Cannabis Prohibition | Unfilter 1

Cannabis Prohibition | Unfilter 1

We look at the history of the controversial weed, life before it was illegal, how it became illegal, what keeps it that way, and why it\’s all finally changing.

Plus – We introduce the new show, chat about some of our plans, and more!

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ACT ONE: Devil Weed

ACT TWO: Times are Changin

ACT THREE: About the Show

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39 Responses to “Cannabis Prohibition | Unfilter 1”

  1. qtuk Says:

    yes at last i get to see it!!! thanks for the quick post chris ūüėÄ

  2. Zyxon Says:

    Interesting show, and the intro is AWESOME. Thanks for the great work.

  3. Fredo Says:

    At this point, it’s not a question of whether or not every single episode will spawn a flamewar, but more a question of how many per episode.

  4. ChrisLAS Says:

    We’re hoping to channel that kinda feedback into Skype calls, where we want to create more of a “discussion” environment, and not a verbale battle.¬†

    It’s not that crazy, the general Jupiter Broadcasting¬†audience¬†is a real cut above the rest. I really have been humbled by my¬†audience¬†over the years. I trust that we can make it work.

  5. Alex M Says:

    Maybe you people should vote for Gary Johnson look him up. 

  6. Alex M Says:

    pat robbberson owns slaves in¬†Africa…look it up, its for a¬†diamond¬†mine

  7. Arthur Borko Says:

    I wish I knew you were doing this Episode Chris, I’d have loved to have been on it. Being the smoker that I am.

  8. fejao Says:

    Great show guys…keep the good things

  9. Ubiquity Says:

    Was hoping for a video show, LAS and SNAP are great because of that.

  10. MaTachi Says:

    Great show!

  11. sfantu Says:

    Here is my take on THC , and any other drug.
    If i choose to harm myself, you , or society have no business in my welfare . I’m free to cut myself .. drug myself … poison myself … commit suicide. If you/society try to stop me you are a criminal and you have to Be imprisoned/stopped.

    And if you bring the topic that i might become violent or stupid after consuming the drug … then the problem ain’t the drug but me… because regardless if i take the drug or not if I’m violent or stupid then I should be imprisoned regardless of the state of sobriety.
    You can’t convict me because i MIGHT do something… you can only convict me of something I’ve done and the argument that i MIGHT become violent AIN’T equal to I WAS VIOLENT so this argument is invalid …. and criminal.
    Anti drug fighting police are MURDERS and responsible for the time drug dealers and drug users spent in prison, and all the damages they endured during that period, but also for the damages that arose from their  imprisonment therefore they should PERSONALLY pay the financial retributions.

  12. david Says:

    I’m excited about the new show. Love your ambition and hard work. Just be careful with this show to not stray into conspiracy theorist territory. I almost got that vibe. It’s okay to criticize the media (for sure), but always maintain rational skepticism. This means doing research, ahkk. Glad I don’t have to do it. lol

  13. ChrisLAS Says:

    Leave us a voice mail, that would be awesome!

  14. Nocantdo Says:

    Really? It’s “not just you masturbating” ? Nice!

  15. Jim Says:



    You need to be careful with the
    direction you take shows on Jupiter Broadcasting.

    Since Jupiter Broadcasting is a
    business, and your source of income, it would be EXTREMELY unwise to use shows to take positions on any controversial
    political or social issues. Once you take any position on political
    or social matters, you will be alienating a percentage of your
    viewing audience. Thus directly impacting the bottom line of your

    I never knew what your politics were
    prior to looking through your Unfilter web site.

    You are making a big business mistake
    with Unfilter.

  16. ChrisLAS Says:

    Hi Jim,

    I’ve thought a lot about this. I think the¬†quality¬†and¬†responsibility¬†we’re going to take with the show will speak for it self.


  17. Jim Says:

     You have a big problem right there.

    This first episode of Unfilter had absolutely zero quality and most especially zero responsibility.

    If you are going to be doing shows on political issues, you at least have to make some kind of attempt at balance. You are going to have to present arguments from all sides of the issue and you need guests on the show to argue the opposing sides.

    You have done none of that here. You didn’t even make an attempt.

    The show was little more than an “emotional” opinions of people on one side.

    I have always enjoyed LAS and TechSnap. I was even considering supporting JB by making all future purchases from Amazon and NewEgg from your affiliate links.

    Now that JB is embarking in the realm of one-sided “emotionally structured” politics, I will have to reconsider any support for JB.

