To Boldly Go | STOked 125

To Boldly Go | STOked 125

We’ve played some of the new content on Tribble, and had a blast. We share our thoughts, and a few new surprises.

Then – We review your PvP feedback, announce the series finale of STOked, and introduce STOked Radio.

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Jupiter Signal –

Foundry Files to Move to SB UGC –

STOked Radio – The Next Generation
Gopollgo results – STOked Radio –

80 Responses to “To Boldly Go | STOked 125”

  1. Tjerrom Says:

    Boo im going to cancel my sub to this show, end of stoked!

  2. Wilyen Says:

    go audio and make it longer it will be fine

  3. startrek1wars Says:

    Oh, well. Hopefully those “Video Supplements” will be frequent. :)

  4. Ron Kinney Says:


  5. TIME_LORDS Says:

    Gonna miss my weekly episodes of stoked, thanks for making star trek online more accessible while we are offline guys, Bon Voyage, and may your ships sail you to the farthest corners of the galaxy and bring you home safely…

  6. Maverick Says:

    were gonna try, im upgrading my studio equip as fast as i can to accommodate the new load

  7. Maverick Says:

    were gonna try a longer format thats for sure

  8. Maverick Says:

    Its not the end, just a format change, it could come back just not hosted by JB

  9. Maverick Says:

    thanks for the best wishes

  10. Maverick Says:

    Now thats not totally necessary, but i understand, thanks for all your support

  11. Ondřej Melich Says:

    Video crash for me in 17:53 and not go any longer

  12. Dead to Me Says:

    STOked is dead to me.  Hasn’t been the same since J-man left.  I think this is more of a Chris is pissed at Cryptic/PWE about their new business model and communication practices than anything else.  oh well! Time for Jupiter Broadcasting to be taken off my bookmarks…..Sayonara

  13. Dead to Me Says:

    awesome…selling out just like PW.  All about $$$.  Why not just start selling lock boxes, start a STOked store, premium video content for a price! 

  14. IvanKautter Says:

    I think you guys are nuts to kill video on any offering.  Google Hangouts and YouTube Live mean that anyone and I mean anyone can broadcast live and a copy is recorded to YouTube.  No editing required.  Do it live.  Audio podcasts are fine when one hasn’t done video, but dropping back to audio once you have done years of video sounds like a retreat and a failure. To be frank, I will not be listening to an audio STOked especially with Mav hosting.  No Thanks.

  15. Profeff Says:

    Good to see you going back to work chris i cancelled my sub and all the extentions have been removed i understand you have to move on but the way its been done sucks and on your part not what i have come to expect.

    good luck in the new job dont think JB was ever going to work full time so enjoy 

  16. Josh Says:

    Not gonna end my sub, STOked Radio will be just as cool as STOked.

  17. Tjerrom Says:

    Well I dissagree Mav, a large amount of people will side and have sided with me, its like Enterprise the show has ended before its time! But yea its like what I read in another post, ever since the J man left to work for Crypitic, Chris “and guests from Jupiter fleet ONLY” have been very bitchy about the game, only last week talking bout the lack of content and a few days later STO releced shots and news about Fleet Starbases… (Kinda egg on your face) but if Chris don’t wanna host the show anymore thats up to him, will be missed like anything as ive said before this was my last weekly Star Trek event that I looked forward too.

  18. saffer Says:

    Radio would still be good.

  19. Korlus Says:

     You are complaining because he’s finding it hard to put food on the table for his family?

    I too am quite sad, but there are limits to what any man can do for “free”. I would have liked an episode or two more of advanced warning, or possibly even a donation drive to keep it going; but ultimately, if the money isn’t there then the money isn’t there.

    There is a huge difference between selling out and having to cut costs because, after all else is said and done, you still cannot make costs meet.

  20. Blaapp Says:

    I think Mav wants Eve-online as a pvp system :P ( plus doff integration )

  21. Korlus Says:

    My suggestion (which, obviously, has no knowledge of your situation etc) would be to attempt a full video podcast on a regular, but infrequent basis. Have it as more of a monthly video podcast with audio updates to remain constant – that way you could keep the best of both worlds, and perhaps appease some of the more unhappy viewers who are sad to be going.

