Raspberry Pi First Look | LAS | s22e06

Raspberry Pi First Look | LAS | s22e06

We’ve got our hands on the Raspberry PI! Find out what you can expect from this crazy tiny device!

PLUS: Tracking a stolen Linux laptop, big news for WebOS,

and so much more!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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13 Responses to “Raspberry Pi First Look | LAS | s22e06”

  1. Somepi Says:

    Pi is awesome! I want a million of them right now!

  2. Chris Kildegaard Says:

    I know Pi ships with a Debian Squeeze Variant, but has anyone tried making like a full on Raspberry Pi distribution? Ya know, something designed for the ULTIMATE performance on the machine? Maybe like e17 or Fluxbox with extremely minimal apps?

  3. McKeznak Says:

    12:37 “a castle, a castle, well welcome back b-man how ya been?” comedy through randomness always a win :)

  4. Donald Ruiz Jr Says:

     Awesome episode! I don’t think I have been so excited watching something on the TV (thanks Roku box) since I was a kid! I loved the look at the Raspberry Pi but lament over the next-to-impossible nature of getting one. Seeing as how I refuse to to pay the individuals on eBay who sell these things off in what can only be viewed as a way to cash in and gain a quick buck; I was wondering if you would be able to perhaps take a look at some alternatives to this fantastic project and charity. I understand that may be asking a lot since I have been looking it up online for a while now myself and am a bit overwhelmed at the results that link back to something related to the Pi. However, I hope that, if you read these responses and are able to perhaps do this in a future show, this will help even further with Linux and ARM processing and crazy portable computer boxy goodness.

  5. Kabamaru Igano Says:

    Nice show guys :) I got my Raspberry Pi a couple of weeks ago and it now runs my ftp server. No monitors, no keyboards, no mice. Just ssh and some pi 😉

  6. stevepdp Says:

    Many thanks for your gloriously positive review guys. I’m forwarding it on to the forum community and I’m looking forward to seeing what the LAS crew does with it :-)

  7. Christopher Patrick Says:

    Just an FYI Opensuse will not be releasing until Sept http://www.h-online.com/open/news/item/openSUSE-12-2-release-slips-to-September-1618768.html

  8. erad84 Says:

     You’ve been slashdotted! Well Brian has..

  9. Kyle Thompson Says:

    As one of the non-power users of Linux (Ubuntu) I just wanted to mention that I (and some of my acquaintances) do make use of desktops like Unity and KDE.  I never would have made the switch to Linux if beginner-friendly desktops weren’t available.

  10. Anthony Says:

    Hey guys. Long time listener, first time commenter.
    Just a few minor corrections here. SuperOneClick is an android rooting program for windows. It’s not a feature of the C-PAR Project, nor is it related in any way (other than they both root Android devices). The one-click (or one-script, rather) method of rooting will come to Linux & Mac. I repeat, Linux will be the first to see the one-click rooting feature. Windows users will see this feature last of the bunch.

    Anthony D Papousek

  11. Juliocadiz1 Says:

    I wonder what you guys think about ZORIN OS…

  12. Martín Says:

    Can’t see the video. Damn Adobe Flash…

  13. oplatyer Says:

    Video version was corrupted at about 3:00mins

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