    Experienced business people stay away from involving their businesses in political issues. You will always loose potential customers you would have attracted otherwise when you stride down that road.

  18. Ubiquity Says:

    ¬†I think it’s about time more people did discuss issues that do really matter. While not everyone may agree with topics that are political or religious, its discussion that needs to happen. I would suggest sticking to the facts as much as possible, and unfortunately there are many facts that challenge popular beliefs. One advantage of the IT industry is that most “wise” decisions are based on facts and statistics. I think of this content as educational, better for the greater good of people.

  19. franzkafka Says:

    Whelp… there goes my sponsorship of JB… after watching the livestream of STOked (which was, IMO heinously negative about the game) and now this, the network is taking a turn in a direction I can’t (and won’t) support with my money.. . Good luck to you Chris and to the network.¬†

    I think you’re a good guy and I wish you success, but I can’t in good conscience give money to something I am so fundamentally opposed to. I think that¬†politicizing¬†the network like this is a HUGE mistake and will lead to a loss of revenue for you and yours. I hope that’s not the case, but I can see it coming.

  20. franzkafka Says:

    I agree – I don’t come to JB for political commentary. I come here for funny dudes and gals talking about Linux, beer, video games and “the best lower third on the internet”.¬†

    Turning this network into a podium for your political views (whatever they may be) is sure to alienate at least a portion of your viewership and hurt the network (and presumably, your profit). Your painting yourself into more and more of a niche for people who will support the network – so now, your demographic is nerdy videogamers / network administrators who support cannabis use and legalization.

    Now, a more balanced treatment, I could see. But this was not balanced and did not reflect my perspective on the issue in any way, which is why I find it hard to give my money to you. Just as I wouldn’t donate to a political party that had a platform built on cannabis legalization, regardless of the remainder of their platform, I can’t give money to a network that prevents a very one-sided, apologist pro-cannabis show (which, given the last Faux Show in which this was covered, is clearly where your political leanings lie).¬†IMO, this is a BAD turn of events. This is not why people come to Jupiter Broadcasting and it will not draw in new viewers, and WILL drive away existing ones (like myself).¬†

    Shut her down, Chris before you do irreversible damage to the network. 

  21. Chris Johnson Says:

    Great Show. A lot of people are saying
    that Jupiter Broadcasting shouldn’t do a show like this because it
    is political. I personally think it is ok because political issues
    are affecting the tech world more and more( SOPA, PIPA, ACTA,CISPA ).   

  22. wheim Says:

    Interesting show for sure. I have a couple problems with it however:
    You all share the same view on this issue. Which makes it more of a speech on why Cannabis shouldn’t be prohibited, rather than what it should be, which is a discussion about the benefits and problems about cannabis.
    Add to it that only one of you have tried it, and you get an extremely one-sided and opinion-based episode.

    As for the people talking about dropping support for JB because of this:
    Really?! You want to stop supporting them because you don’t agree with one episode of one show? grow up!

  23. franzkafka Says:

    I wouldn’t give money to a political candidate whose views I don’t agree with, and I won’t give money to a network that is promoting a political agenda I don’t agree with. Had this been an equitable, balanced discussion as opposed to a clearly apologist, pro-cannabis argument with no alternative views represented, I wouldn’t have had an issue. This is promotion, not discussion.¬†

  24. David Miller Says:

    Hey David,

    There is actually a lot of that research or links to research on the filterfree blog. ¬†It’s not all that extensive yet, but it is steadily growing — check it out.

  25. David Miller Says:

    Hi Jim,

    I wanted to respond to both of your comments in this one post, if you don’t mind.

    I noticed that you warned Chris that “once you take a position on political or social matters, you will be alienating a percentage of your viewing audience.” While that is¬†undoubtedly (and unfortunately)¬†true, it is also the case that he will gain new listeners who are interested in hearing and discussing exactly these sort of issues. ¬†Also, the only listeners that will be lost are those who can’t stand to hear any perspective with which they disagree. ¬†Those are also the ones who are least likely to even watch such a program in the first place.

    This is, of course, their right, but if we are talking about responsibility, it would be good to remember that one of the most important responsibilities (not just rights) of any citizen in a representative democracy is to be engaged in political discussion.  After all, even when that representation is imperfect, it still exists to some degree.  That is why figures such as Thomas Jefferson were so keen on pushing for the freedom of the press and expression, something we now take for granted.  Like John Jay and many others, Jefferson believed that only an informed populace could maintain a true democracy.  While it is true that many of the early framers believed those rights and responsibilities should be limited to white males who owned property, that is a wrong which has since been put right, so the responsibility lies with all of us.