  22. Stuferus Says:

    no video no thanks!

  23. Korlus Says:

     I should probably also highlight the issues pointed out towards the end of the show – sometimes when you get asked to make a choice between family and work (or a hobby, or however else you want to put it), the decision can get difficult.

    Having been in a similar position in the past, I can say without a doubt that this is the opposite of selling out.

  24. TMan Says:

    You Go Jeremy. I apprecaite what you are doing for you an your family, especially in these hard times.

  25. Vadersson Says:

    First TORked and now STOked?  Bummer.  Still ask even ST:TNG realized All Good Things…

    Thanks for some really good podcasting.  I will miss you guys.

  26. Oldman Says:

    I have started to belvie they do not care about there old player. 99% of the people here would pay to unlock story content mission.  So the question is why?

  27. Vadersson Says:

    Ok, maybe this is not so bad.  I don’t generally have time to watch the video podcast and just listen to the MP3 version anyway.  STOked Radio may work out well.  Well see what happens.

  28. Phoenix Bondi Says:

    Well been listening since day 1 was going to be asking mav and chris to come to our podcast for a chat, but oh well RIP stoked :'( sad day for me – WIll def tune into stoked radio – Mav i have a personal question about your equipment as your quality since you’ve arrived has changed 400 fold, pls email me at

  29. Munro of Borg Says:

    First off, Chris, talking the leap to have JB as your full-time job was a brave and inspiring. I have nothing but respect for a guy trying to follow his dreams. 

    I also respect that while it has been successful to a degree, the decision to go back to contracting for the benefit of your family is also a good example to us all. 

    As a guy stuck in an office all day with a job that’s “meh” but pays the mortgage, and feeds the family, I really admire the balls it takes to make a change to something you love more. 

    I would ask you to consider contracting out your hard learned skills and expertise in video podcasting and community building. I am sure there are many companies that can benefit from what you now know about this medium. The EA’s and Activison’s of the world would be crazy not to avail themselves of your knowledge.

    I’ll be listening to the new stoked and anything else JB makes, since I am a big fan, and I hope you all the best in the future. 


  30. Mkickenweitz Says:

    Really sad to hear of the discontinuation of STOked. Been listening for a couple years now & the show definitely lost a great component when J-Man split for Cryptic. But Mav has been a good replacement in the last few episodes. I applaud Chris for attempting what he did, it takes a lot of balls to try to quit a job & change your main source of income, so kudos to you sir! I’m just saddened that it didn’t work out. I’ve really agreed with many of your suggestions & criticisms for Star Trek Online over the last few months and have really enjoyed the Talk Trek segments. I really hope that maybe you might reconsider keeping this show going as a hobby on the side as you did before making Jupiter Broadcasting your main source of income as you have always been an entertaining show for me to watch on my lunch breaks. One of the last Star Trek themed weekly shows with constant new episodic content. Really wish Star Trek was in a better state than it is right now.

    Best of luck Chris, this show will be sorely missed. :'(

  31. Tokata Says:

    If Chris would host the radio show I would listen to it, sorry MAV but I just can’t listen to you. I could see the show hosted my Mars-base. Is Mars-base going to Podcast UGC?

  32. StarFleetNQ1 Says:

    Yapp,end of StoKed ;/

  33. Sean Newboy Says:

    Great show guys.

    Tjerrom, most of us dont consider Starbases content, when we say content we mean missions plain and simple. Same goes for ships, uniforms, and races they arent content. The Vault and Alpha are content, Ferasans are not. If i do a one man play and i add a 5 minute monologue i have added content to my show, if i change the background thats not content.

    Personally Mav i dont understand what the grief on you is from, i think your fine.

  34. Scirocker13 Says:


  35. M.parsons Says:

    just wondering if torked is canceled too?

  36. M.parsons Says:

     btw can’t wait for stoked radio!

