BackTrack Review by Example | LAS | s23e04

BackTrack Review by Example | LAS | s23e04

We use BackTrack 5 R3 to hack a remote box, and get root access. We cover the high and low points of the security toolbox distribution.

Plus – The outreach from the Linux community helping one of our own receive life saving medical treatments.

Then it’s your feedback…

And so much more!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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This famous distro is a powerhouse of troublemaking, but in the right hands it can keep you on top of expolit, and ahead of the attackers. We review BackTrack 5 R3 Gnome Edition.


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10 Responses to “BackTrack Review by Example | LAS | s23e04”

  1. Forrest Guyton Says:

    installing a distro like gentoo or arch on the show: please don’t, the documentation is great people should read the guide or even watch youtube videos. I would love a line by line look at the original linux kernel source code here or on coder radio.

  2. Rafael Rojas Says:

    Great to hear news about other distros, thanks!

    Is quite easy to set up an Automated postinstall script to configure ArchLinux from the base system to a fully functional desktop (xorg, drivers, DE, apps, configs, etc), is a script called AUI.

    Now for the install, well, pacstrap is very scriptable.

    I’ve been running systemd on arch for a couple of months now, and as far as i can say, is a really simplier to use and administrate the whole system, yes it haves a learning curve, but once you get a grip of sustemd you learn to love systemctl

    And, aboyu doing a live install of a distro (any distro not just arch or gentoo) is a bad idea. The installation proccess is well documented in the official wiki of the distros or in dedicated weblogs, or youtube videos, why waste so much time in doing something so well documented?

    great show, keep the good work

  3. Melroy van den Berg Says:

    Nice show again folks

  4. Louis Tim Larsen Says:

    I use DownloadHelper to download YouTube-links and other online videos. Link:

  5. anon e. muse Says:

    fuck lennart poettering

  6. anon e. muse Says:

    all the advantages that people tout about systemd are bullshit.

  7. DF Says:

    No mention of Linux Con for next week?!

  8. DF Says:

    Great show as always by the way… 8)

  9. DF Says:

    I really should put more thought into these posts (or at least not be so hasty to hit the submit button!). But just my (last) two cents, you should’ve had “Stephen Fry” for the ‘uses Linux’ section 8)

  10. Patrick Says:

    Great show. LAS rocks!

    Suggestion for more automated youtube downloads, that doesn’t require java:

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