Unlucky 13 | CR 13

Unlucky 13 | CR 13

Michael and Chris discuss what to do when things go wrong. When should you abandon ship? When should you try to land your project in the Hudson?

Plus: Java\’s had a bad week, but are we overlooking it\’s positive aspects?

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Show Notes:


  • Charles writes in to give his two cents on the advantages learning C and shares some great training resources.

+ http://www.youtube.com/course?list=EC6B940F08B9773B9F – Buckland\’s COMP1917
+ http://www.youtube.com/course?list=EC0C5D85DBA20E685C – COMP1927
+ http://www.youtube.com/course?list=EC0C5D85DBA20E685C – COMP2911
+ http://www1.idc.ac.il/tecs/
+ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtXvUoPx4Qs – intro to the course
+ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlPj5Rg1y2w – Google Tech Talk

  • A lot of passionate feedback regarding Niklas FOSS / OSS conundrum.
  • Christopher writes in to tell me that not all listeners are devs and that he likes the business side. So HA Youtube!
  • To C or not to C — a lot of your care… .a lot.
  • Simon writes in to share some great game development stuff:
  • Keith writes to ask ‘where is the web development (PHP in particular) and where is the Windows love?’
  • Sven writes in an awesome webpage with a billboard style message! He asks if we think self taught programmers are better at thinking outside of the box than traditional CS grads?
  • David needs some advice on a distributed African system
  • Toislav writes in to tell me that Flash is not dead yet! In fact, Adobe AIR seems to have a thriving community — especially in the games space.
  • Code Snippet for MHazzel

This Week’s Dev World Hoopla

Burned By Some Hot Java

  • ZOMG Java is going to destroy our machines! or so say the blogs…
  • What do the Java security issues mean for web developers?
  • Desktop developers?
  • So why would I still go with Java today?
    • Right once one everywhere (sort of)
    • Development ease
    • Inexpensive help
  • Project Looking Glass – YouTube

A Little Bird Bit Me!

  • What happens when you build your great product on someone else’s platform and they say ‘thanks but no thanks’
  • App.net the great gray hope?
  • Whose app is it anyway?

Shot Down

  • Your app is live — then it’s not! What do you do?
  • You’ve been gathering metrics right?
  • Do you have some way to contact your users?
  • Data issue? You have a manual way to fix that, right?

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10 Responses to “Unlucky 13 | CR 13”

  1. Leon Bogaert Says:

    SQL/NoSQL: why not write some sync mechanism yourself? Server/Client services passing json messages or something with sql databases on both sides. You could even make the services check the connectivity/latency.

  2. Justin Leis Says:

    I watched the TechSnap show about the java exploit and not two or three websites later…. infected. Popups, fake anti-viruses, browser redirects, root-kits, the works. Complete negligence on Oracle’s part.

  3. Michael Hazell Says:

    Ah, you got my name wrong. You can change it to Michael Hazell instead of “MHazzel”. @ChrisLAS:disqus

  4. Michael Dominick Says:

    MHazzel is cool though like MBison lol. Sorry for the mixup lol.

  5. Nehemiah Dacres Says:

    why engineer a new solution where one already exists. Like they said, this is the problem that nosql was ment to solve. eventual consistancey. multimaster replication is in postgreSQL anyway

  6. logen Says:

    I quite like the good ole’ apogee shareware model for apps. Here is an app with limited functionality (maybe adds), pay for full functionality. Basically I like being able to try something prior to buying it. I have done this many many times and have plenty of paid apps.

  7. Tomislav Podhraški Says:

    You missed mine as well, “Toislav” should have been Tomislav… Copy-paste is your friend when working with strings :)

  8. Michael Dominick Says:

    Crap ok sorry for that too. Seems like I was just a little lamed brained on names.

  9. SnakeDoc Says:


  10. David Van Gaal Says:

    On the “Learning C” YouTube links… The second and third link are the same. The link for COMP1927 does not point to COMP1927, but instead COMP2711. Has any one found the link for COMP1927?

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