  37. Wixiban Says:

    Gonna miss you guys, The weekly live stream set me up for the weekend. I have enjoyed you guys from the start and was happy that you went from Audio to Video, but to quote the man “Nothing lasts forever” Good luck with the future and hope you guys will come back with video shows.

    All the Best

  38. Maverick Says:

    TORked has been canceled for over a month. Im working on revitalizing that show too

  39. Maverick Says:

    Mars to UGC, not that im aware of. Sorry you cant listen to me… cant fix that. 

  40. Maverick Says:

    Ok, im still working on system upgrades but im happy to share what limited stuff i know.

  41. Maverick Says:

    sorry to hear that

  42. Maverick Says:

    i never played eve online so im not sure of the comparison

  43. Maverick Says:

    Its not like the hosting is the only cost, its all the editing. If your going to speak about costs you might want to know what all involved before making a statement like that.

    All the visuals just dont pop in there from the live stream. Watch the show live then watch the final release, there is a huge difference.

  44. Maverick Says:

    Thx korlus

  45. Maverick Says:

    You people are brutal sometimes. Seriously and woefully unaware of all the facts and you make a statement like that…

  46. Maverick Says:

    we are going to try that concept. I still have equipment i need to upgrade on my end before i try to take over full video production.

  47. JonC Says:

    Aw! I don’t play STO but I love the show. :(

  48. ryan Says:

    So im very disappointed that the show is coming to an end. I
    believe it was the last episode of stoked where chris said stoked has more
    viewers then sto has players… obviously the demand is there, im not sure why
    the show is ending.. I understand the game has gotten a bit “sucky” lately and a
    lot of people have gotten angry with cryptics actions, but I have confidence
    the game will pick back up,. Maybe I just wishful thinking lol.. seeing this
    show coming to an end really makes me wonder how much longer sto itself will
    hold out. Well anyways I will continue to listen now on the audio version of
    the show, hopefully everything pick back up and stoked can continue off with
    EPISODE 127!!!! O.0

  49. Pheadra Koss Says:

     May the wind be always at your backs Chris and Mav. I hope the radio podcast does well.

  50. Blaapp Says:

    Well I been playing for 7 years now . ( and I don’t feel like having no content for the last 1.5 -2 years ) 

    So what you described with the open world, conquest kinda stuff is really what you do in eve. Except in eve theres absolutely no restrictions based on what faction your character is. Actually the whole game is “do whatever wherever whenever”. Also NPCs dont really build anything important, so conquest points that influence npcs dont make sense. In small faction warfare ( where you defend a faction NPC group) you get special points to buy nice stuff.
    But what people actually prefer to do is to do the complete sandbox style pvp .
    Since there’s no real distinction between races, players create their own factions.  There are regions that can be controlled by players called 0.0 , which is outside the control of the NPC factions.
    Big wars usually have at least 500 people on the field, quite often over 1000. 
    In order to conquer a system, the attacker needs to install special mini stations and hold them. Then once they are up, they then need to proceed to destroy enemy mini stations, and if there is a real station that needs to be taken too.
    Taking a System often takes days or weeks, and every ship lost is just gone, you can salvage the wrecks, but people gotta build new ships as you cant buy them off vendors.
    Obviously holding space gives you access to the minerals, planets and whatever that is in it. So its a lot easier to build new ships that way .
    Also in eve alliances are just as volatile as in st ;). 

    here is who holds what in eve at the moment :

  51. Lennon Rich Says:

    Alas, I feel this is the end of an era. In retrospect I feel the show has been limping along since Jeremy left. The chemistry with any of the guest-hosts just hasn’t been there any more, plus on a weekly basis Chris has been loosing faith in the game (which I really don’t blame him for as PWE’s STO is not the STO I first bought and loved). 

    I may give STOked Radio a shot but I almost feel that dubbing the name STOked on it is actually a lie to the core of what the new product is as the quality of production will drop (as I know nobody who can edit podcasts like Chris), the show will be hosted by a different presenter and it sounds like that eventually it may not even be a JB production. I think that starting a brand new podcast entirely would be the way to go as the new version is likely to disappoint viewers who have come to expect a certain quality from JB, and you also won’t be under any pressure to perform to an existing audience’s expectations.