    You went on to state that Chris didn’t “even make an attempt” to allow “arguments from all sides.” ¬†But he explicitly has. ¬†For one, as with all of his shows, you are able to leave public comments such as the one you have posted. ¬†One measure of his fairness is that none of these are ever deleted. ¬†Even more importantly, with respect to this show, at least, you will have the opportunity to call in and express your views directly over Skype. ¬†The number was posted during the show, but in case you missed it, it is 425 312 1756. ¬†That is about as democratic as you can be, in my view. ¬†I personally think that is even better than having “expert” guests, because it allows for not just a handful of perspectives,but for any perspective at all. ¬†

    It is not that having guests is a bad idea, but you have to realize that arranging to have guests takes a great deal of time and sometimes, a bit of money.  As the show grows in popularity, this will become easier, but I think it might be a little unfair to expect him to have expert guests lined up for the first episode.  I can attest to this from personal experience, having been involved in booking guest speakers while I was studying political science.  Expert guests are in great demand, and many of them are booked for many months (sometimes literally years) in advance.  Not surprisingly, many of these experts choose to speak in places where they will reach the greatest audience, especially those who are truly passionate about their work.  Hopefully, Unfilter will become one of those venues, but it is simply unfair to expect that to be the case after only one podcast.

    I am sure that not everyone wants to read an essay, but I would like to make one final reply concerning your decision to potentially not support Jupiter Broadcasting. ¬†If you remain unconvinced, and truly have a problem with the show, then you can choose not to watch it. ¬†I hope this will not be the case, because as I mentioned above, you will have the chance, along with the rest of us, to continue to make your perspective known. ¬†Wouldn’t that be better? I do agree with you that a variety of perspectives always makes for a better discussion, if for no other reason than increasing involvement in political awareness. ¬†So let’s continue to hear yours! ¬†After all, if you enjoy TechSnap, then you will surely find some of the future topics to be of interest. ¬†

    Finally, if you just can’t bring yourself to watch and participate, that is still no reason not to contribute for the shows that you do watch. ¬†In TechSnap, for example, Chris and Allan often freely answer viewer questions for which they would have normally charged consultation fees. ¬†I consider contributing $10.00 a month and using the affiliate links to be one of the best deals around, even if just for the enjoyment of watching the shows. ¬†That’s a fair point, right? ¬†Anyways, I hope you choose to hang around to contribute to the shows variety.¬†

    “The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil man” — Plato

  26. ChrisLAS Says:

    My thoughts perfectly. 

    These issues are concernes are things I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about. With all things new, it will take a little time for it all to fall into place.¬†


  27. franzkafka Says:

    Very well reasoned reply, David. You make some extremely valid points about the “democratic” bent of the show. At the same time, having watched the show, and having taken the time to review the Unfiltered website, I find that there’s a definite “agenda” to the whole thing. Regardless of whether opposing views are allowed or not (and we certainly didn’t hear any on this episode), the bent of the show is markedly political, and points the network in a direction I can’t support with my money. FOX news also airs dissenting political views, but the whole “community” of the network and presentation is such that those views are inherently marginalized, which is what I believe will happen here as well (I may be wrong on that one).¬†

    I agree that the information provided on LAS and TechSnap is invaluable and certainly does justify some sort of donation. At the same time, I can’t, in good conscience, donate to a network where my money may be going toward the promotion of a political agenda with which I fundamentally disagree. I also find it hard to stomach the idea that my $10 a month, or a portion of my purchases from affiliate links, may be used for things to which I am opposed.¬†

    Chris has every right to do what he wishes with the network and to take it in any direction he wants. However, I think that taking what was a “geek-centric” network and turning it toward a more political direction is a mistake. I can only speak for myself, but I can definitely say that I feel less inclined to frequent the network, use the affiliate links or donate directly knowing that my money is being used to promote a leftist (and a fairly extreme leftist based on some of the information put forward on the Unfiltered website) political agenda.¬†

    Again, I wish no ill-will toward Chris, his family or his business, but I see this as a fundamental error in terms of a business plan and I see it as a fundamental shift in terms of the network’s direction.¬†

    While I agree that discussion and debate are integral to democratic society, I also believe that the onus is on the network to set the stage for such debate within the context of the show (ie, by providing expert guests with contrary opinions) so that a reasoned, balanced argument is presented. Again, I did not see this as being the case in this episode.

