The Phoronix Man | LAS | s23e01

The Phoronix Man | LAS | s23e01

We chat with Michael Larabel the man behind We ask him if he feels his site’s image suffered from the coverage of Steam for Linux, chat about the Phoronix Test Suite and more!

Plus our favorite GUI Podcast catchers for Linux, our response to John Carmack’s thoughts on the gaming market for Linux, and so much more!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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28 Responses to “The Phoronix Man | LAS | s23e01”

  1. Fredo Says:

    I see you’ve made some changes. I don’t like it.

  2. Hendrik Gerritzen Says:

    Hmmm… I’ll be honest: A new intro was way over due, however the new one, while looking great, feels too long by just about one element.

  3. ChrisLAS Says:

    You know I might end up making it a bit shorter. I went with a longer cut, because it gave me an excuse to play the long version of the intro music :)


  4. VictorB Says:

    I actually really liked this episode. The app pick was one of the better ones done on this show, and I feel like Matt has gotten much more comfortable and better over the past few episodes he’s been on. Keep it up!

  5. Lubomir Georgiev Says:

    Don’t listen to him.. The intro is lovely!.. 😀 😛

  6. JimmyMarbles Says:

    Great Episode guys!

    Hey Chris, I noticed that you and Matt are slightly out of focus (maybe not as sharp) compared to the background. It kinda’ makes my eyes look past you guys and focus on the background.

  7. billd Says:

    Good intro; the expanding keyboard graphic is probably expendable.

    The new season has been kicked off with a great episode.

  8. Franko Says:

    Anybody else notice that Matt’s shirt kept changing?

  9. MHazell Says:

    Hey Chris, I miss the old logo. It was good to me.

  10. TR Precht Says:

    New intro is really nice….although it is missing something… sadly it is nothing you can fix currently.

  11. Dalton Roberts Says:

    great new start…. keep up the good work

  12. Matt Hartley Says:

    Yeah, it was a recorded segment — next week’s will be a live segment. 😉

  13. Says:

    Hi Chris, how do you live chat/stream to Michael Larabel using totem?

  14. Stoked Says:

    Allllll this week we need the block Rockin sto tunes in las

  15. Christopher Urie Says:

    Great to see some well overdue updates, The new intro is Nice! To be honest i dont think im going to miss Bryan that much, there was just so much self plugging and matt does a great job. Looking forward to seeing some new things for the show, the interviews should be great.

  16. Richie Says:

    Great show. Especially the interview with Michael Larabel.
    One question: What is the wallpaper shown at 7:45? It is also used as the example file for NitroShare, but the name Firefox_wallpaper.png doesn’t seem to be the original name. At least I cannot find in on Google.

  17. Concise Courses Says:

    yo chris – do you make the intro’s yourself? What do you use? After effects? Or something linux based like GIMP? Just wondering. Love the show btw – always watch it.

  18. Matt Hartley Says:

    Chris uses a crack-team of Oompa Loompa Commandos who specialize in various aspects of the art known as “intro creation.”

    Kidding aside, he just makes it happen. Perhaps one of these days, he’ll dive into it. :)

  19. Arend Rietkerk Says:

    KLANG = German for SOUND
    I am not kidding you.
    Talk about a great name for an audio utility.

  20. mike4ca Says:

    Here is the link for the core-i7 Linux Mint box: They have some barebone models, but if you look at the descriptions of the Linux ones, it says Linux Mint. The core-i7 is the Ivy Bridge variety as another page listed HD4000 graphics. 2 gig bit ethernet ports! Plus wifi! Lots of possibilities.

  21. Markus Golser Says:

    I use the gpodder gui to manage my subscriptions and the commandline gpodder interface to download new podcasts (crontab) NAS. And watch episodes using xbmc :) (on my tv).

  22. Rob Loach Says:

    Does Jupiter Broadcasting have an OPML feed? Would be nice if there was one with thumbnail information and everything so that when loading up the Jupiter Broadcasting podcasts, could just import them all at once.

    Could definitely help out the XBMC JB Addon.

  23. Puyol Says:

    Hi Chris,
    Although I’d love it to be true, I find it hard to believe that 80% of Oracle databases run on Linux.
    Oracle db is also available for Windows, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, etc.
    In my experience in the enterprise, I have seen a lot of Oracle installations on Solaris.
    Do you remember where you’ve seen or heard this number?

  24. Melroy van den Berg Says:

    Very nice to have Michael in the show.

  25. cakezula Says:

    Chromium Fail

  26. bear454 Says:

    Re the podcatchers: I’m still happy with Banshee. Recent additions to their podcast handling is inclusion of the Miro guide.

  27. iteratee Says:

    Love the idea of doing more interviews – something this show has needed for a long time.

  28. Yvan Da Silva Says:

    Great show guys !

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