Opening the Valve | LAS | s22e09

Opening the Valve | LAS | s22e09

The man behind Michael Larabel, joins Chris to chat about the big Steam coming to Linux. Plus some of Michael’s thoughts on Valve’s overall Linux plans.

And Unity on Fedora, Dell’s new Linux portable, and a Vivaldi tablet update.

Then – Fixing a common Jungle Disk backup issue for Gnome users, your feedback and more!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Matt’s Howto:

Presented by: System76

Out of the box, JungleDiskDesktop doesn’t play well with 64bit Ubuntu. When you try to run it, you end up with this error.

> error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Here is how you fix the problem:

1) Create a symbolic link from /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu to /usr/lib/.

sudo ln -s /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ /usr/lib/*

2) Next, you need to run junglediskdesktop again — this time, it will work, but it’s still not appearing in the panel above. To fix this, use this command.

gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Panel systray-whitelist “[‘all’]”

3) Run junglediskdesktop again, this time it’ll show up in the panel! This also helps Skype users running 64bit Ubuntu, too.

The bash scripts I used, are available upon request – will send you the scripts automatically.


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33 Responses to “Opening the Valve | LAS | s22e09”

  1. Larz Conwell Says:

    I lost it at the Go Daddy part, I was not expecting that at all. Kudos sir, you have won the internet.

  2. ProdigalCathode Says:

  3. lemmings Says:

    Whee, more Ubuntu-technology that are pain in the butt to port to other distributions. Unity is and has been really painful project for all other distributions and it looks like things are just getting more complicated. Well, for example just recently Ubuntu developers decided to fork GNOME-Control-Center and call the fork as Ubuntu-Control-Center [1]


    It would have been nice to hear about:
    – OSCON conference (+Akademy, JBOSS conferences and bunch of others that never were mentioned)
    – GNOME 3.5 / KDE 4.9
    – new systemd features
    – gummiboot
    – Cinnamon is now in official Fedora repository
    – new features in other distributions and projects

  4. Anonymous Coward Says:

    Phoronix is the most trollish flamebait linux site I’ve ever seen, even moreso than osnews

  5. Alex Moore Says:

    Bryan just stayed home this week because he’s but hurt about being wrong last week about steam.

  6. georgezilla Says:

    Kind of like you brain does when you have to use it?

  7. georgezilla Says:

    Yea I get a bit tired of hearing about Ubuntu too. Almost like there is no other Linux Distros at all.

    Steam/Valve coming to Linux. Oops! I mean Ubuntu. Oops! I mean …. Bullshit. Steam/Valve is coming to Ubuntu. Not to Linux.

    In fact I’ve heard people refer to Ubuntu like it was the ONLY Linux.
    And that is just F’uped.
    Me. I’ve left the circus know as Ubuntu. Permanently.

  8. Gentoo4Life Says:

    Why does hearing about Ubuntu anger you so much. It is by far the most popular desktop distro…probably several times larger than the next closest competitor. So it’s understandable why it’s in the news alot. Yea…in the circles you frequent (geeky tech websites) you will find alot of Arch users and Gentoo users and such. But out in the real world, how often do you come across a Linux user? Now…how often are they running Ubuntu? Yea. I’m not sure why that makes you angry. Did Mark Shuttleworth knock up your girlfriend or spit on your dog?

    Now, about Steam coming to Ubuntu rather Linux…if it’s coming to Ubuntu, then it’s coming for everybody Linux-wise. First, the .deb install for Ubuntu covers the overwhelming majority of desktop Linux users as they are running Ubuntu or one of the many derivatives of it. The .deb will likely work well on Debian and its non-Ubuntu derivatives. And it is possible to install .deb’s on rpm distros. And beyond that, you can just extract all the files from the .deb and install them in the correct directories. Within a week after Steam is on Ubuntu, there will be packages for all the major distros. So file this one under “not an issue.”

  9. lemmings Says:

    Yes, Ubuntu is definitely the most popular distribution and as a non-technical show so it’s natural to show demos and stuff with it. We already have couple of Ubuntu shows that covers the Ubuntu specific news. Nowadays it feels that LAS is just yet another Ubuntu show.

    I’m pretty sure LAS has lots of non-Ubuntu users as well who would like to hear what is happening in upstream projects. If something is added for example into stock GNOME/KDE project, all distributions will get the benefit. Unfortunately that work is mostly forgot in LAS.
    Sometimes it would be really nice to hear about technical topics as well; gummiboot, systemd, systemtap, kernel (3.5 was released yesterday), etc.
    Conferences are important. There is tons of interesting speeches where the projects are now and were are they heading. Conferences are not even mentioned in LAS or links added to show notes. Well, only UDS is mentioned and covered every year.

    Well of course actually know what is going on (read mailing lists, IRC, conferences, etc.) would require lots of time these guys probably doesn’t have.

  10. steamed penguin Says:

    Bryan, please don’t use video stream if the connection is weak!

