STO’s New Exec Producer: Daniel Stahl | STOked 41

STO’s New Exec Producer: Daniel Stahl | STOked 41

We Interview Daniel Stahl, the new Executive Producer of Star Trek Online.  We get answers to the questions on your mind, and get some great news for Klingon players.


Plus – We feature your ideas to improving the Bridge Officers in STO!

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Top news:  Craig Zincievich steps down as Exec Prod of STO.  DStahl to fill his shoes.  We’ll have an interview w/ Stahl later in this show, to cover some news about the transition, and what this means for STO.  So don’t panic!


Season 2.0 should be on Tribble & ready for testing as of Tuesday, some new shiney things that should make it in: (lots of screens)

              If the full patch arrives, here are some of the major points:

– Level cap raised to 51

– Ship interiors

– Lvl 46-51 sector

– Klingon PvE missions

– Fed Diplomatic Corps

– Fleet Logos


To encourage testing:  Another chance to get a Tribble of Borg (and more?) coming in a few weeks.

– Also in this link:  information about the upcoming Weekly Content.


Copy your character to Tribble:


Reverse Shield Polarity: Changes forthcoming

– The ability is currently a standard in almost everyone’s build, because it is TOO good of a tool.             

– The ideas in this thread are only IDEAS to balance the ability, but a change WILL come.


Screenshots of the revamping of Sector Space

– Make it feel more vast (tighter grids, darker tones)

– Make the ships stand out more (better lighting and selection of background colors)





Say HELLO to the new Exec Producer:  Daniel Stahl





Bridge Officer improvement responses



Smuzzle:  Give each boff a specialization within their profession that results in a passive buff during ground combat when combined with other specializations.  Examples include Biologist (Science) + Weapon Manufacturer (Engineer) + Helmsman (Tactical) = 5% increase in quality of weapon equipment dropped by enemies.

Dr_Drake:  Be able to chat with your officers on your bridge/interiors.  Could just be 1-liners, chosen from a list that would include responses based on rank, profession, race and earned accolades.

Brock_Lee:  Allow passive feats to be advanced.

Micky Ward: Loyalty mechanics, driven by utilization and interaction w/ the Captain (both on missions, and via social mini-games on your ship like Chess & Poker), which would have a % effect on all abilities & recharge timers (disloyal crew perform poorly).

Scaryguy:  It all comes down to writing.  The current system could work, if the missions were just better written. (Everyone would have “the same crew” but we would at least care about them more.)




My Idea: Upon reaching Admiral, allow us to promote a boff to Captain and convert that boff into a CHARACTER starting in a Tier 4 ship.  These ‘second generation’ characters would need an incentive, like an extra Trait.


Multiple Requests for:

* Position assignments (Chief Engineer, First Officer, Security Chief, etc)

Rikturscale recommends that each position would have a requirement based on what your commissioned officer lineup is (e.g., Chief Medical officer would require you to have a total of 3 commissioned science officers.  No chief without indians.)

Rikturscale cont’d:  Each would also have an ability that would unlock. (e.g., Chief Science Officer would be capable of enhancing sensors once per hour — each anomaly in the area would have a chance of either doubling/splitting, or triggering enemy encounters that were “on the edge of sensor range.”)

* Temporary or Permanent removal of Boffs, via kidnap, injury, death or reassignment.

— Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

* Separate missions for your boffs

— Storyline driven, based on a selection of ‘traits’ or based on the innate ground traits already given.

— Include the ability to play AS YOUR BOFF, instead of the Captain.




Send in your ideas to revamp Sector Space (or replace? or remove?!)



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22 Responses to “STO’s New Exec Producer: Daniel Stahl | STOked 41”

  1. Thamupp Says:

    Can't wait! :)

  2. ZeroBANG Says:

    *keeps hitting F5*

  3. Folwarcznyk Says:

    5 stars for the wait 😉

  4. hookabulla Says:

    ok when is the video out??? im geting bored and angry here :(

  5. happygolucky Says:

    Come out come out whenever you will lol, please hurry lol

  6. LordOfPit Says:

    OMG you guys… I just listened to your PODCAST and when I heard you start talking (in the MAIL section) about losing BOff's, I got reminded of my own thread… which I started way before the Death Penalty came to be… I wonder, what do you guys think? 😀

  7. Steven Brodbeck Says:

    Since sector space is getting a much need revamp, how about a galactic map thats not earth-centric, and actually shows the different quadrants accurately?

