Airtime Rocks | LAS | s22e04

Airtime Rocks | LAS | s22e04

Turn your Linux box into a broadcast tower of freedom! Find out how easy Airtime makes turning a Linux box into a Internet streaming powerhouse.

Plus: Linus tells Nvidia how he really feels, and openSUSE’s call for help.

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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26 Responses to “Airtime Rocks | LAS | s22e04”

  1. Garegin16 Says:

    matt, you are confusing duming it down with lack of functionality. gnome 3 is a toy DE. 

  2. Matt Hartley Says:

    Gnome 3 has a lot of growing up to do, but with forks coming about, variations of it have potential. 

    For the functionality I need from my desktop, Unity/Cinnamon are usually my first choice these days. XFCE is also a desktop I use on some machines. I don’t use KDE. Never liked it much, don’t see that changing anytime soon.

  3. georgezilla Says:

    ” … gnome 3 is a toy DE. … ”
    Compared to what? Unity? LOL!

    To borrow a term that Matt used in this episode ….

    Unity in “lipstick on a pig”.

  4. georgezilla Says:

    Using Matts own words …..

    When you compare G3’s “app store” to Ubuntu’s, isn’t the Ubuntu store just “lipstick on a pig”? It’s color and flash make it “compelling”? Isn’t that a bit shallow?

    The G3 store is functional. Functional is more compelling then color and flash. You need pics of jelly-beans to make it compelling? But then you do like/use Unity.

    After all, flash, bang, and color ARE more important/compelling the functionality.

    OOOOOooooooo, pretty!

  5. Garegin16 Says:

     i use gnome 3 too. I think anyone who thinks that unity looks good needs to be admitted to a psychiatric clinic.

  6. Matt Hartley Says:

    I railed against Unity for sometime myself, only giving it a more serious shot in Ubuntu 12.04. It works fine, however I ignore many of the features. I use Synapse almost exclusively. 

    While it took some getting used to, Unity in 12.04 no longer makes me want to punch stuff. :) With some tweaking, it’s usable.

  7. Matt Hartley Says:

    Hey, nothing is more important than a man’s jelly-beans. 😉

  8. Markus Ditori Says:

    Well.. haven’t watched the episode yet, but from a non-management DJ’s point of view, IDJC (Internet DJ Console) broadcaster and Mixxx, together, is far better than Mixxx alone. Okay, so its a little more complicated.
    Want to know more?

  9. David Didßun Says:

    It’s interesting how the flavor of the show varies, depending on who co-hosts. I mean that in a positive way. 😉

  10. Guest Says:

    GNOME software center is not a new idea. Unfortunately LAS never talks about development conferences like GUADEC, Linux Plumbers Conference, etc. where this kind of topics are discussed. Only Ubuntu/UDS gets any attention.

    Matt: Canonical requires CLA so using “Ubuntu Software Centre” directly isn’t an option. AppStream is a fork of USC.

  11. Daniel James Says:

    Hi Chris, hi Matt, Thanks for the great review of Airtime! I wrote the Airtime user manual, so please contact me at Sourcefabric if you want to know anything about that. You mentioned sharing a server; Airtime uses an Apache virtual host so it can co-exist on your web server with other programs that use port 80. 

  12. Oded Arbel Says:

    Hi Chris and Matt, regarding the GNOME Documents support for Sky Drive: Chris said “They beat Google Docs, they beat G-Drive” and Matt said “Microsoft is first … and they’ve beaten Google”. Its all fine, except for being completely not true! As can be seen even in your screenshots of the original article (at ), it clearly says:

    “This is similar how Gnome-Documents handles Google Docs”

    Google Docs was the first online document storage supported by GNOME Documents, Microsoft’s SkyDrive being second. This feature is being developed by a long time GNOME Online Accounts developer, so its completely internal to GNOME and not dependent on any Microsoft work (like Google Docs support in GNOME did not depend on Google work). GNOME clearly show here they have no affiliation to a specific commercial vendor.

  13. Matt Hartley Says:

    Fair enough — drop us some links or even submit them to the subreddit. This way we have something to share and talk about. I might even toss in some CNR/Linspire experiences.

