would think it would depend on what people think of when you say the word gaming. MW3 would not be relaxing but something like solitaire might.

  2. ale Says:

    someone has been smoking … ? xDDD niice intro!

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