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Egyptian Astronomy & Smog | Jupiter Broadcasting

Egyptian Astronomy & Smog | SciByte 45

We take a look at how the Egyptians are helping astronomical models today, a star being eaten, strange smog contributors, the upcoming Venus transit, viewer feedback, SpaceX spacecraft update, and as always take a peek back into history and up in the sky this week.

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Egyptian Astronomy helping further today’s models

Credit: astro.physics.uiowa.edu | Credit: nightskyinfo.com

*— NEWS BYTE — *

Black hole munching on stars

Image Credit: NASA, S. Gezari, A. Rest, and R. Chornock

See smog, think cows

Credit: NASA | Credit : USDA.gov


Venus Transit Upcoming on June 5th / 6th



SpaceX Dragon flight delay


Looking back

Looking up this week