Linux Action Faux | FauxShow 103

Linux Action Faux | FauxShow 103

Angela and Chris do a LAS style FauxShow about Linux from a new user perspective, cover the top voted stories from the LAS subreddit, and show you how to easily get Minecraft running on Ubuntu!

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8 Responses to “Linux Action Faux | FauxShow 103”

  1. darkpony50 Says:

    Great show, you guys are always fun to watch especially when Chris always seems to find away to get killed in a video game. So I have always wanted to asked this, What would probably be the best Linux Distro to use versus windows 7? I Have used windows since windows 3.1 but am curious about trying out a Linux OS.

  2. en1gma Says:

    I have to say, I loved this episode. I like the show, but especially this episode.

    I think you guys should do more of them, maybe every other month, or perhaps once per quarter.

  3. Sean Newboy Says:

    Remind me not to rely on Chris when the Zombiepocalypse comes.

    Great show you 2, loved it.

  4. ChrisLAS Says:

    Wow there could be a lot of places to start. The safe bet is probably Ubuntu. And you can find lots of help on the Ubuntu Forums.

    There are a lot of distros great for beginners, so check out, see what you like and go from there!

  5. Bison Longshot Says:

    Six or seven months ago, I would have said Linux Mint, BUT… with Ubuntu 12.04 out I would HIGHLY recommend using that. Best thing to probably do though, is to boot up off of a live-cd and start testing out different distros without committing to installs.

  6. jungleboogie Says:

    I’m not sure I can recommend ubuntu 12.04 as someone new to it may not understand unity 3 well enough to take advantage to it.

    Stick to ubuntu 10.10 and try it out.

  7. Nicholas Ganey Says:

    This episode RULED!!!!

  8. James Says:

    Excellent episode, fun to watch. LOL @ a guy who wrote “drowned by wolf attack”

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