Live STO Respec Q&A | STOked 043

Live STO Respec Q&A | STOked 043

After updating you on the latest STO news, Chris & Jeremy do a character re-spec of Chris’ Rear Admiral and take questions from the chat room of our LIVE stream!

Plus we’ve got a new question for you – but with an all new spin!

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You know those episodes of TOS, and even sometimes in TNG, when they’d do the entire episode ON THE SHIP, to save money on sets, costumes & budgets, so that they could really splurge on the following episode?  Well, that’s what we’re doing with this episode of STOked.


Next week, we’re going to be doing a live gameplay event, and a special MATH segment that’s going to require some extra prep time, and a special feature that we will tell you about at the end of today’s episode.  But because that episode is going to take a lot more time than the typical STOked, we have to take it easy on this one.




New Engineering Report, July 16th:

              * Complete list of what’s confirmed for Season 2.0

              * Listed under “Season 3+”:  Secret Project

                            — Many expect this to be User Generated Content


DStahl says he’s fighting for C-Store equality:

              * Looking to have more items ( or equivalent items ) unlockable via in-game mechanics, rather than C-Store exclusives.


DStahl interested in the idea of F2P “robust demo” mode (similar to LOTRO or DDO)




Live Respec–

Pros/Cons of different skills

How to pick your skills

How much/how little to spend






Give us a complete 3- to 5-act script, for new missions for STO.  Pitch us the most epic tale you can conjure, that takes place on 3-5 maps in Star Trek Online.


* Try to use existing technology as of Season 2.0

* If you have to stretch the boundaries, remain realistic (no becoming a Q or anything outlandish)


We will pick the best few mission submissions, and act them out Tutorial style, using capture techniques available in-game.


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