    Use Mumble or other applications which use low bandwith optimized codecs like celt/speex.

    (Yes i know these codecs are optimizied for speech and low latency… but thats also perfect for weak connection!)

  11. steamed penguin Says:


  12. Stoked4all Says:

    With season 6 here, will stoked come back? We are doooomed without it.

  13. Awk Says:

    Awk sed

  14. Rafael Rojas Says:

    Don’t get surprised about Unity looking exactly like the Ubuntu desktop on other distros, there is nothing to change but the wallpaper and the default launchers so there is not much space left to distro specific branding

    In ArchLinus Unity has been ported since a year or so (since the times of the awful unity 4.x series), where is the news about that?

    Don’t get me wrong, giving the idea that most Linux news happen on the big distros/companies still feels kinds of that the news of other distros are specifically left out of the “News section”, maybe is a timing issue, maybe is that you don’t really know mucha about the other distros, but it feels like: “meh, if is not ubuntu/mint/fedora… we don’t care”

    And about steam for ubuntu, well, most distros can make a specific distro package from a .deb file, so o don’t see a problem porting that software to other distros

  15. Jouko Christian Voutilainen Says:

    Why is everyone bitching? Stop whining because one distro happens to be roughly 1 000 000 more popular than your favorite distro. Seriously, no one cares. Be happy that Linux is, in fact, becoming more and more popular/accessible.


  16. blend Says:

    Bitching? Just giving feedback and try to make the show better. The language that is used is mild compared what LAS usually uses about FOSS projects.

    It doesn’t make sense to talk about 256-color terminal and skip tens of other features [1]. Usually only 5% of features are mentioned in reviews and the rest of the time is talk about a wallpaper and themes or just making fun of developers.
    Desktop reviews should be made by compiling the projects from sources so no messing up with distributions features would happen. Now it’s not an exception that distribution specific features are mentioned as a desktop feature etc.


    Well, there’s lots of things LAS could do better and I’m totally sure they will improve the quality.

  17. Guy Massie Says:

    Here’s to the timeline being a bit more accurate than Black Mesa 😉

  18. Dale Moore Says:

    They talk about the 256 color terminal because they hate Fedora…for reasons they have made very clear if you’re a regular watcher of the show. Mainly…it’s a shite distribution for the desktop, and LAS is focused on Linux on the desktop. I personally wish they would stop reviewing Fedora all together, its a waste of time and fedora never gets better.

    Mind you, im not saying Fedora is a shite distro, quite the contrary, they do some groundbreaking stuff(libturbojpeg…i kid i kid), they just don’t work on a desktop level

  19. Dale Moore Says:

    Chris, is there a way to index all of Matt’s how-to segments? I can imagine a scenario where i want to do something that he has covered, and then i pull my hair out trying to remember which show he did the tutorial in. Would be great also if you could get his how-to’s to show up in search queries…easy to find, and could bring in some viewers as well

  20. MHazell Says:

    I love Ubuntu.

  21. lemmings Says:

    Yes, Ubuntu is a really nice distribution :)

  22. tuxmatt Says:

    please view my website at helping new people to linux

  23. McKeznak Says:

    HAHA missed a bleep at 13:55 😉

  24. MHazell Says:

    When Steam comes to Ubuntu, its gonna be a good bye to most Windows users. I know a few gamers that are only using Windows because it has all of the game publishers on that platform, but would gladly move to Ubuntu if they can get their games on Linux/Ubuntu.

    When Valve comes to Linux, it’s going to be a different ballgame, and might result in a war between Windows and Linux.

  25. MHazell Says:

    Wonder if there is a custom URL to see that page. That was a little weird. I think Bryan might like that better than having that dude on the GoDaddy page.

  26. MHazell Says:

    Well maybe they didn’t know about all this news that you listed. Maybe you should tell them about this, and then they might cover it. They can’t cover what they don’t know.

  27. MHazell Says:

    Ubuntu is Linux. Perhaps Valve is going to try Ubuntu, and then move to other popular distros if they see success with just Ubuntu.

    At any rate, just be glad that it is coming to Ubuntu and not staying on Windows.

  28. MHazell Says:


  29. MHazell Says:

    Your screen name explains your stupidity.

  30. Lev Says:

    Thanks for providing an ogg version!

  31. Matt Hartley Says:

    I dig this. I’ll bring it up to him when I see him next. Good idea, it would add value for everyone. I can’t think of a single reason why this wouldn’t be possible.

  32. MHazell Says:

    That is a good idea. Perhaps you should put a page on your website as well?

  33. MHazell Says:

    LAS does not just cover Ubuntu. While it seems like they are covering nothing but it, its is because it is the most popular distro. They talk about Linus, Stallman, SUSE, that distro that starts with an “s”, and so on. If you have some feedback to submit, why not submit some feedback :)

    EDIT: This post was meant for someone else, sorry.

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