    RIP STOked.

  52. Blaapp Says:

    oh yeah since I cant edit. …
     for people that don’t like to go out shooting people, they can mine, or build , or trade… all kinds of stuff to support the wareffort.Is that kinda what you want? well except with tighter integration with sto and trek in general obviously .

    Sadly to get it to where eve’s pvp is now , it took them uhmm… nearly 10 years now. But at least the “do whatever ” kinda mechanic was always present so they adapted the game to what people did the most.

  53. Vinru821 Says:

    This morning when I heard this I was disappointed, I will admit. 

    This is my go to show for my Tuesday mornings before work! Now I have nothing to watch!.. BUT

    I, in no way, blame Chris, he is just being a responsible adult. We should applaud him for taking care of his family first before having his fun with the show. Too many parents out there are selfish.

    Mav, I wish you luck with this new endevor, and I may not have been on board this morning for the idea of an audio show.. but I refuse to “poopoo” it until I’ve heard it! Who knows, maybe it will be even better!?

    I am happy it isn’t completely gone!

  54. Vinru821 Says:

     Oh and since your donations are down.. I signed up for the monthly donations!( yeah Im one person, but hey, it helps ) Keep up the good work, I’ll be watching!.. or rather Listening.. ! lol

  55. Leprech Says:

    STOked —–> STOked : The Animated Series —–> STOked : The Motion Picture?

  56. Robert Woehr Says:

    I am a big fan of Stoked and I will still be listening when the new version comes out!

  57. IvanKautter Says:

    I watch live broadcasts on TWiT every day and the download version differs very little from the live version.  Trey Radcliffe, one of the best known photographers on Google+, does a weekly Google Hangout with photographers that is taken directly, unedited and is released on TWiT’s feeds.

    When there are Christian evangelists running Google Hangout shows, I think you can be pretty certain that the required intelligence to operate the technology is not that challenging.

    If you had read my post, you would have seen that I am suggesting a no-cost, no-editing option, preferably without your involvement at all.

    Felicia Day, Veronica Belmont et al are producing a Book Club on Google Hangouts on a monthly basis.  The Hangout is broadcast live, which anyone can do, and is recorded and posted directly to YouTube.

    I am sure I am not telling you anything that you do not know, but there are no-cost, no-editing options available.  Only a little imagination is required and a decent host.

  58. Stararmy Says:

    Dark Age of Camelot had a great faction territory control system. I would love, LOVE, it if STO got something similar.

  59. Randajb Says:

    no, not all agree with you.  Understand this when they did the recording they were spot on.  So far starbases are vaporware.  And based on past performance of Cryptic.  Loyal fans support the show, they dont stomp their feet like your post shows and support.  Not whine and threaten as you have done.  Like it or not, STok’d nail Cryptic and actually honestly reported some truth.  It was about time someone did that.  THAT I give them kudo’s for as they are the first to actually stop being fanboi and actually do the job of a proper reporting as still sets the standard to follow.

  60. Randajb Says:

    I will enjoy the new version, should be good. 

  61. Terra Ardele Says:

    I have no idea what people’s problem is, Mav, honestly! You’re fine, if you decided to host a show I’d be more than happy to listen to it.

    Mav has gotten an unfair rap here, Chris is very dominant in the casts and it’s to Mav’s credit that he’s patient enough to not talk over his friend.

  62. Terra Ardele Says:

    I wouldn’t really bother listening, you get folks who don’t understand what the real world is like (especially where things like money and responsibilities are concerned). Partly it’s just to do with the nature of the audience that video games attract but it’s also partly because people are dicks who like to pontificate and dramatize things.

  63. Mad_in_italy Says:

    Thanks for all you’ve done.
    Ad Maiora.

