ShotWell Review & Security Tips | The Linux Action Show! s12e07

ShotWell Review & Security Tips  | The Linux Action Show! s12e07

This week on, The Linux Action Show!

We review the new Linux photo management software ShotWell and see how it stacks up to Picasa and F-Spot!

Then we cover the C|Net article that claims 20% of Android Apps are really SPYING on you! We break it down and get to the bottom of what’s really going on, and who the source behind this study gets paid by!

Plus we hand out some useful security tips for new Linux users, and we’ll give you our take on our personal approach to staying secure under Linux, and why the myth that Linux is more secure can lead to carelessness!

All this week, on The Linux Action Show!

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Android 2.2 – Froyo – source code officially available

Skype releases SDK to Linux (only!)

Handy tips for Linux security

CNET retracts article on Android app privacy threats:

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8 Responses to “ShotWell Review & Security Tips | The Linux Action Show! s12e07”

  1. Mike Says:

    I love your show, I think it is the best! I am striving to use only Free Software, and would like you to offer a ogg theora download link for the show. I know it is extra work for you, but it would be appreciated.

  2. Nul Says:

    on itunes the show is green with occaisional flashes of something

  3. ChrisLAS Says:

    Hey Mike, you can find the OGG Theora version here:

  4. JustMe Says:

    loading with ~100kbs a torrent would be appreciated :/

  5. Christian Says:

    I wish you guys had a RSS feed with direct video links. I can only find with audio

  6. guest Says:

    FYI, Shotwell 0.6.1 has been released.

  7. guest Says:

    openSUSE / Novell graphics guru Jakub Steiner joins Red Hat!

  8. FFG Says:

    Dude, you guys don't even introduce Not-Bryan until after the News starts! Sadly, no hate against Jeremy or anything, but no one does LAS intros like Bryan.

    Thanks for the security tips for newbies, that was much appreciated. A really functional thing I think you should think about implementing is if you had some sort of central repository of Chris' Android picks and LAS news link for the week for the new listeners to sift through.

    What happened to Bryan's readouts of why he thinks Shotwell sucks?

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