Gateways to Programming | CR 01

Gateways to Programming | CR 01

Michael and Chris introduce our new weekly software development podcast. We start with a look at ways beginners can get started with development.

Plus we chat about the issues new developers face entering a market dominated by App stores.

Then – How platform vendors are feeling the need to reclaim greater control from developers.

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Show Notes:

What is Coder Radio?

  • Background info (premise, etc)

Gateways to Programming


Because We were Stupid and We were Lazy

  • Security implications of bad programming
  • Hardware implications of bad programming
  • OS stability implications of bad programming
  • Mac OS X Gatekeeper
  • Windows 8 App Store
  • Ubuntu Software Center


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14 Responses to “Gateways to Programming | CR 01”

  1. Velkro Says:

    Mike on Twitter link broken ;((

  2. Velkro Says:

    AWESOME show by the way, another inspirational show by JB….outstanding

  3. Michael Dominick Says:

    I am @dominucco:twitter 

  4. ChrisLAS Says:

    Fixed, thanks!


  5. Me Says:

    Chris, Bring back stoked, I’m having withdrawals. 

  6. Jason Says:

    Love the show, and I would like to know more about how Michael got his start, how he finds clients, etc. I’m moving to a new area relatively soon and would like to give contracting a shot. 

  7. OJ Shakewell Says:

    Just the show I need, this should help me break out of my noobie shell where I have been stuck for too long.

  8. gustavw Says:

    finally this was precisely what I was waiting for, thumbs up!

  9. Resfsd Says:

    love the new dev podcast!

  10. Korlus Says:

    I just thought posting the Amazon UK link might be beneficial to people who don’t want to deal with the exchange rates:

    Ronald Jenkees:

    MIT has a set of video lectures on programming for 6.00 – Introduction to Computer Science. Available on YouTube and their own website. e.g:

    They go into using Python for learning to programme. There might be other beginner courses out there, but it is designed at teaching people who do not already programme how to programme.

  11. Mike Tedesco Says:

    Michael and Chris,

    I am a Sys Admin that is learning how to program.  I can already script in bash, but I to do not consider it programing. So we have the same point of view. 

    I am learning python. I been using this great site called “Learn Code The Hard Way”

    I am not done with Coder Radio, but dude, great fucking idea!!

  12. Stephen Miller Says:

    Love the new show. Michael’s a great new host and I’m looking forward to more coding in a Jupiter style.

  13. chukwumaonyeije Says:

    Great show, gentlemen.  I’m currently learning Python since this seems to be the majority opinion for a programming language for newbies.  Would love more information on steps to take as a new program developer/hobbyist.

  14. MHazell Says:

    I think Python is an easy language to learn. I use Illumination to build my apps right now, but I will built my own apps myself one day. I got HTML and CSS down pat, though. I need to learn JS as well.

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