  64. Stormy Says:

    So, last week Chris brags that STOked has more viewers than ST:O has players, then this week he states STOked is regressing to an audio only format because of a loss of revenue. Would that also translate to a loss of viewership? I would venture to say yes. Really? You have more viewers than ST:O has players and you have to cut the budget? I asked for statistics last week, and got none. I think I have the answer with your format change. The fact is Chris, pretty much a limp wet noodle when it comes to personality, doesn’t have the charisma or the backbone to keep a show like this afloat. The only positive aspect of this is Mav will be taking over as host. I strongly believe he has the ability to revive this brand as long as he presents things in a factual, upbeat manner rather than Chris’s whiny complaint sessions. I’m not saying Mav must become a fanboy, the other extreme is no better. All I am saying is I believe Mav will be much more objective and fair. We will see.

  65. Wizard 1014 Says:

    :( This is the show that got me hooked to JB. I’ve watched every episode every week since then. I even donated for a long as I could but I’ve been going to college and couldn’t afford it anymore. …sad

  66. Unverified420 Says:

    Although the writing is on the wall, I pretty sure you fail to see it.  Think about it awhile…

  67. Lore Says:

    First I’d like to say thank you for everything this show has done for the STO community thus far.  Second I’m baffled at some of the feedback that’s being posted.  People are “surprised” why this show is ending.  Chris made it very clear it was a business decision as has had to practically beg for any kind of support financially. You people complaining below have no right to if you weren’t helping Chris and the JB crew by supporting them financially.  To the people who have threatened to drop their financial support because of the change of format, shouldn’t you at least give it it a shot.  I’d hate to see something that could potentially be a great show fail before it left the gate.  I will, as I always have continue to support these people financially because it’s what I can do.  I’m not sure most people realize what goes into a production of this quality and regularity as it’s truly a full time job and we the viewers are the only way they make money. 

    I’ve been watching for years and making posts for people to support this show with their wallets but alas my fears have come to reality.  I’m truly going to miss my weekly STOked and look forward to hearing what the radio show has to offer.  Thanks to every person who has made this show possible and hey, there’s always reruns !  ;-)


    P.S. – I’ll see you Saturday in the JBlive chat room!

  68. Magneticst0rm Says:

    i had written out a sector space conquest system, ill send it to STO when i can. its in a word file i think. 

  69. GeeMan Says:

    What a sad sad day, but All Good Things. Mav is good but he’s no Chris Fisher, although he is 100 times better at presenting than the other STO podcasts. STOked was much more enjoyable than play STO most of the time. Good luck to all.

  70. startrek1wars Says:

    Yay. I’ll keep tuning in, then. 

  71. Commander88 Says:

    Sorry, but you don’t speak for me, or the “large amount of people” who are fans of the show.

    While the show did change when J-Man left, this is not only economic realities for the host, but the lackluster development of the game itself. You don’t throw good money after bad, and I’m surprised the plug wasn’t pulled on the show sooner.

    I don’t expect there to be “other” guests (besides devs); since the JF started this podcast, it only makes sense that they were helping produce it. And for an “amateur” production, I think this was pretty damn professional.

    There’s quite a few “radio” podcasts I subscribe to, and if the JF team can put together a well-done show, then they should be able to build up a pretty good subscriber base, esp. if it gets some added spice with video clips.

  72. Commander88 Says:

    Oh, so since you’re totally funding the show, you expect to get the stats on how popular the show is? Since that’s how you’ll make all *your* production decisions?

    Sorry, but if you hate the show so much, why do you watch, or even post here? There would be no logical reason other than to be a troll and complain about hundreds of hours of FREE bonus content.

    I may not always agree with the show’s content week-to-week, but I can at least appreciate that someone is essentially putting on a free show for me nearly every week for several years, not including the Saturday sessions.
    And, I can appreciate the time/money burdens that go along with making this show work week by week, especially since I get to watch it essentially for free.

  73. Commander88 Says:

    Haters be hatin’…maybe now all the whiny complainers will leave, and some new whiny complainers can be recruited, along with some new fans.

