Exposing Ground Combat | STOked 38

Exposing Ground Combat | STOked 38

Jeremy and Chris show you the mechanics you need to know to master the expose game play of Star Trek Online’s ground combat and give you a real advantage in ground combat based missions.

Then We run down the latest Engineering report, discuss “Holo Leeta”, an update on the Federation Diplomatic Corps, Galaxy Class start ship art work update, and much much more!

Plus + We’ll ask you for you ground combat improvements, as well as share our radical ideas on the subject!

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Cryptic Q&A – Fluff, Fluff, More Fluff


    * Trait Re-spec coming in a future update for Captains.  No plans to do so for Boffs.

    * Fleet logo system coming soon to Tribble

Engineering Report Update!  June 11, 2010


    * Primarily a list of “things that need to be fixed”

    * 2.0 Feature List (Rough Draft)

        – Ship Interiors with “Make Consumables” mini-game (sick bay?)

        – Dabo w/ “Holo Leeta” (community effort paying off — grats guys!)

        – Federation Diplomatic Corps — “earn FDC-XP”??

        – 8 new Klingon missions, 4 new Diplomatic missions, 5 new “Tier 6” missions + Weekly Missions for all levels (scalable)    


Ship art updates – Courtesy of “CapnLogan”

Intrepid:  http://forums.startrekonline.com/showthread.php?t=161807

    * Various fixes, and moving nacelles!

    * Also includes hints/confirmation of a REFIT idea being hammered out.

Galaxy:  http://forums.startrekonline.com/showthread.php?t=155142&page=17

    * Saucer corrections.

Galaxy X pics & vids:  http://forums.startrekonline.com/showthread.php?t=162143

TenTonHammer – Deflector Dish Drilldown

    * Walks you through understanding your Def Dish

Massively – Basics of Ground Combat


    * Stuff we already know, but you might find a gem inside.

Consolidated list of recent mechanic changes


    * Included in show notes by request.


Ground weapon types / pros & cons


    * Bat’leth will win every time.  Much higher damage, better combos.

    * There’s more to it than that, but that’s a Math segment unto itself.

Damage Type Review

    * Phaser – Chance to Stun.  (good vs. all enemies)

    * Disruptor – Chance to apply damage resistance debuff, enhancing all incoming damage on target.  (great vs. all enemies)

    * Plasma – Chance to apply small DoT that is not mitigated by shields, stacks.  Can be cured.  (good vs. shielded enemies)

    * Tetryon – Chance to apply a debuff to enemy’s shields, enhancing shield damage dealt to target.  (good vs. shielded enemies, bad vs. all else)

    * Polaron – Chance to apply weapon malfunction. (good vs. enemies with ranged weapons, bad vs. all else)

    * Anti-Proton – Various, depends on style purchased, no innate bonus just better stats.

Weapon Types, sorted by Refresh (lowest to highest)

* Stun Beam: Single Target, Expose + Hold

    – Ideal = CONTROLLER.  2x Stun Beams = Hold/Expose every ~3sec

* Compression Bolt:  Single Target, Exploit + minor KB

    – Ideal = BOSS or SECONDARY WEAPON.  Fast refresh (~7sec) allows for many Exploits, highest DPS over time.  Also interrupts.

* Bolt Spray:  Cone AOE, Expose

    – Ideal = EXPOSER.  Can expose up to 5 targets every ~9sec. (Every ~5sec if two equipped)

* Wide Beam Pistol:  Cone AOE, Expose

    – Ideal = TANK.  High damage and easy to spread out – gains threat from large # of targets quickly.

* Sniper Shot:  Single Target, Exploit + KB

    – Ideal = BOSS.  Highest single-target damage per shot.

* High Density Beam:  Cylinder AOE, Expose + Repel

        – Ideal = ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS.  Repel is guaranteed, push targets into hazards.

* Full Auto Sweep:  Wide Cone AOE, Expose

    – Ideal = EXPOSER.  vs Bolt Spray = Higher damage, fewer targets, slower recharge. (not recommended)

* Split Beam:  15-degree Cone AOE, Exploit

    – Ideal = DPS/TANK.  Among the highest potential damage per use, but low over time.  Compromise between Auto-Target and Sniper.

* Arc Wave:  Cylinder AOE, Expose

   – Ideal = ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS.  High knockback potential, throw targets into hazards.  Can also interrupt skills/attacks.  Unlimited # targets.

* Pulse Wave:  Cylinder AOE, Exploit

   – Ideal = CHOKE POINTS.  Highest single-use damage potential plus high knockback potential, but very slow recharge (~14sec)

* Auto-Target Beam:  30-degree Cone AOE, Exploit

    – Ideal = DPS/TANK.  Wide beam, decent damage.  Good for spreading out damage. (not recommended – recharge too slow)

* Energy Blast:  Targeted AOE, Expose + KB

   – Ideal = CHOKE POINTS.  Unlimited # targets + knockback potential (but KB cannot be aimed – radiates outward from impact)

Away Team Recommendations:

* NEEDLES OF DEATH = Three with Bolt Spray, Non-Healer+Captain with Compression Bolt.

    REASON = Many exposes, quick refresh on Exploits.

    ALT = Rotate in Split Beam for Captain, to allow occasional multi-Exploit shots.

* ALPHA STRIKE = Two Energy Blast, One Full Auto Sweep, One+Captain with Split-Beam.

    REASON = E-Blasts and Auto should Expose almost full group (if tightly packed), Split Beams will mow them down.

    NOTE:  Best if used by Science Captain that uses Tricorder Scan before engaging, and Away Team that doesn’t summon turrets (wasted Alpha Strike time spent beaming in equipment).  Not ideal for prolonged engagements, as all are on long refresh timers.

Group Recommendations:

* BE PREPARED.  Bring more than your two favorite weapons.  Be ready to fill various roles (Exposer, Knockback, Tank, Boss Killer, etc)

* KNOW YOUR ROLE.  If you are asked to be the dedicated Exposer on a team, don’t equip two E-Blast weapons.

* DON’T SPAM EXPLOITS.  Exploit specials are up to 20x more effective when used on Exposed targets.



Next week’s question — give us your suggestions for Ground Combat improvements.

Chris’ suggestion:

1) faster combat

2) fewer badguys, but let me die/fail

3) shield quadrants

4) camera shake option 


Jeremy’s suggestion:  Revamp into 3rd person Cover Shooter.  (yes, it’s far-fetched and incredibly unlikely.)

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