    I think that Chris can take JB in any direction he wants, and I hope that I’m wrong in terms of my feeling of where this is going, but I suspect that the rift this will cause amongst the viewership will eventually make this such a “niche” network so as to be unprofitable.¬†

  28. Jim Says:

     If you think JB will attract new viewers and listeners by going political, I have a bridge I want to sell you.

    People come here for the content on Linux and Open Source software. If people wanted political crap there is a million other places on the internet to get that. Especially one sided “emotionally shaped” political garbage.

    Going political will just alienate a percentage of the core audience that is already here.

    Also, your statement regarding posting comments after a show has been created as a means of offering some type of “balance” is the epitome of absurd.

    Going political could also alienate not only listeners, but the show’s sponsors.

    Sponsors who advertise on political shows are constantly being harassed. Some even succumb to pressure and remove their ads and sponsorship.

    Going political is an all around BAD move for Jupiter Broadcasting.

  29. Sgt Stadanko Says:

    Not what I was expecting at all. Was really looking forward to this show but….. weed ? Really ?
    I suppose it’ll pull in other viewers & maybe they’ll be interested in checking out your other shows.

    Sgt. Stadanko

  30. Jonathan Voss Says:

    Well, you aren’t Alex Jones yet. Please be careful. I’m still pretty worried about where this new direction will take you in a few years.

    I’m in favor of legalization and I don’t think there is a credible argument for jailing people that smoke it. I have personally experienced its remarkable ability to settle a stomach, though I have never been a serious user. That said, it sounds like you have serious stomach problems and I hope you aren’t using marijuana as an alternative to letting a doctor figure out what is truly wrong with you. Marijuana can’t cure any serious problems or grow your limbs back or any other miraculous thing.

  31. Munro of Borg Says:

    Great show.  

    Two groups of people make money from cannabis prohibition. Drug dealers and law enforcement. 

    Did alcohol prohibition stop people from drinking? no. it made Al Capone and Seagrams rich. 

    Did it stop people being able to get booze? No it just made the cops on the take more money to look the other way. 

    If we applied the same reasoning to tobacco and caffeine, they would also be illegal. 

    The war on drugs is a war on your own citizens. 

    I have seen with my own eyes, police break down a door, beat the crap out of a 18 year old kid, take his weed and money and leave. They didn’t¬†confiscate¬†contraband, they stole it. it was a shakedown. ¬†
    Legalize it, tax it and call it a day. 

    I pay my mortgage, pay my taxes and vote. I have every moral right to smoke weed if as an adult I choose to do so. 

  32. Washproof Says:

    how can you have 3 none users talk about the pros of legalisation? I dont get it! I used it for 15 years and made a real mess off my life… just say no kids… shame on you guys tbh.

  33. Matthew Fleek Says:

    Chris- Sometimes the right thing isn’t always the popular thing. I believe in what you are attempting to begin here. Stay the course, you are a true American

  34. ChrisLAS Says:

    I would say give us time, you can’t judge an entire show on the first episode.¬†


  35. Turd Burglar Says:

    Wasn’t sure that I’d enjoy the new show but I very much did.¬† Ever since the deaths of LOTSO, J@N and the Mmorgue last year, I’ve been reduced to just checking out one JB show a week.¬† I believe I’ve found a new show I’ll be checking out along with STO!

  36. Camdy1 Says:

    um jim i hate to give you some bad news but the JB network has already been political and yet you didn’t complain about those shows so why is this show any different?

  37. IndependentMind76 Says:

    I think the pot question really begins and ends with one question. Do you own my body?

    Its like Ron Paul says, that when you undermine the fundamental principle of a liberty you undermine the whole thing.

  38. Matthew Page Says:

    Awesome awesome show, now i don’t smoke marijuanna and have no interest in doing so,¬† but I find the dialog in this show engaging, the topic interesting, and I don’t see any issues with discussing ANYTHING, to have a discussion, is just that to discuss a topic, whether it be controversial or not.¬†To not be allowed to discuss something is to revert ourselves back to the Dark Ages, or cultures where there is no freedom…let’s not be slaves to ignorance and at least be open to analyze and discuss everything. If people don’t like this new “Unfilter” show, they don’t have to watch it, if you hate it then don’t watch it and just stick to LAS etc. But Chris, if you decide to stop doing this then I understand, but I will religiously watch this new show if you continue with this. I absolutely love it.

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