  74. Trey Marksmen Says:

    No video, no thanks. I don’t even play STO (very often) to be honest, but I loved tuning in and catching up on what was going on with the game (usually letting a couple shows build up for a nice relaxing couple hours of STOked). I use STOked as an entertaining tool to evaluate whether logging into the game was something I wanted to do based on information released about new content or features. 

    The few things I like about this show are 1. Chris as a host (I enjoy his commentary) 2. Developer Interviews 3. Foundry Files (to source new high quality missions). I wasn’t a fan of Jeremy, I’m absolutely not a fan of Mav. I’m sorry to see this program end (at least its current representation) and wish you all the best. Chris, thank you for being my spyglass into everything STO. I appreciate the time you have put in to this program and wish you the best of luck with the rest of Jupiter Broadcasting. This program for me, was the STO community, I’m sorry to see it end (for me).

  75. Greedo Says:

    Yeah, it is funny you should say that ‘we will return to video format when the game picks up” yet you are dropping video right as Season 6 comes out. That just doesn’t add-up Chris. Ironically, I think you could spin for PWE. :P After STOked 124 it was presented like this was a principled move in response to some ‘inside knowledge” Now, all of that is being downplayed, presumably to try and make the transition seem exciting and get people to tune in. 

    Honestly, if the issue was funding as Lore says, why not due a fund drive? Say, unless we raise “x” we are going off the air? 

    I obviously don’t have a ‘right’ to STOked but I think its a little bit annoying that there is less than full candor about the reasons for the cancellation. 

    In the words of Edmund Blackadder, “You twist and turn, like a twisty, turny thing….”

  76. McNair Says:

    STOked will be missed but an audio-only version is not as bad as no version at all. (Any consideration of doing the same for TORked?) Looking forward to listening. Will miss the live sessions on Saturdays though.

  77. Dead to Me Says:

     Business can’t be that bad if he’s starting new shows (TORked, Unfiltered).  He’s just using the excuse of $ to mask it.  Need more time to do contract work.  Yeah right!  He’s pissed about the game and is doing another stunt like he did 2-4 months ago with going on Hiatus.  We don’t see TORked turning off to spend more time with his family, and that shows only a few months old.  Just leave already, sub canceled, Chrome extension un-installed.  No longer support Jupiter broadcasting!

  78. Dead to Me Says:

     I don’t see TORked canceled.  So much for being a Star Trek fan!

  79. 1014244808 Says:

    コンバースオールスター コンバースの生産として知られる20世紀初頭のALL STARキャンバスシューズの1917年世界初のペア “バスケットボールの大使”と確信して、キャンバスシューズの新製品の発売の米バスケットボールスターCHUCK TAYLOR(チャックテイラー)は、それを置くと述べたALL STARの靴のバスケットボール選手はピッチ上でダッシュすることができず、プレーを楽しんで、彼は常にALL STARキャンバスの靴​​と一緒に、と熱心に私の友人、バスケットボールの選手やコーチにお勧めしますので、どんなにALL STARキャンバスシューズ、バスケットボールのスポーツの靴と個人的にALL STARのキャンバスシューズの改良設計に関与して個人的な経験の要件に従って、バスケットボールのためにそれがより適しています。ALL STARの理論、材料としてのキャンバスを使用し、耐摩耗性。同時にALL STARだけ色──白。技術が徐々に靴作りの原料として使用されて進歩し続けて1966 ALL STARは、皮革、オールスター コンバースゴム、などの色のシリーズを立ち上げました。 1970年代は、ファッションの波に近づくための自然な、生の感触になりました。非常にレトロなALL STARはすべて無料で、生きている物事をシンプルにどこに摩耗して着用して、一度に非常に簡単でした。 1996 ALL STARはALL STAR 2000、革にオリジナルのアッパーキャンバスを立ち上げました。

  80. Emmott Kelsey Says:

    I subscribed to Jupiter broadcasting for $2/mo, specifically for STOked.  How (much) is JB funding STOked radio ($$$ or equipment-wise), and are STOked radio episodes going to be posted on

    And by the way,

    Thanks Mav for taking the reigns, and remember to delegate as much of the workload as you can so you don’t burn out.  Best of luck!

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