Fun with Bash | LAS | s22e10

Fun with Bash | LAS | s22e10

We’ve got a Bash script that’ll make your Podcast catching a snap, plus a whole batch of audience favorites.

Then: Is Gnome on life support after betting on the wrong future? We discuss!

Plus: How to get crystal clear HD game video captures on Linux.

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Fun with Bash:

Presented by: System76

Chris’ new favorite:
+ Podget: A Simple Podcast Aggregator.
+ Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide


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57 Responses to “Fun with Bash | LAS | s22e10”

  1. MHazell Says:

    Are you allowed to install other Linux distros on your System76 Wild Dog? I like the idea of doing tutorials for other distros, but I can completely see why you would focus on Ubuntu — it is the most popular distro.

    And Matt, can I submit a tutorial? Ok, I installed XFCE (apt-get install xfce4) on Ubuntu 12.04 32 bit, and then I realized it replaced notify-osd in Unity with XFCE’s one. Can you please do a tutorial on how to restore Unity’s notification system please? I also think XFCE changed my GRUB2 background image without my consent to a Debian like outer space image. I wrote about that my site, but no one has seemed to have any suggestions (no comments). If you can help there, please do.

  2. MHazell Says:

    Lots of people still love to watch LAS even if Bryan is gone; canceling the show is not that much of a good idea.

  3. Myles Fister Says:

    Matt, did you drink a redbull before the show? Way to step it up! Love it! Keep up the good work!

  4. kamilprusko Says:

    Such vague and offending words just shouldn’t be used on the show. Saying “GNOME Shell does not work for me” is enough, in any case please be more specific in future. It’s not just for GNOME but for other open-source projects also, be more respectful.

  5. Melroy van den Berg Says:

    Thanks for showing my bash script 😀 I forgot after editing closing line 27 sorry ><

  6. PeterG Says:

    I’ve listened to the show religiously for the past 12 seasons, and while I’ve always enjoyed it, I was starting to feel that shaking it up a little would be healthy and Bryan’s departure is a perfect opportunity for some reformatting. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what Chris/Matt/Allan/etc come up with. The idea of getting more members of the open source community on the show sounds fantastic.

    Regards from Denmark

  7. joey the mad scientist Says:

    just a heads up with waze…you mentioned it does not have gps nav. it totally has gps nav. i use it all the time. at any rate it’s a great app and very addictive.

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