    You have to understand that a lot of the news we pull from, comes from the audience. So to submitting something to us, even by email, is a good start. :)

    Thanks for the feedback

  14. Matt Hartley Says:

     Ah, gotcha. Thanks for the correction on that. So much activity in this space, it helps to have folks keeping an eye out for us. Thanks for the help! :)

  15. ElectricPrism Says:

    Matt, your random three word comments in the middle of Chris talking made this episode extremely difficult listen to.

    Unfortunately this is the first episode of this show I’ve watched so I hope to delve back into a episode without you and without your family guy shirt.

  16. Marcelo Magallon Says:

    Hi guys!

    Near the end of the show, while talking about GNOME 3, Cinnamon and related stuff, you mentioned something called “Sol OS” or “Solace OS” or “Solar OS”, a GNOME 3-based distribution with a GNOME 2 look and feel.  Google isn’t helping and it’s not in the show notes.

    What’s the right spelling?  And hopefully an URL?


  17. Marcelo Magallon Says:

    I also had a problem with that remark.  I use Debian on a daily basis, and I have yet to see the point of an app store.  I *guess* what most people are looking for at the end of the day is peer validation.  It’s not enough that you think a program is good, you kind of need other people to also think that it’s good.  App stores are good if you need to figure out if something is worth installing (as in “stable”, “easy to use” and stuff like that, i.e. a rating system), but they don’t provide any extra value when it comes to actual installation.  Under that light, I’m not sure what a “compelling app store” would be.  It sounded to me like Matt meant flashy and colorful.

    BTW, GNOME did try this many years ago (I’m guessing ~ 2002-2003) and it didn’t fly because back then they were trying to develop a frontend for apt-get and yum and and and … and people didn’t see the point, I guess.  I’m not sure which route they are trying to take now.

  18. Matt Hartley Says:

    “ElectricPrism”…assuming this is your real name. 😉

    My job is to let Chris lead the dialog and I am there to interject comments when needed. Take comfort in knowing that I am merely filling in for short time and Bryan will be back soon enough.

    If this troubles you, well, I don’t really know what to tell you. But clearly, belittling someone volunteering their free time is the appropriate course of action to take.

    Thanks for the warm, thoughtful comment. :)

    Your biggest fan,

  19. Matt Hartley Says:

    Thanks for reaching out. I’ll make sure Chris sees this in case he has any specific questions for you.


  20. ElectricPrism Says:

     I am troubled and how did you know my real name?

  21. Matt Hartley Says:

    This is an interesting insight. Apparently IDJC adds helpful functionality at the expense of making things more complicated? What’s the advantage, specifically? (Interested)

  22. Larz Conwell Says:

    I’m not sure you know who Matt Hartley is, but…he knows everything that there is to know.

  23. Markus Ditori Says:

    Correct.  n (where n is any number) of streams you can configure and save into idjc’s profiles, n number of profiles, mics have full audio processing (noise gates, Hi and Lo filters, mic/music duck, to name a few), idjc runs its shoutcast broadcaster as its own process (mixxx runs it as a sidechain thread), if you just want a playlist style dj setup, idjc is it, a good alternative to Sam BC. Ideal system is ubuntustudio (with realtime/preempt kernel on amd64) 10.04, jackdmp 1.9.7, idjc, jackeq and mixxx, for mixing djs. I am currently partway through throwing together a light LXDE based distro for IDJC djing from live usb stick. early beta works well (from liveusb first boot, to stream broadcasting, in 30 minutes or less), except for lack of resolution better than 800×600. Know of a minimal ubuntu based distro with framebuffer xorg support (preferably grub based resolution menu too) that i could remaster from?

  24. Markus Ditori Says:

    Forgot to mention too.. n number of mics.

  25. Tekno Mekanik Says:

    Mixx is awesome. As a dj and a pro pc user I use Mixxx on Linux for live dj gigs. Open source and dose most thing stuff like traktor dose. Just awesome to see it on The Linux Action Show. 

  26. Lachlan Holmes Says:

    Its called solus OS

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