  8. DougAla Says:

    When are the broken missions going to be fixed…new content is awesome…but its getting really old going into a mission and finding that its broken…

  9. DAK13 Says:

    Hey… guys are using one of my videos in your opening photo picture shots

  10. Alex Edwards Says:

    Baldur's Gate Trek Online *drools*

  11. KIDX Says:

    Will there be more weapons like Quantum Beam Array or any thing like that. Also will there be more factions like Romulan's,Vulcan's,Borg.On another note will we ever be able to attack each others planets like hostile them and it warns us earth under attack or something.

  12. Square Root of Pi Says:

    – I am a lifetime subscriber. I demand a Liberated Borg specific weapon that looks like the classic borg 'claw hand'. Make a few of them and make them worth weilding at RA+. I wanna be able to see lightning coming out of my claw when I fight

    – Put a bunch of quests on Risa/Vulcan/Wolf 359. Expand the maps if you have to. Make it like areas of WOW where you initally find 5 quests and end up opening 15+ quests for that area. Rewards for full completion could be a sector specific ship, a ship skin, a new emote, a costume from the area, or a title… Picard explored the ruins on Risa afterall.

    – I would like the ability to play the game using a gamepad or a joystick if I so choose. I'd at least like you to explore the option.

    – Oomox!

    – double clicking on chairs should sit you proper. Nuff said

  13. Kvack Says:

    When I am playing a Klingon I want to see screen changes with Klingon icons and ship shots. More Klingon music not Federation during battles and navigation.

  14. Gotindrachenhart Says:

    How much money does this man make? And he can't get a headset that doesn't sound tinny?! 😛

    Oh also…'s the 9th and still no season 2 :)….just say'n ahem

  15. Max "WorldMaker" Battcher Says:

    I'm okay with sector space mostly as is, but as ship interiors improve I can see . I think there are a couple obvious tweaks that could alleviate some of the tedium:

    I think there needs to be at least one more transwarp “power” location, particularly for those times when you need to get from, for instance, the edge of the Beta quadrant to the Alpha quadrant. Sol is mostly central, but it still might be nice to see, for instance, a transwarp to DS9 ability. (Aside: Aren't the silly looking space lanes supposed to represent the Federation's transwarp network at this point in history? Why can't we transwarp from any spot on a lane to any other? Maybe it shouldn't be instantaneous like magic Sol transwarp ability, but it is still something useful to have.)

    I'd also do away with the “traffic control” sector space zone changes, but I'd also like to focus on the ability to set a destination anywhere in the galaxy. I don't care if it has to zone to do so, but if I say “Set course for the planet of the primary mission” or “Set course for the Laurentian System”, it should just fly. It shouldn't matter that the system I want to set course for is in a different sector of the galaxy, certainly a bridge officer can look at a map just as easily as I can. :)

  16. Jackruby436 Says:

    this is a little off topic, but, to go on with your bridge/sector space return from missions. how about at the beginning of beam down missions (story missions only). How about them being discussed at the ready room table?
    Just a thought…. Oh, and the ready room has the models of your other ships of your character.

    Also, how about when its someday possible to reach Fleet Admiral. wouldnt it be nice to be able to promote your bridge crew (1 or 2) to captain and use them in game play. you could set them to follow, attack at will, disable or attack targets or even guard target.. Like your buddy. only be able to use your Lt. commander and captian level ships… OH, you could also use any left over bridge officers not assigned on your ship to set as bridge crew on these ships…..

  17. Andrew Says:

    Is it me or does Daniel Stahl sound like Kevin Spacey!?!?

  18. Paulram16 Says:

    I'm on tribble, how do i get to the ship interiors now?

  19. Ozonetx Says:

    Sector Space – I like the idea for going to bridge instead of sector space, then being able to plot a course and see approaching enemies from the bridge. Main viewer could then show first person view of sector space.

  20. Ozonetx Says:

    Verbal replies from bridge officers – Course set for DS9, Port Shield below 50%, Boosting Aux Power, Maximum power to shields, etc… Perhaps the hardest part of this would be setting it up so that players could adjust preferences. (I may not want to listen to my whiney engineer but I want to hear tactical)

  21. mad Says:

    So when do the klingons get ship updates every klingon ship is weaker hull / shields but you guys still listen to the whiners that play federation only saying that the klingons are over powered.
    So the klingons get nerfed worse than any of the feds when the real problem is those that played klingon actualy took the time to learn how to play the game.

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