Fedora Makes a Deal | LAS | s22e02

Fedora Makes a Deal | LAS | s22e02

Fedora lit the web on fire when they announced a new deal with Microsoft, but is this just a case of Fedora being pragmatic? Or are they setting the stage for a Microsoft controlled hardware universe? We debate!

Then: Podcasting software on Linux, and our thoughts on crowd funded open source software.

Plus so much more!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Fedora Makes a Deal:

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Podcasting software solutions for Linux

As you have seen from the segment, there are indeed, different and completely viable options for creating podcasts using software available for Ubuntu and other Linux distros. The first stop in doing this, should be to watch a recent In Depth Look that Chris and Angela recorded.

Here’s the link:

Because the how-to text is so lengthy, please grab it from this link here.

(Link – http://matthartley.com/podcast-howto.html)

(/end segment – contents in link due to length)

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27 Responses to “Fedora Makes a Deal | LAS | s22e02”

  1. Sean Farrell Says:

    why you no luv Bryan? You skip his credits at the end many weeks in a row!

  2. Matt Hartley Says:

    It’s a blip. Basically, grabbing the wrong credits file from one we did during a holiday break. :)

  3. ChrisLAS Says:

    Oh yep, that’s my bad. It’s a template file that gets left in place, I’ll check it next week and render out one for him.


  4. Guest Says:

    That wasn’t all Linus wrote. He commented a bit more later.

    Linus: And for all the people wasting everybodys time with “Why don’t you use Unity/KDE/xfce/xyz” – I’ve tried them. They are even worse, and equally importantly they aren’t the normal window manager.
    Linus: Gnome3 is actually fairly close in 3.4. All of my complaints are fairly small ones.

  5. Iamoverrated Says:

    Thank you for mentioning Mageia 😀
    I’m a member of their artwork team and if you ever want a guest, our marketing / communications team is itching to get on any Podcast. 
    Thanks again guys 😀

  6. Iteratee Says:

    feedback segment is a nice touch.

  7. Tom Says:

    I think it was more RedHat makes a deal than Fedora makes a deal, as you guys mentioned. They have to make sure their products will work for their enterprise customers. Being the largest open source company, this is not a trivial problem. I think their business move was shrewd. UEFI hardware is coming faster than any organized response to Microsoft’s control over it.Hopefully, it will not have to be like this in the future, but for now, I support their move. This is one instance where it is nice that Fedora has corporate backing!

  8. Tom Says:

    Also, having some trouble downloading the HD rss feed. Stalls around 20% the download fails due to missing information in the file on the server. Not sure what the root of it could be. Tried gpodder, browser and ftp.


  9. Kaioshin Says:

    Oh boy, Chris can’t even tell the symbol for British Pounds from the one for Euro…

  10. Flimm Says:

    I think you misunderstood how the Humble Indie Bundle and the Ubuntu Software Centre relate. It’s not just that the games are also available in the Software Centre  for fixed prices, which is what you seemed to think. You buy the games on the Humble Indie Bundle for any price you want, in the normal way. Then when you download the games, instead of downloading .deb files, you can click on a pretty “Download for Ubuntu” link. You now get all the advantages of the Humble Indie Bundle (any price) with the advantages of Ubuntu Software Centre (better integration, updates, reinstall software on another machine.)

    Plus Canonical is going to donate some money if they get enough Facebook likes in each game’s app directory page.

  11. A. Banana Says:

    I think he has shown that while he does not possess some of the classical interpretations of an educated man by mispronouncing simple words and dressing like a red neck, he more than makes up for it with his knowledge of open source, insider tips and grounded mind that allows him to be, usually, the one outside the linux fanboy realm in this podcast.

  12. Alexander von Gluck Says:

    Psychonauts is *very* fun… it’s native and uses SDL.  The linux one is *very* buggy, however the porter is actively working through the issues in an open way.(which is awesome)

  13. ChrisLAS Says:

    Don’t be too critical, I think it’s easy to forget how many things I am “thinking about” during any moment of a live podcast. 

    Especially when I also switch the camera and move us through the topics.Basically, I glance over at the screen, capture as much as I can, and then sift the important bits in my head, while listening to what Bryan might be saying, thinking about the next camera shot, and formulating my own opinion. 

    While also keeping an eye on the chat room (hence how I noticed I had miss spoken a few moments later) and trying to keep track of the length of the current conversation to determine if my next response needs to be something that moves us a long.

    So ya, I called something that I don’t, and never have actually had any experience with in my life the wrong name. I corrected my self shortly in the show.

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

  14. Bjorn S Persson Says:

    Where are Matt’s how-to-notes?

  15. Guest Says:

    good job!

  16. Guest Says:

    what a helpful comment. 

  17. Matt Hartley Says:

    They should have been posted by now — here’s the direct link in the meantime.

  18. Louis Tim Larsen Says:

     I want a review of Mageia 2! 😉

  19. Tux1313 Says:

     Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter  + raspberry pi = Pi in the Sky

  20. wheim Says:

    Any chance I could get a link to the background image used in this episode? I really want, no, I need it!

  21. Christopher Osborn Says:

    Guys, I love the show.  It is the first podcast I listen to each week.  It is insightful, funny, and entertaining.

    That being said, this episode was not your best work.  I tuned in to hear about Fedora, and I got what seemed like 30 minutes of Bryan talking about his Open Source experiment.  I like Bryan’s work- I am in the middle of Linux Tycoon as we speak- but I was wanting to hear the news, not about Bryan.

    Also, please keep the howto segment at the end of the show.  I support your decision to have it in the show, but I can’t listen to “click here, click here” while I’m driving.  I ended up turning off the podcast before I even got to the Fedora stuff.

    Please take the above criticism as constructive.  Again, I love the show and I could fill up a book just talking about things I like about it.  For example, I don’t watch live, but I’ve heard Chris as great hair 😉

  22. Lysander Says:

    I would be interested in hearing a podcast you make. Any chance you can get that rolled out? I tune in to LAS for opinions on subjects, not necessarily for Bryan and Chris to cover breaking news and have no opinion. It seems the Fedora thing is not that big of a deal to either one of these guys and may be some things shouldn’t be blown out of proportion.

    I prefer the how to segment after the news and before the major topic.

    How many times have you posted when you liked the podcast?

  23. JustPassing Says:

    Force Matt to grow a beard too, (or at least stick a false one to his face).

    (ps nice Matt episode, bookmarked, so I don’t have to remember where to find the video editing stuff if ever needed in the future).

  24. Swede Says:

    Um.. Was Bryan a bit drunk there at the end?

  25. Matt Hartley Says:

    Tried a beard once…my wife said I looked like a shaved chimp, minus the shave. 😉

  26. Aviad Raviv Says:

    if you haven’t caught it, you’ve been plugged:



  27. MHazell Says:

    Sounds like you should have all your thoughts typed in gEdit, that way you just have to read what you wrote when someone asks you a question and such.

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