Fedora 13 Review | The Linux Action Show! s12e01

Fedora 13 Review | The Linux Action Show! s12e01

This week on, The Linux Action Show!

It’s our big review of Fedora 13, does it make us want to sword fight Mr. Sulu? HINT: IT DOES! Mandriva is up for sale – Is it because they are FRENCH? We discuss! Details on the next release of Android CODENAME FROYO are OUT and it looks TASTY!

THEN – The Humble Indy Bundle has brought it more then ONE MILLION DOLLARS, but just how much of that came from Linux users? We break it DOWN!

All this week on, The Linux ACTION Show!

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23 Responses to “Fedora 13 Review | The Linux Action Show! s12e01”

  1. Bob Hazard Says:

    When you do the gaming special make sure you include Quake Live! It is free and runs as a firefox plugin using OpenGL. Best multiplayer game on the net


  2. dannoffs Says:

    I have a feeling that
    Will not make Bryan happy.

  3. J. Lindberg Says:

    Personally I thing Shotwell is an excellent photo management software. It's _fast_ and does the job for me. I'm glad that other distributions – like Ubuntu – will use it in upcoming release.

    Adopting software early is hard. Lennart Poettering wrote about the issue:
    “Why? Basically, it's a chicken and egg problem. If it is not used in the distributions it is not tested, and there is no pressure to get fixed what then turns out to be broken”

    Red Hat is developing btrfs (Josef Bacik) and it's worth to note that btrfs support has been in Fedora since Fedora 11. I have been using btrfs on couple of my partitions since Fedora 11 and it has worked well. It's great to see how fast btrfs is maturing.

    There's plenty of nice features for developers and administrators in Fedora 13. Unfortunately this “Fedora 13 pre-release review” didn't covered them at all :(

  4. SuBoX Says:

    Ryzom an mmorpg went opensource also last week:

    http://www.ryzom.com/ => webiste
    http://blog.ryzom.com/ => opensource announcement

  5. Scott Dowdle Says:

    I like Shotwell. It works fine. It is just very modal and you actually have to have images to work with before you can add tags. I think if and when you have more time to spend with Shotwell, you'll begin to dig it.

  6. mxyzptlk Says:

    Hey yo —

    Zuckerberg's chat IM's were dug up/revealed by Business Insider, which came to light during discovery when the other Harvard students sued Zuckerberg a few years back. All the material that was dug up back then (during discovery) is still floating out there, and it seems someone at Business Insider either was part of that case or knows someone who knows what was dug up in discovery.

    Even though I have no use for much of anything but gThumb, I've tried Shotwell a few times. I can never get it to import .png files. Don't know why. And this is on a clean Lucid install.

  7. J. Lindberg Says:

    Just in case you do not read mailing lists: http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.linux.redhat.fedo

  8. Bob Hazard Says:

    Yeah I was shouting at the screen. IMPORT, IMPORT. I thought he was joking, there is no way a programmer couldn't figure that out

  9. ChrisLAS Says:

    Thx for the reminder!

  10. ChrisLAS Says:

    Alright, all you guys convinced me.. I'm gonna give it another shot, and
    really give it a chance.


  11. Mike H Says:

    The reason for the codec nonsense in Fedora is licensing and the legal department of Red Hat. Fedora will not put up clear links to things whose patent situation or licensing is problematic in the US. The RH legal department is probably paranoid, but they will do anything to avoid any kind of trouble. Pointing to Google is admittedly nasty, but there are any number of 'first things to install' how-tos on e.g. FedoraForums.

  12. Ulysse Says:

    I'm half French (and half British) and you haven't lost me, so only 3 have unsubscribed, not 4 :p No but seriously, if everyone were to take everything you say at the first degree as you've said… They'd think you were narcistic etc.. But we (most of us) all know you're just having a laugh 😉

    Keep it up!

  13. madjr Says:

    great episode thanks !

  14. Eric Says:

    I'm a brand-new listener to your podcast, and just finished listening to your review of Fedora 13. Major caveat to my comments: I have not yet installed or played with Fedora 13. That being said…

    I think it's worth keeping in mind that Fedora is designed to be the playground distribution for Red Hat to develop and test new technologies. Once those technologies are stable, they are rolled up into the Enterprise Linux distribution, but I think Red Hat needs to make it clearer that people starting out in Fedora are choosing a not-fully-baked distribution.

    By contrast, Ubuntu is designed specifically to be an easy-to-use, fully new-user-ready distribution. For that reason, you are less likely to find cutting-edge software in an Ubuntu release. Whether that's a good or bad thing is, I think up to individual preferences.

    I'm a huge fan of Red Hat, I use RHEL extensively at work–and I've moved away from Fedora on my home workstations. I've switched to CentOS–it's stable, based on the Red Hat distribution, but doesn't change direction as often or as dramatically as Fedora seems to do.

  15. J. Lindberg Says:

    I recommend to read all mether's posts from the forum:

  16. Decoy Says:

    Wow, love the show – I'm brand new to linux, just installed Fedora 13 (had no idea it was a new release, pretty much picked it at random) and had exactly the experience installing flash that was described on the show.

  17. AJenbo Says:

    Tomboy uses 14MB mem on my Ubuntu machine.

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